Saturday Morning With The Pitter Patter Of Rain On The Roof Top

Saturday morning I was awakened by the pitter patter of rain which was music to my ears. There is nothing worse than having a “to do” list a mile long, the day off, and gorgeous sunny skies that just call your name to come out and have fun in. Clearly, we are very limited on our summer weekends here in the midwest. However, sometimes I really just need to have a full day to get things done and that is exactly what a rainy day offers me…the chance to not feel terrible wasting a sun filled summer day to do chores.

First thing off the list was to load up the SUV with every comforter, rug, and pillow we own in our house and off to the laundry mat we went. We prepared the washers, grabbed some magazines and read about summer fun while we waited….all while it was raining a steady stream of moisture from the skies above.


After this I returned home to prepare a big batch of vegetable soup to freeze since this is one of my favorite grab and go lunches in the fall of the year.


I even blended a few containers for my babies to enjoy for lunch. I typically offer my daycare parents the choice whether to bring store bought baby food or have home made baby food prepared at our home. Most jump at the offer of homemade since many families don’t cook on a regular basis these days.


I then needed to run a few errands, stop at the library to pick up some more audio books for my husband, finished cleaning the house, and then it was time for me to do something fun. All my chores were complete, the sun was trying hard to peak through the clouds and I was feeling good about my progress on the “to do” list. Our son was camping with friends, my husband was heading out to fish for awhile which, ultimately, left me alone and free to do as I wish.

I grabbed my workout bag to head to the gym for a Saturday sweat session and to also see the progress of the new remodel our gym is going through. We sort of have the inside scoop on this, since our son is the assistant manager at the gym, but I really wanted to see for myself how its coming along. I have no pics since I forgot my camera at home, but its coming along quite nicely. It’s a mess as of right now but I am sure it will be worth it in the end. I am really pumped to see the new cardio equipment they are bringing in….I hear its going to be really nice…..shhhh!

After the gym I did a little shopping. I am on a mission to find some new outfits to wear in Sedona in a few weeks.

The week ahead looks to be jammed packed with things that just all fell on the same week. We have a plan all worked out to stay on track with our active vacation training plan but I believe by Friday I may be exhausted with everything else added to the week. Although, having a plan is half the battle and we already have that so I feel confident we can try and make this work.

You all have a great week and I will stop back in for a quick hi later in the week if I can find some spare time. If not, hold your head high, smile and don’t forget to breathe…..that’s what I will be doing all week long.



My Job Title: The Boss

I have been what most people consider a “stay at home mom and wife” for 19 years of my life. Ultimately, that means I have handled just about everything that can go right, go wrong, and everything in between for many, many years. If I was handed this job title with a description of duties 19 years ago, I would have probably laughed at the person making me this offer and walked out. Clearly, I did not do this then and this is where I am today.

My Job Title: The Boss

Job Description:



financial advisor


bill payer

chef/meal planner

appointment scheduler

medical assistant

taxi driver



travel agent


activity coordinator

I think you get the picture, although I am sure I have missed something in this list. In addition to all this, I also work from my home 75 hours a week for an actual income that contributes to our household a little bit.

Despite everything I have handled in the past or will handle in my future I have been pretty happy to hold this position for the past 19 years. Yes, call me crazy but I really am happy.

That being said, after last weeks events I was completely ready to apply for a desk job in a cubicle where I would see nobody for my entire day.Thankfully, my husband who is typically very calm and never deals with conflict in our life took over. I am normally the one that handles conflict but last week he made me proud. I just stood back and let him handle it all and wow was it nice.

I may be known as “the boss” by everyone we know. He has me in his phone contact list as “the boss”. His friends know when he says he needs to check with “the boss” exactly what he means. Members of our family’s will even call our house asking for “the boss”. However, once in a while it’s nice to know that he can and will take over the reigns and let me watch from the sidelines.

Will I ever get to retire from this position? Probably not. However, it’s nice to know I have an assistant that can get the job done when “the boss” just needs a day off once in awhile.


Balancing Your Life Between Work and Play-Part #2

Here is the second part of my life, a weekend day. If you missed the week day routine click here.

A typical Saturday for me is almost all play and relaxation compared to my week days.

On Saturday’s I wake up whenever I need to depending on the adventure of the day. This particular Saturday I woke up at 7a.m..

7:00 woke up and made coffee

7:10 put 1st load of laundry in

7:15 made subs and snacks for a day of hiking/fishing

7:30 made breakfast

7:40 switched laundry to the dryer

7:45 ate breakfast while chatting with my husband

8:05 did the dishes

8:15 got dressed, brushed teeth, etc.

8:25 packed the cooler and loaded the trunk with supplies needed for the days adventures

8:50 we all leave home for Door County

9:40 we arrive in Sturgeon Bay at the farmer’s market

10:00 leave the farmer’s market and head to Newport State Park after visiting one shop in Door County on the way

11:30 arrive at the park and had a picnic lunch

12:00 start our 4 mile hike and fished for a bit off a dock

2:30 arrived back at the car and had a snack

3:00 left the park and headed for home

5:20 arrived home and unpacked the car

5:31 started the second load of laundry of the day(I do two every day)

5:35 folded the first load of laundry that sat in the dryer all day waiting for me to return home

5:45 made dinner of leftovers

6:00 ate outside on the porch with my husband

6:20 cleaned up dinner and switched the laundry to the dryer (son’s load, he can fold it himself)

6:30 shower and dry my hair

7:00 blogged

7:30 crashed on the couch with my husband and watched some TV

9:00 bedtime

Since there are two days to a weekend and five to every week I really don’t believe anyone can truthfully say life can be completely balanced. For me, I could really use one more day to a weekend. Although, then I would probably play two of them and recover on the third which would not benefit me anyhow. I suppose I really only wish for an extra weekend day in the summer months. During winter, I could easily just skip the weekend all together. Life is pretty dull in the winter for me.

Would I change how my life is balanced? Well, no I don’t think so. I really love what I do for a living and we do have fun, even though by Friday I am exhausted. The smiles, hugs, and kisses I get from my daycare children make my days worth it. As far as my weekends go, we have fun then also, just a different kind of fun. And the memories we make on our weekends make those days worth it also.

I feel pretty balanced. I am home all week long and gone almost every single weekend. That’s good enough for me.

What about you, do you feel balanced?




Balancing Your Life Between Work and Play-Part #1

Do you think it’s possible to have a balance life between work and play? Despite the fact that in my profession everyday involves some sort of play, it is not the play I personally prefer to do. Let’s face it, with a 2 1/2 year old, 14 month old, and a 10 month old that I care for everyday we cannot go hiking, kayaking or play tennis. Which got me to thinking about doing these two fun posts.

In the next two posts (today and Friday ) I will show you what a weekday in my life looks like and what a weekend day looks like. When I decided to record everything I did (especially on the weekday) it was much more difficult than I expected. I really do a lot in a very short amount of time. A thirty minute span of time for me during the week is like an eternity, literally.

So here we go, I recorded almost everything I did and I would consider this a good day for me during the week. We had no tantrums, diaper blow outs, rough naps times, vomit incidents and no potty accidents. Yes everyone, this for me is a GOOD day 🙂

My day starts at 4 a.m. every day and looks like this:

4:00 alarm goes off

4:15 I get up

4:20 I prepare my husbands breakfast and pack his lunch

4:30 I do100 crunches and weighted arm exercises

4:45 kiss hubby goodbye and make my breakfast

5:10 start the laundry ( I do two loads every single day)

5:15 get dressed, brush teeth, etc.

5:25 check email and answer if needed

5:30 depending on the day I rotate chores : Monday is mop floors, Tues is clean bathroom, Thursday is dust

5:45 switch laundry loads and either dry or hang on the lines outside, take out the garbage, preprep daycare breakfast

6:10 child #1 arrives and gets fed breakfast

6:30 child #2 arrives and gets fed her breakfast

7:15 child #3 arrives and gets fed breakfast

During breakfast I can normally get some laundry folded

7:45 diaper change time/potty time

8:00 child #1 and #3 nap time

8-8:30 child #2 watches a cartoon

8-8:30 I clean up breakfast and prepare my lunch (yes my lunch is at 8:30 a.m., crazy right?)

8:30 eat my lunch and share with child #2

8:45 we prepare for nap time to be over and get out shoes and diapers

8:55 nap time is over and kids wake up, get changed, shoes get put on and we head out for a walk

9-9:45 we walk (could be to the park, around the neighborhood, to area garage sales or through a nearby wooded area)

9:50 we play outside

10:00 bottle time for child #1

10:20 child #3 needed a diaper change

10:30 move indoors to play so I can start to prepare lunch with help from child #2

11:00 lunch time for kids

11:30 diaper/potty time

11:45 story time and cuddle time all together

12:00 nap time for all three kids

12:05 clean up lunch dishes, kitchen, fold remaining laundry and check emails

12:30 my workout time downstairs in our home gym

1:30 snack time for me, prepare snack for the kids, preprep any dinner items I can to save time later.

2:00 kids wake up, we cuddle, have snack, do diapers and potty time and get all shoes on.

2:45 we head outside to play

2:50 diaper time for child #3 again

3:00 husband gets home (my job gets easier here, child #2 becomes his pal for the remainder of the day)

3:15 diaper time for child #1 again

4:00 child #1 pick up time

4:30 child # 2 and 3 pick up time

4:40 start to prepare dinner, premake husbands next days lunch, check emails, vacuum(everyday chore)

5:10/5:15 eat dinner

5:30 clean up dinner

5:45 change and head to the gym for our workout

6-7:30 workout

7:45 shower, dry my hair, check emails

8:00pm bed time 🙂

Wow, that even amazes me. Now occasionally I will skip my afternoon workout to cut the lawn while the kids nap. And this day is our summer routine. Winter routine involves activities and projects which we do not do much of in the summer. This also does not include any bathroom breaks for myself, although, I really never get to pee alone anyhow. I have found that kids thrive on routine and routine is what we do our best to keep.

Again, this is a good day in our house during the week. I look at my weekdays as controlled chaos. On Friday I will show you what a typical Saturday looks like and let you know my feelings on if my life is balanced enough in my opinion.