Feast with the Beast 2014

We attended an annual event in our area that we have come to love. Feast with the Beast 2014 was Monday night and we had a terrific time. This is a zoological fundraiser where area restaurants are set up around the N.E.W. Zoo and offer samples of some of their best dishes.

Being the foodie I am, this is quite the event for me. I love tasting new and interesting recipes and this is the perfect place to do it. My husband, on the other hand, just likes to eat which also makes this his perfect atmosphere. The zoo itself is closed down and only ticket holders are able to attend this special event. We had the pleasure of attending this year with a friend my husband works with and his wife. This was their first time and I do believe they left pretty happy (and it has nothing to do with all the sangria we tasted).

Let’s talk about the food, shall we? There were a total of 44 food tasting tables. They had everything and anything you could think of to sample. To list a few, we had ribs and corn on the cob,


roast pork with pancetta apple ragout and tavern chips with some type of yummy sauce and berry drizzle,


and citrus crab in a cucumber cup.


As you move through the zoo they also have local beer vendors with all their specialty brews along with wine tastings from local wineries. We spent our fair share of time tasting at these tables (ok, I’ll admit, us wives had fun at the wine tables). And then we came across a table that was sampling flavored vodka. This made me smile because a few weeks ago I visited Door County with some girl friends and we were all so excited to finally get there to wine and vodka taste only to find out you had to pay to do the vodka tasting. We then opted out and stuck with the wine tasting. So, here was my opportunity and I was not going to pass it up. They offered strawberry and peach vodka mixed with juiceĀ  or lemonade. The strawberry lemonade was good but the peach vodka mixed 50/50 with cranberry and orange juice was out of this world. I can’t wait to try this at home:)


By the time we made it to the other side of the zoo I was beyond full!!! My husband and his friend were still going strong so we finished the food tables while enjoying the live entertainment.


Then it was time to back track to a few favorites (ribs for the guys and sangria and vodka for the women) and walk off some calories at the same time. This is when we started to actually notice the zoo animals.



It was a two hour event that offers great food, a nice walk, and a fun atmosphere. We consider this our annual date night every year and look forward to it all year long. This means I accomplished one of my August goals, met a fun couple, and found a few new restaurants we plan to try in the near future.







July Goal #3- A Mom’s Day Off-Door County, WI

Although I don’t consider myself a full time mom anymore to our now grown 19 year old son, I am somewhat of a substitute mom to all my daycare children. That being said, whether I am a mom to my own child or doing my job, all mom’s needs a day off once in awhile. And that is exactly what I did on Monday, took a day off and had some fun with some friends.

I started my day with a little me time at the gym, alone and very early. My favorite time to workout is mornings and I rarely get this opportunity so I took full advantage of it.


After that is was home to get ready for our day of fun in Door County, WI. I have visited this area more times than I can remember and almost always spend most of the time hiking trails or on the water doing something water related. Today however, was all about food, shopping, and wine tasting. No need for hiking boots or paddles but I was ok with that.

Our first stop was a new coffee shop in Sturgeon Bay, WI called the Glas Coffee House. I had already had my fill of morning coffee so I went with a blueberry smoothie which was perfect after my awesome morning workout.


After this it was time to go deep into the Door County experience and shop. All three of us are foodies so we were literally like kids in a candy store. We tasted dips, salsa, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, BBQ sauces, cookies, cherries, and of course WINE!!!!!


We did sneak away and explore a few of the other shops with some authentic Door County art.


Then somewhere along the path we came across a very special holiday shop that is decorated year round with Christmas decor.


And I’ll be honest, walking into this shop in the middle of July was against all my morals but I did it. (You will all understand why if you remember how much I dread snow, cold, and winter.) I will also admit, the Christmas music that was playing sent a shiver down my spine but the decor was very, very beautiful.


We did take a short break and have a real meal in between all the culinary delights we tasted and ate at the Chef’s Hat in Ephraim, WI.


My meal of choice was the gorgonzola roast beef sandwich with potato salad. It’s like a party in your mouth, it’s so good.


Door County has so much to offer that I know we could never see it all in one day. However, we saw quite a bit of it.

Eventually, I hope to get the girls to visit and venture out into my world a bit and either do some hiking or explore by water but until that happens a glance at the calm waters of Door County was not far from my sight.


After all, it was a day to relax, enjoy being child free, enjoy being with friends and not have to worry about going back and picking up anyone in this area either:)


To finish off our day, we had the pleasure of stopping in at the cabin of one of the women I spent the day with and sharing a dinner of all our Door County treats. WARNING: VERY UNHEALTHY MEAL….but so worth it!


Yes, believe it or not, this was what we ate for dinner. Cookies, chocolate covered cherries, port wine cheese, crackers and wine. It was awesome.

Have you ever been to Door County, WI?

What was your favorite activity you did while there?