Weekend Highlights-Geocache #500, Mother’s Day

Do you want to see instant energy? Well, I had it all weekend thanks to good ole Mother Nature.

Saturday I started my day with a workout at the gym bright and early. The alarm went off at 4am so my husband and brother could go out on the bay for some fishing for the first time this year. They had great success but I have no pics to share. If I would have sent the camera I would be pretty certain I would not get it back. (My husband is known to drop things in water fairly often.) So anyways, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get in a workout before starting my day.

After my workout it was go time….I washed the car, cut the lawn with my new lawn mower


which I LOVE, visited with my mother in law, made an orzo pasta salad for dinner, did three loads of laundry, went grocery shopping, played some cards on the front porch with my husband(our favorite spot in the summer),


and it is also where I enjoyed eating dinner Saturday night. I just could not get enough sunshine.

Sunday I woke up to more sun shining through our bedroom window, which is so much more pleasant then the alarm clock waking me up. It is truly like instant energy for me. So I flew out of bed, made the coffee, packed the trunk with our lunch, boots, sunscreen and water and we were out the door in about an hour. We had a goal to find our #500th          geocache. We headed to a trail we started last fall and really wanted to finish it so we could continue on with another trail we had also started last fall.

Within a 1/2 mile I felt alive. The sun was bright and the trail was endless in front of us. We saw our first wild flowers of the season along the trail.


We logged 21 successful finds and we walked over five miles. Awesome!


And the #500th cache happened to be the most painful of all. It was hidden in a bush of buck thorn!!!! I watched from the trail as my hubby ventured in to retrieve it.


The final stop of our day brought us to a summer time treat. ICE CREAM!!!


After all, it was Mother’s Day, I think I earned an ice cream treat.

My Mother’s Day ended with a homemade chicken dinner my husband prepared in our rotisserie, baked potatoes, stuffing and side salads. And the best part was….I didn’t have to prepare or clean up a single thing.

Pure Heaven 🙂