I Wonder Why….

I wonder why some people turn to food when stressed? (guilty)

I wonder why prescription drug side effects are often worse then the condition they are meant to treat? Have you ever listened to the end of a drug commercial when it says: side effects could include yadayadayada? Makes me really wonder if its worth it in the end!

I wonder why people seem to pass away shortly after retirement?

I wonder why parents often don’t give their children credit for how smart they really are at a very young age?

I wonder why people often use age as a reason not to be active?

I wonder why ophidiophobia has to exist? (I have a severe case of this)

I wonder why we have 2 day weekends and 5 day work weeks?  What would happen if it was reversed? Just think about that for a few minutes.

I wonder why domestic abuse cases are higher during football season?

I wonder why life has to be so tough at times and yet so easy at other times? Wouldn’t it just be easier to live a balanced happy life?


Can you add to my list?