Celebrating Some Small Victories

I feel very accomplished this week. Nothing big and exciting, just some things that have been weighing on my mind have been taken care of.

Victory #1: After three stores and some of the saddest looking plants I have seen in green houses in years, I finally have my planters done. Thankfully, I don’t have a very green thumb which means I did not need many to fill up my two planters. Not a big chore off my list but it at least is done and crossed off. IMG_0933

Victory #2: We have started walking again this week(with boot on) and I have lost all three pounds I gained while sitting for a month. Hurray…..I knew it would come right back off but there is always that little doubt in the back of my mind.

Victory #3: I have had an Amazon order sitting on my “to do” pile for weeks and I finally placed the order this week. Most people love online shopping. For me, any shopping is quite the chore.

Victory #4: I purchased my first watermelon of the season this week. This is not really a victory but it does (in my mind) mean that I have really survived another WI winter. I love summer and nothing says summer more than a big, red, ripe watermelon! IMG_0940

Victory #5:  We have finally had time as a family to sit down and discuss a training plan for…..wait for it…….yes,another BIG ACTIVE VACATION! This time we are all going and it shall be an adventure. I know your probably wondering why I would plan an active vacation with being injured and all, but to tell you the truth, it was planned awhile ago. I am not too worried about not being able to accomplish what’s ahead however, it may take me awhile longer to train with my husband and son at their level. I have another week before I can remove this boot and start strengthening my ankle again. Moderation will be my goal.

Like I said, nothing too huge or exciting for that matter. Just a few things I needed to get done and now they are off my mind.

For now I will wish all the mom’s a wonderful Mother’s Day and I’ll be back next week with another DIY freezer bag backpacking meal and a great family friendly campground recommendation for everyone.

Have A Great Weekend!

Spring 2015: Devil’s Lake State Park and Glamping (glamorous camping) at Fox Hill RV Park & Campground

This weekend we visited Devil’s Lake State Park and stayed in a rustic cabin at Fox Hill RV Park & Campground. IMG_0894

I call this glamping (glamorous camping) since it’s not quite as rough as camping in a tent, but not as nice as camping in an RV or deluxe cabin with all the amenities. Yes, we have a tent and we could have easily slept in it this weekend due to the very nice temps but at the time of reservations (months ago) we did not know the weather and the heated cabin is nice to have in Spring.

Remember those weekend goals I told you I was hoping to accomplish this past weekend? Let me refresh your memory and let you know how I did on each one.:

#1 To not over do activity with that ankle. I need to strengthen it back up. As much as I would love to hike 10 miles, that is not likely going to happen. I do plan to hike a little this weekend since our plans have been on the calendar for quite some time now, but all in good reason.
I did accomplish this one. It took all of us to get me to the top of my favorite bluff but I did it and it was very rewarding. The combination of hiking boot, hiking poles, and a medical boot is something I NEVER thought I would see but it is what it is.


#2 I really need to even out my tan. One leg is white and the other is not. Since I can have the boot off for a while each day, this will be my time to marinate in the sunshine.
This one I worked on when I was able but you can still see a difference.


#3 Try out my new insoles when I have the boot off. I’ve been told this could be painful, but I am not too worried. I have been in pain for months, how much worse could it be?
I also did this one. I inserted the insole into my Keen boot and hiked the entire bluff trail with it. And when I am not in the boot it is in my other shoe as well. So far so good. I will write a full review when I can wear them both for an entire day, which will be soon.

#4 Enjoy my first campfire meal of the season. (Fire danger here is very high, this one is iffy) Done….my first roasted marshmallow  of the year.


#5 Spend some family time together. My son was offered a job last week which has him working in his field of photography almost every single weekend photographing weddings. This could be one of our last weekends together as a family doing what we love so I need to savor every second. Done. We hiked, sat by the campfire, did some fishing, played cards, chess, checkers, and disc golf.




#6 Last but not least, work on losing the three pounds I have gained from sitting around unable to exercise for the last month. The night I came home from my appointment we actually took our first walk in a month.(with the boot still on) It was great!
This one I am still working on. I don’t expect nothing to happen until I am back to normal exercise so for now I am just hoping for the best.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Weather was gorgeous. I was so happy to be back on the trail. We had some great family time and I came home pain and swelling free which was my biggest worry of the entire weekend.

What If….


Just some thoughts ……

What if a scale not only told us a number but also added an inspirational quote? Would it be easier to step on that scale and face that number?

What if you could buy will power? How much would you pay for it?

What if you had a personal chef? Would you eat healthier?

What if we all knew the day of our death? Would it change how you live today?

What if everyone was the same color, worth the same amount of money, believed in the same political party, and practiced the same religious denomination? Would we still find something to fight about?

What if the surgeon general’s warning on cigarettes wasn’t quite so vague and plainly stated, “you are killing yourself?” Would you still smoke?

What if restaurants banned and collected cell phones at the door until you left the premises? Would you still continue to eat out?

Feel free to answer or even add to the thoughts that often go through my mind after witnessing an event, observing the general public or watching the news.

Have a great day:)