Weekend Snapshots: Getting Away From It All

What I wouldn’t do for a trail or mountain to climb right about now…..just to get away from it all for a little while.

Our weekend actually started Friday morning when both my husband and I took off to accompany my inlaws to a medical procedure. It turned out after a full day of waiting, praying, and hoping for the best that it was not meant to be. The results we received were hard to hear and process and then we were all sent home to wait. That meant a weekend to try and process the feelings, thoughts, and fears that are ahead of us all. And we all know where I do this best…..on a trail, far back in the remote wilderness which was not possible since I needed to be the support my husband needed.

Sadly, I have no pictures this time of any new trails, bluffs or even a flowing river. All I did this weekend is make a list of Fall chores that needs to be done before the first snowfall. I did accomplish cleaning and treating our kayaking gear and storing it all away for winter.


Together we escaped for a few short hours to do some fishing which is what my husband finds relaxing in stressful times.


And since we were so close to his favorite blackberry spot we stopped to pick a few to snack on while driving back home.


All in all I would say we had a good weekend…..considering.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Where do you go or what do you do to process bad news?



Weekend Snapshots: Exploring A New Route

How fitting it was that my husband grabbed this Clif Bar from our food pack and it was exactly what we were doing at the time. Exploring a new route (trail)…..


I will share many more in depth details of our hike later this week. For now here is a sneak peek at where we enjoyed ourselves this past weekend.





IMG_2618  IMG_2628



Anyone care to take a guess at what trail we hiked and in what state?

Weekend Snapshots

We had a weekend I dream of all winter long, it was 85-90 degrees, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. We originally had plans to attempt a 6 mile hike on Saturday but when I saw the forecast I knew my husband would not be a happy hiker. So we changed plans and headed to a friends cabin to take full advantage of the beautiful lake they are on. Which then left Sunday (the cooler of the two days) for a small hike along the Bay of Green Bay where there was a nice breeze.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend.

Cave Point County Park



Lake Fun With the SUP




Pizza Delivery After A Day of Water Fun


TENS Therapy  For My Hubby To Finish The Day


Sunday Afternoon Hike Bay Side



IMG_1677  IMG_1687  IMG_1697  IMG_1669

Ending The Weekend Purchasing Our Annual Date Night Tickets To Feast With The Beast 2015


I really do have to admit, even with all the struggles that have been thrown our way this summer, we are still able to have fun and enjoy what we can. We have really learned not to take life for granted and enjoy the moments we have because you just never really know when those moments will no longer be possible. We had a great weekend, spent it with some great friends, we were active, we were able to escape the dramas of life, and most importantly relax and let all our worries be gone for a few hours. For this I am so thankful for.

Did you have a great weekend?

Did you do anything active?

Listening To My Body Is Not Always Easy

Happy Friday everyone….it has been a gorgeous sunny week here in Green Bay and we have taken full advantage of every second, which is why I have not blogged since Monday, sorry!

With October upon us I must say it’s getting a little cold for my blood to spend a great deal of time outdoors but I am still savoring the moments without a winter jacket, hat, and scarves. I have broke out my gloves but I don’t mind them as much. I do have to admit, I have been taking it easy on the workouts lately due to some ankle issues that have decided to haunt me. That being said, I have still made it to the gym at least twice a week and we still take a short daily walk every morning. Our evening walk of three miles has been what has suffered the most. If I find myself chasing the kids all day I have been opting out of pushing it further at night with a walk. Although, if my pain level is still tolerable by dinner then we take it slow and easy. I have been wrapping it and icing it as much as possible but that is nearly impossible during working hours. So all in all, I could be doing less to hurt less but for my mental health, I need to exercise to tolerate everything else life throws my way, so I live with the pain.

Anyhow let’s move on. We made our first batch of pumpkin muffins this week and they were all gone in two days. Yes, 12 muffins in two days, gone. Unbelievable! Everyone loved them, obviously.

Our son has started creating his website to promote his photography and it is coming along beautifully. He is loving his photography classes and is turning into quite the busy person between work, school, and photo shoots for family and friends. It’s simply amazing what he finds to capture with his camera. He has mentioned that when he is done with his website I will be allowed to post a link for all my readers, so be watching for this in the near future.

This weekend we have some spectacular weather predicted and I can not wait to get out and soak up some sunshine. There has been talk of maybe taking the fishing boat out one last time before storing it for the winter. We may sneak in a hike depending on how my ankle feels or even possibly a game of disc golf somewhere. Who really knows at this point except that I am sure we will find something to do that is fun in the outdoors.

Have a great weekend everyone;-)


Friday the 13th…..Are you Superstitious?

Ewww it’s Friday the 13th. Will you change the things you do today?

I won’t be changing anything. It’s just another Friday. I am not superstitious in anyway. Although, a funny thought just crossed my mind typing that last sentence. Now that I wrote it something is bound to happen,right? I probably jinxed myself. Either way, it is what it is and no matter what the date I am just happy it’s Friday.

Speaking of bad luck, I actually think we may have been cursed all week. Monday I somehow injured my achilles tendon cutting the lawn. Of all the things I do that I could sustain an injury from, cutting the lawn was not at the top of my list. Apparently it should have been because the ice pack and pain meds have been my best friend ever since. I have refrained from walking as much as possible and any workouts that cause additional pain. Thankfully weight lifting and my stationary bike are tolerable so not all exercise has been put on hold. You would never want to see me on a day when I get no exercise, I am a real b****!

Monday night also brought on some bad luck for my husband with the discovery of poison ivy from his ankles to his knees. Despite the fact that he has had this numerous times in the past he was still quite miserable with the itchy rash.

And something that I have been through many, many times and it really never gets easier. The question WHY? My oldest daycare child has finally discovered this little word and I have heard it at least 100 times this week. If you are a parent and have reached this stage you all know how frustrating this simple question can be over and over and over again throughout the entire day. If you are not a parent and have never experienced this simple question over and over and over throughout the day…..be so thankful. I did my best to explain WHY every time she asked WHY to a certain situation but sometimes I would just grit my teeth and pretend to not hear her. Gosh, is that bad? However, I will admit it, it worked a few times 🙂

To add to the week we had moments of rain two out of five days. Which in my life means we play indoors and that brings back winter memories of many, many hours of indoor play. It’s hard to go back to that time so we sang our “rain, rain go away” song over and over and hoped someone up above heard us.

In reality, Friday the 13th. could mean bad luck. Although, honestly I don’t need a date on the calendar for this to happen.

For now I will wish all you father’s a very Happy Father’s Day and wish everyone a great weekend.






Weekend Highlights: Rhubarb Jam and Getting Reunited With My Standup Paddle Board

What a spectacular weekend we had. It all started Friday night. We had the great pleasure of being invited to clear out an entire patch of rhubarb from one of my daycare families yard. I was beyond thrilled with this offer from them. Immediately the wheels started turning in my head. The cookbooks were out and I started adding to my grocery list the ingredients needed to make jam and rhubarb bread.


Thankfully, after cutting a ton of stalks, my husband offered to do all the cleaning and chopping so I could get the rest of the grocery shopping done Friday night. I returned home to find it all chopped and packaged in the frig waiting for me to prepare. Although, this would all have to wait until Sunday.

Saturday was our day of play which really turned into a day of pure relaxation. I finally got reunited with my standup paddle board after many, many months of it hanging on the wall. We loaded it up on our new Thule roof rack system we purchased back in March and headed to a new lake we were told to check out from a friend.


Let me just say, I was in HEAVEN! The lake was calm, quiet, and not a weed in sight.


Weeds are always a big fear of mine especially if I fall into a patch of them…ewwww! However, no one fell in this time. I paddled for quite a few hours. My husband fished from one of our recreational kayaks while I simply enjoyed the calm lake. At one point I decided to lay back on the board, take in some sun and actually dozed off awakening to find that I had drifted into the lily pads on the edge of the lake. Now that is relaxed, I guess I needed some down time. Thankfully, I fell asleep with my PFD still on :/

Sunday brought the day to put all that rhubarb to good use. I made rhubarb sauce for pancake topping or it’s also great on ice cream. I also made rhubarb bread, mini muffins, and jam.


I still have about three gallons of chopped rhubarb to use up  but I ran out of time. After all that cooking it was time to get a gym workout in before the stormy weather hit Sunday night.

I could not have asked for a better weekend. I hope you all enjoyed your as much as I did.