Spring Is Here….But We Are Still So Limited

According to the calendar Spring arrived a few days ago and I clearly am not feeling the excitement yet. Yes, we have been able to get outside for short bursts of time here and there but come on already…I am so over winter!

One weekend we got out and walked in just sweatshirts on a local trail.


The next weekend my husband wanted to try out his new fishing reel and I wanted to wander the wooded area near the rivers edge while he did this. We both needed winter jackets once again unlike the weekend before we only needed sweatshirts.


We arrived and he balanced on ice along the shore hoping it did not break


while I only made it a little ways down the trail before hitting snow and ice.


And that’s when I noticed this fella fishing in the river with neoprene waiters on. BRRRRR!!!! I don’t care how thick and warm those waiters are….there is no way he was not freezing his %$##@ off. In my eyes this was crazy….in a fishermans eyes this is dedication. All I can say is I sure hope he caught something for all his effort.


On a brighter note…and much warmer topic…our gym got an overhaul and I could not be more thrilled. I walked in a week after missing out for illness and wow I was excited. Almost 15 years ago now I began my health journey and my first piece of exercise equipment was a stepper at a very small gym. Then I left that gym and never found another with this piece of equipment until now….our gym has two brand new seated step machines. WHOOHOOO!!!!


Plus, they added 3 of my next favorite machines…rowers!


So now when I go to my early morning workout session I mix things up a bit. I am all about cardio and do weights simply because I have to. And you all know if you’ve been following for awhile that when we train for our vacations we utilize real concrete steps at a local high school. Concrete steps=torture!



We have been seen here a lot with boots on doing flights of stairs in the heat and humidity many times. Well…..never again! I can just go to the gym now and step until I cannot step anymore. And I can even wear my hiking boots if I wish to get strange looks from other gym members which I may just do. After all, you cannot climb mountains with out strong legs now can you.




How My Family Is Training For Distance and Elevation Hiking

We have started our training plan for our upcoming hiking vacation which will include carrying day packs, photo equipment, high heat, and elevation.

First, let me remind you that my husband and I did part of this same hike a few years back for our 20th anniversary. That was the first trip ever we took of that type and thankfully we opted for a guided trip on that occasion. We learned so much in three days with the guides we had that I could never thank them enough. We also had about 6 weeks to train for that trip and I believe it made all the difference in the world when we arrived. We had no issues keeping up, dealing with the elevation, or making the mileage asked of us. I returned from that trip with so much knowledge and a HUGE desire to return as soon as possible.


Which brings us to today. We are going back, adding a few more destinations, and staying a lot longer this time around. However, this time we have two big changes among many little differences. This time we are doing it on our own (no guides) and bringing our 20 year old son with us. As you can imagine I am over the moon excited. It will be a dream come true for me to go back since mountains are my favorite adult playground. Plus, our son, being an up and coming photographer, will be completely in his element.

My first priority was to come up with a training plan so this trip can be enjoyable and not leave us in pain every single night after a big day on the trails. I knew what we did last time was very beneficial although, because of the last minute booking it also only gave us 6 weeks to train which was super difficult. This time I wanted to make sure we had a few more weeks so we would not be pressured to hit the goals we knew we needed to hit. Plus, we are all at different fitness levels and some of us need a more work than others in certain areas. And don’t forget, I am still trying to recover from 6 long weeks in a boot for my torn ankle tendon.

This is what I came up with to start our training:

Monday: 5 mile walk and stretching (gradually increasing and eventually reaching 10 miles total)


Tuesday: 3 mile walk and stretching

Wednesday: 60 minutes yoga, hill climb=10 times up and down , steps= 10 times up and down


Thursday: 5 mile walk and stretching (gradually increasing and eventually reaching 10 miles total)

Friday: weights/squats/ankle bands/stool step ups


Saturday: off (it’s summer time so we’ll either be kayaking or standup paddling anyhow)

Sunday: 60 minutes yoga, hill climb=10 times up and down , steps= 10 times up and down

Of course we may need to change this up a bit here and there but this is the plan. When we get closer to leaving we will be adding our loaded packs for our walks. This time we are adding steps and hill climbs to our training plan since elevation is a major part of every trail we plan to hike. Last time we did not do this and I think it would have been very helpful. We concentrated more on mileage last time and I don’t think we needed to as much as we did. We will top out at 10 miles total by the end of our training.

I also found that yoga was extremely helpful for keeping me stretched out well. I even did it in them mornings while we were there before meeting up with the rest of the group. So I added that into our plan here at home too.

Since our training is taking place during the summer months, the heat should help prepare us for what’s ahead. Our destination tops out at about 85-105 degrees at this time of year. And if it would rain, our walks can be taken to the gym on another aerobic machine or even in our home gym.

All in all, my hope is to leave home feeling ready to conquer what lies ahead.

Would you ever train to go on a vacation?



Monday Motivation

Sunday 12/7: 3 mile hike on the Ahnapee State Trail

Monday 12/8: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights, 50 pushups, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 35 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weight machines and stretching

Tuesday 12/9: HOME: 200 crunches, upper body weights, balance ball routine, 30 minute bike

MALL: 5 mile walk

Wednesday 12/10: OFF

Thursday 12/11: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 35 minute elliptical, upper and lower body weights, stretching

Friday 12/12: sledding ( this counts for something right?)

Saturday 12/13: 3.5 mile walk outside

After last week I am happy to say life was a little more normal. Workouts were great, weather was tolerable for December, and everything is falling into place for the holidays nicely.

Sunday we had the nicest hike on a fairly local trail. This is quite the treat for me in the winter months. I see and enjoy the outdoors very little during winter but today I was happy to be outside.

As for this week, workouts could be a challenge but I know I will squeeze it in somewhere. With two parties two days in a row, I may find myself forgoing my normal workouts. However, I will rely on my nightly routine to keep me grounded and sane this week. Or at least that is the plan. Now all I need to do is follow that plan….we’ll see.

Monday Motivation

Sunday 11/30: GYM: 40 minute elliptical, lower body weights and stretching

Monday 12/1: HOME: 200 crunches, upper and lower body weights, balance ball routine, 30 minute bike

MALL: 5 mile walk

Tuesday 12/2: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights, 30 minute bike

Wednesday 12/3: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights

MALL: 5 mile walk

Thursday 12/4: HOME: 200 crunches, upper and lower body weights, 30 minute bike

Friday 12/5: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights

Saturday 12/6: GYM: 35 minute elliptical, upper body weights and stretching

Monday and Wednesday we were joined for our mall walk by our son which was a nice change. Typically he is at work, school or gone with friends. Normally our family walks happen on a trail somewhere surrounded by wilderness so this occasion was really out of the ordinary but very nice.

Life sort of got in the way of our normal routine this week. My husband is battling a respiratory bug which made it quite difficult for any gym workouts to be accomplished this week. We did however get in two good walks which still made us pretty happy. Yes, I could have went to the gym alone but walking gives me the same stress relief so I just went with it.

Tuesday we had to forgo all evening exercise to go visit my mother in law in the hospital. Thursday my husband finally started feeling a little better but instead of heading to the gym we did some of our weekend shopping instead. If there is one thing I dislike about December it’s the weekend crowds in the stores. I use up all my patients during the week with my kiddos which leaves me with none left for weekend shopping. The grocery store is usually all I can handle without having a meltdown. So I would rather squeeze it in on a week night and spend the weekend in the gym.

Friday finally arrived and we had every intention to make it to the gym until….my husband called his dad to see how his mom was doing after being released from the hospital. The news he received was not good and asked if we could forgo our gym plans and make a quick trip over to see his mom. Which we did.

This week was simply reality. Sometimes we need to make adjustments for whatever reason and that is what we did. I am just thankful I have equipment at home to still get in some exercise. I have hope that this next week should return to normal.





Training For Our Trip- Sept. 2-8


Training for our trip this week consisted of:

Monday: 3 mile walk (just myself)

Tuesday: my daily routine and 5.25 mile walk together

Wednesday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together

Thursday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together

Friday: my daily routine only

Saturday: 5.25 mile walk together and an additional 4 miles for(just myself)

Sunday: off

For more information on my daily routine you can find this at:


This week I felt a little overwhelmed after being away from home for 5 days at the end of last week. We came home to a pile of mail and a to do list that is getting longer by the day. With the weather getting cooler, I am sort of panicked that we better get to it before the white flakes start falling from the sky. (Oh, how depressing)

Although, I am happy we did make some kind of training a priority and did get some miles in on most nights. Some weeks just aren’t what I wish they could be, but some is better than nothing.

At least the home repair and “to do” list has gotten a lot shorter. And I did hit my all time high in walking miles on Saturday, so I was thrilled:)

Training For Our Trip-Aug.19-25


This weeks training consisted of:

Monday: my daily routine and 5.25 mile walk together (I am still not feeling well)

Tuesday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together (hubby was not feeling well)

Wednesday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together (hubby still not feeling the best)

Thursday: my daily routine and 5.25 mile walk together

Friday: off

Saturday: 3 mile hike as a family

Sunday: 31 minutes on the arc trainer and 30 minutes weight/strength training all at the gym(me only)

For more info. on my daily routine you can find this at:


It was a crazy week for us. Considering our week started with both my husband and myself coming down with some type of illness, I feel we did pretty good.

Training For Our Trip

So this week we really concentrated on training for our upcoming trip to Zion National Park.

I guess I should first tell you all our normal routine so you have something to compare our progress to.

My daily routine:(Mon-Fri)

6 mile recumbent bike ride

30 minutes of weights

15 minutes floor/stability ball exercises

Our daily routine:(Mon-Fri)

3 mile walk 3 nights a week

60 minutes of yoga 2 times a week

On Saturday and/or Sunday I will also go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the arc trainer, and weights for 30 minutes. Always one day on the weekend and if time permits sometimes both weekend days. I will typically walk at least one of these days for three miles also, but my husband rarely will join me. He likes to take weekends off.

Now we have really adjusted our schedule, to try and make the goal of 10 miles in one day which is what we will be doing on our trip. I will still do my daily routine every day of the week, but we have decided that we need to increase our walking mileage and do it more often. Which results in now only doing yoga one night a week and walking a farther distance 4 nights a week.


This weeks training schedule consisted of:

Monday: 2 hours of standup paddling(for me) (I had the day off)

60 minutes of yoga (for me)

5.25 mile walk together

Tuesday: 5.25 mile walk together plus my daily routine

Wednesday: 60 minutes of yoga together plus my daily routine

Thursday: 6.2 mile walk together plus my daily routine

Friday:  off

Saturday: arc trainer 25 minutes and 30 minutes of weight training at the gym(for me)

Sunday: 3 mile walk (just me)

It was a good week. I am confidant we will make the goal, it’s just very hard to fit in longer walks at night during the week. We also have to keep in mind that when we go for the trip, we have all day to hit 10 miles. Right now we are getting up at 4 am working 10-11 hours a day and then training at night. Eventually we hope to walk 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the evening, that is if we are ever home for a full day on the weekends.

It will be all worth it in the end:)