My Journey Back To Exercising: Workouts Of The Week

I started working out again this week since I have been released from my surgeon to do what I feel is comfortable to do. However, I am not to do any abdominal exercises for another month. As I start this journey back to my normal workout schedule, I will share with you how this goes and the results.

This weeks workouts consisted of this:

Monday: walked numerous times in the airport during our 5 hour layover

Tuesday: arm weights, 2 mile mall walk(morning), 3 mile street walk(evening)

Wednesday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arm/back workout with weights, 1.5 mile morning walk

Thursday: Home:30 minute recumbent bike. arm/back workout with weights, leg workout, 1.5 mile morning walk

Gym: 20 minute elliptical

****Today was my first day back to the gym and let me just say… felt amazing! What a great feeling! Even though I cannot do much, I am able to spend some time on the elliptical and it gave me a high that only someone who workouts will understand.

Friday: arm and back and leg workout, 2 mile walk outside

After spending a week eating in restaurants while on vacation and 7 weeks prior to that sitting,sleeping, and recovering, I am so happy to get back some of what makes me feel good……exercise. I am sad at how much I lost in regards to stamina in the few weeks I have been fairly immobile although, I am excited to finally feel alive and somewhat normal.I know in time I will be back up to where I was prior to all this and can only hope it will be easier to achieve more since I always wanted to in the past but my body would not allow it.

Next week I return to work full time and expect that to suck much of my energy up during the day which means my daily nightly workouts could be effected. For now I will just have to listen to my body and rest if needed and workout if I have the energy after all my children are picked up. I am going to attempt to squeeze in half or all my afternoon workout into the wee morning hours before they all arrive to hopefully have a bit of rest time when they all nap in the afternoon. Which in turn, may help me achieve a nightly workout after work. That is the plan….whether it will work or not we shall see.

Have a great weekend…..if it’s nice in your area, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. We are planning to check out a favorite trail in our area and hope it’s not too wet and soggy to hike a few miles.

Oh, I almost forgot………Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend……more daylight is a wonderful thing.

Summer vs. Winter On The Trail

How can we be 45 degrees one week, then get 13 inches of snow the next week and now this…..frigid, painful, below zero temps for the majority of this week? It’s like a roller coaster ride and I want off!

Before this all came about and I knew I would be locked up in my home for days I made an attempt to walk a trail with my husband. I really thought we would arrive and it would be snow covered but to my surprise it was not bad.


Those tracks you see are from someone pulling an ice fishing sled down the trail to access a favorite ice fishing spot. As we made our way further down the trail you could see large rocks thrown out onto the ice to see the thickness of the ice cover. Which meant, of course, my husband had to toss one out there also to see for himself how much ice was there. Needless to say, not enough to even walk on. The rock he tossed out went right in and water came shooting up and out as soon as the rock made contact.


A little further down the trail we saw that the person dragging the ice fishing sled made the decision to forgo his ice fishing plans and the tracks ended and turned around. I’d say that was a good choice, or at best, a safe choice.

As happy as I was to be on a trail, it also made me so sad at the difference winter makes from summer on this same trail. With the water being icy and looking so cold


to parts of the trail being snow covered,


it really made me think of how much more I love this trail in summer time. Things are green,IMG_1664

life is everywhere,  IMG_1669  IMG_1926

and sunsets are beautiful in the evenings.


Oh, how I can’t wait to walk out to the platform, sit, and watch the sun set again. A few more weeks to wait but it’s coming……..

Alrighty then…..enough day dreaming. Here is reality and what I did for workouts this week.

Saturday: gym:45 minute elliptical and stretching

Sunday: gym: 40 minute elliptical, lower body weights and stretching

Monday: mall: 3 mile walk

Tuesday: home: upper body weights and 20 minute recumbent bike

Wednesday: home: 30 minute recumbent bike

gym: 33 minutes elliptical, total body weights, stretching

Thursday: home: upper body weights

mall: 3 mile walk

Friday: rest

As you can see this has been a rough week of workouts. Life sort of got in the way a few nights and I had to take care of some business matters another night. Add in the extreme cold and our over flowing gym with new members…..and I just couldn’t find the motivation to go there more than once during the week. No one really understands how much I dislike the winter cold except me.

However, I do feel somewhat accomplished this week. I did some well needed cleaning and organizing of an area in our home that has been driving me crazy for awhile now and I finally found what I hope will be a great addition to our group of kiddos in the near future. These are both big areas that #1 make me happy and #2 give me security. Change is hard but when you feel good that the change about to happen is positive then it’s so much easier to face head on.

Weekend Highlights: A Gift of Physical Labor and a New Trail

This weekend was not our typical weekend of play on Saturday and recover on Sunday. With Father’s Day just around the corner we always struggle to figure out what to buy my father in law. After wandering around a local sportsman’s store for an hour with no idea what so ever my husband came up with a spectacular idea. He suggested offering up some physical labor and his aquatic capabilities to help his dad dig out the dock up at their cabin. His dad had been dreading this job for many months so he was thrilled with this offer of help for his Father’s Day gift.

We arrived Saturday morning and it took them hours to get this big, stinky, messy job done. They dug out two huge mounds of weeds and roots.


I was however not the most helpful wife during this job. I spent the time with my standup paddle board enjoying the lake you see in the distance while they worked. I would have probably just been in the way and I am not a big fan of weeds and such wrapped around my feet and legs in the first place. After the job was done grandma had a nice lunch prepared for all of us and we had a wonderful time just catching up and chatting.

I hope they now get the boat in the water and enjoy some time on the lake fishing.

Lately, we have been trying to find other options besides our neighborhood streets for our nightly walks and recently came across a new trail not far from us. We decided to give it a try one night and it ended up taking us along the Bay of Green Bay and back into a wooded trail that literally just up and ended in the middle of no where. We had searched out a map prior to walking this trail with no luck of finding one. Even though it ended up to be a 5-6 mile walk instead of a 3 mile walk we were pretty happy with the outcome. We saw a great sunset,


a new family of geese,

IMG_4751and a mishap at the boat landing that I have to admit, made me chuckle.


It’s kind of an inside joke with my husband and I but I’ll let you in on it anyhow. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps or just need a good laugh, go to a near by boat launch, find a bench, and have a seat for a bit. Something is bound to happen that will make you laugh. Boat landings are the best for stupid mishaps even if you are not boating, as in this case.

All in all it was a very nice weekend. I hope you all experienced the same.

Willow Run Disc Golf Course on Lake Wazeecha

Have you ever tried disc golf? We started playing two years ago and have been to some really great courses and some really bad courses. However, this time we have found a favorite. It’s on Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

This course has many trees that really add to the fun of playing. Most of the course is shaded and runs along side the lake.


The course also has many hills, some beautiful views of the lake, and even some pretty challenging baskets.


You may want to place a person near the water baskets for a little added “lake insurance” in case of an over throw. We did… or you may be swimming for your disc.


The one down side of this course is that it is not marked well. Finding your next tee box can be difficult.

Across the lake is also a very nice beach area and campground. So, if your looking for a place to spend a day or a weekend, there seems to be plenty of active things to do in a few mile radius of Lake Wazeecha.

We are looking forward to returning for another game of disc golf, a picnic, and some time on the lake with the stand up paddle board this summer.




Sunday Geocaching On The Ahnapee Trail

What a beautiful weekend. On Sunday I slept in until 7:00 AM and woke up to my husband making pancakes with dried mangoes in them. Yum,Yum, Yum!

After breakfast I headed to the gym to get my workout in and then we were off to a new trail to geocache. This is the first weekend in awhile that the sun was shining and neither rain nor snow was falling upon us. Thank goodness. We arrived at the trail and had to pass through a cool tunnel to start.


It looked like the trail went on forever from this view, but that did not discourage us, so we headed on. We accomplished just over 5 1/2 miles and 16 geocaches.


I enjoyed the crunching leaves underfoot along the entire trail. We even talked about possibly snowshoeing this trail come winter.


There are many caches left for us to find on this trail and a whole lot more miles for us to cover along the way. The entire trail starts in Sturgeon Bay,WI and goes on for 46 miles. Maybe by next spring we will have covered them all, time will tell.

It was a great hike on a beautiful Sunday:)

Geocache #400

We have finally hit 400 geocaches and it only took us two years.


We don’t do this too often, because it’s usually too buggy in the summer, too cold in the winter, or we are just simply too busy doing all the other outdoor activities we do.

We recently went on a trail not too far from where we live and had a nice walk. Wild flowers lined the edge of the trail making it quite beautiful.




Unfortunately we came upon an area that was suddenly bombarded with mosquitoes. A little further up the trail we found the reason for all the little bothersome critters. A nice little pond!


So, we turned around and headed back the other direction. When we hit sunshine and a breeze everything was much better. So we kept walking coming upon a yard full of old farm equipment. I thought this old wagon was just so cool.


After a few more yards we hit shade again ,and sure enough more mosquitoes. Since my husband is the one that has to venture off into the woods for the actual cache, because I am not into bushwacking, he said he had had enough. ( Remember my rule: If I can’t see the ground, I also can’t see any snakes, so I don’t go!)


So we turned around and headed back to the car. We accomplished what we were out to do and that was to find #400.

Now we’ll see how long it take us to find #500. Time will tell.

Hiking Rib Mountain State Park

Another one of the activities we had planned while visiting Wausau this past weekend was to hike Rib Mountain State Park.

A picture from the car window upon arriving. You can really see all the ski slopes.


The temperature was cool, and the skies were cloudy, which made this hike bug free for the most part. We started the hike with a family picnic under a park shelter.


Then started down the trail. Our goal was to find a few geocaches, and to hike around the Quarry Trail. My favorite type of terrain to hike is boulders and incline. So I was in heaven, there were boulders everywhere. We climbed all the way to the top of the quarry cliff and then we made our way all along the top rim.



The trails were so quiet, we saw a total of 6 people the entire time we were hiking.


We did find all the geocaches we were out to find, and hiked a total of 4 miles with a lot of elevation.

We were all quite tired and very happy to see the parking lot when we rounded the last corner.

Another great memorable family hike to add to our collection:)

PS: So far this year, snake free!!! Amazing!