Trail Page Addition

I receive so many questions in regards to hiking trails that I often share on Natural Red that I thought it may be easier to add a “trail page” to the mix.

I will continue to write posts regarding any trails we hike and what we find along the way, but you will find these same trails on the “trail page” for faster reference if ever you are looking for something you read here in the past. This page is a work in progress as we have hiked so many trails over the past few years that it has been very difficult to remember every last detail and mile. I will continue to work on posting them here and have plans to go back and hike some of them over again just to gather the information needed to write about, which personally I am looking forward to:-)

If ever you see a trail that you need more information on, please do not hesitate to contact me. If I know the information you are searching for I would be glad to share it with you. And if you are ever in search of a trail partner(s), depending on our personal plans, we or I would be very happy to hike along with you.

You will find the new “trail page” on the top tabs or you can also click here: Hiking Trails