Coming Up With A Plan With My Bum Ankle

I almost have the first week finished with this knee high immobilization boot and I have to say, I find myself only slightly irritated so far. Thankfully, I am allowed to work so while caring for all the children I am pretty occupied and don’t notice too much hassle. The worst time I would have to say is during the night. I am suppose to sleep with this horrendous contraption on but that is pretty much impossible. What I have been doing is sleeping with an air cast on to continue the support and not allow me to move it the direction that gives me so much pain. So far this seems to be working just fine. I have not been woken up with pain since starting this whole treatment plan, let’s hope that is a good sign.

That being said, this will be the first weekend I am laid up and not suppose to do more than absolutely necessary. This will be a challenge. Weather looks to be very nice and that is not a good thing. I am slowly starting to feel normal again from whatever kind of viral hell entered my body for the past week and I am ready to do something other than lay around feeling miserable. I know my husband and son are dying to hit the water with there new kayaks which I will not be joining in on. Ultimately, I would be happy to just sit outside without a jacket on.

Let’s move on to what I have figured out to do for exercise for the next few weeks. This is huge for me. Telling me to take it easy and relax is like telling me to stop breathing. I just can’t do it and if I do I can’t do it for long. Monday I plan to start with a series of mat workouts on the floor. I am not allowed to do any weight bearing exercises (besides lifting my two 12-15 lb infants I care for) standing on that ankle but laying/sitting down I can do weights. Thankfully I have a weight machine at home so this will be a normal part of my daily workout also. I also plan to do yoga. Obviously, no moves standing or stretching out that foot/leg but the rest of me could use a good stretch. For now, hopefully it’s enough to keep my insanity in check. If you have any other suggestions, please send them my way.

That’s it for now. If we hit a local river I will be sure to take a few pictures from my perch where I sit and watch. You all have a great weekend.


Where Have I Been You Ask?

Ahhhh, I can’t believe it been a week since my last post. I apologize but life sort of got away from me for awhile.

Let’s update you all on what I’ve been up to. Last Friday I finally had my MRI of my ankle. It took forever but I actually enjoyed the 38 minutes I had to lay there peacefully listening to the machine bang away. I started feeling somewhat under the weather Friday morning so a little rest at the end of the day was quite nice.

Saturday I woke up feeling terrible. My head hurt, I had this nasty cough, and my entire body felt like I was run over by a semi. The sun was shining brightly and I did not even care. I did venture from bed to the couch but it did not take me long to venture back to bed.

Easter Sunday I seriously felt like I would have felt better to some extent. After spending Saturday sleeping all day, how could Sunday not be better? Well, it was not! I was the same if not a little worse. I tried to push through it, do some things around the house and finally just gave up. Back to the couch I went and that is where I stayed until the phone rang. This was part of our original plan for Easter Sunday and one I knew I would have to just get up and get through. Earlier in the week I had worked out a deal and a delivery time with a kayak outfitter in Ironwood, MI to purchase and deliver my husbands new kayak. When they offered to bring it to WI for us instead of us making the drive to MI on Saturday I was elated. One of the employees were traveling straight through and said she could just throw it atop her vehicle if we would meet her Sunday night and make the exchange. When the phone rang, I needed to get up and function for about 45 minutes. We arrived at the meeting spot and soon were the owners of yet another Jackson kayak! We drove home with my husband dying to paddle a nearby river and me just waiting to get back into my nice warm bed.


Then Monday arrived and instead of life getting better, it didn’t take long to get just a little bit worse. By 8:15 in the morning I received the call stating the results of the MRI I had Friday. I have a tendon tear in my ankle. My doctor basically gave me two options:

#1: total immobilization for 4 weeks in a knee high boot 24 hrs a day.

#2: surgery and immobilization for 12 weeks in a boot with physical therapy to follow.

Ummmm, being the person I am and the plans I know I have on the calendar I knew before asking which one I wanted to hear. But I did ask him what he would recommend. He surprised me by saying, ” lets try the boot first for a month. If we can keep you still and off that ankle as much as possible, I think we have a good chance of it healing without surgery.” HURRAY!!!!!


As you see, I agreed completely (well almost). I am determined to do my best to stay off that ankle. Which, if you follow this blog, you know this is not going to be a pleasant experience for me. We already discussed this as a family, and my son said,”mom it’s just a month.We can live with you crabby for a month better than three months.” This means, no hiking, exercising, walking, workouts, geocaching, disc golf, etc. This ought to be an interesting month.

I’ll let you all know how this works out as I progress through this journey.