Cranberry Orange Sauce

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I have been experimenting with making my own cranberry sauce. Yes, I will admit, I can and have easily devoured an entire can of the original jellied cranberry sauce on numerous occasions in my lifetime. Now, however, I know how terribly bad this was for me and no longer can even let the thought of doing this again enter my mind. However, Thanksgiving has to have cranberry sauce….doesn’t it??? Well, it does in my mind, so this is the one we are going to enjoy this year.

Cranberry Orange Sauce

12 oz whole cranberries (found in the produce dept of your local grocery)

1/2 cup sugar

1 granny smith apple-diced

1/2 cup orange juice (***See lower sugar option below)

dash of cinnamon

Clean your cranberries and put them into a medium sauce pan. Peel, seed and dice the apple and put this also in the sauce pan. Add 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup of orange juice and the dash of cinnamon.


Simmer this mixture on medium/low for about 15 minutes. Cover the pan loosely since the cranberries will begin to start popping when they heat up.


If you like your sauce chunky take them off a bit sooner and if you like your sauce smooth cook them until they easily smash into a smooth mixture.

Let them cool and enjoy.


***Less sugar option: To make this dish with less sugar, change out the orange juice for water and add orange zest instead to the mixture when you cook it.

NOTE: I like my cranberry sauce quite tart which this recipe is. If you enjoy the sweeter version simply add more sugar to your desired liking.



I’ll Take This Any Day

Sunday when I went around our home and reset our clocks a part of me wanted to just dig a cave and hibernate for the next few months. Something in me changes during this time of year and as much as I want to fight it…..I just don’t know how. I struggle through every day and literally drive my family crazy counting down the days until it’s time to change back the clocks again.


Despite my mood, life must go on. Monday I truly expected to have a horrible day. That one hour time change in a child’s life can literally cause them to crumble. However, I was happily surprised when all my daycare children showed up bright eyed and ready for a day of fun. What a wonderful way to start the week.

Take some happy children and mix them with some extreme temperatures in the month of November here in WI and life only got better. We actually played outside with no jackets and the sun shining on our already fading summer tanned faces. How glorious this was….

I had to laugh, which I know will come back and bite me in the %$# eventually since we are basking in warmth and sunshine and some individuals already have their Christmas trees up in their homes. I know, nothing like rushing the season, I almost choked when I saw this driving by a home the other day. I can’t help but wonder how much of a shock it’s going to be when this warm, summer like few days is over and I wake up to a cold, white covering on my lawn one morning. UGGGG, let’s not think about that!!!!

Talking about Christmas, did you know that Starbucks has released their holiday cups, stores/malls are playing Christmas music and everyone is already talking up black Friday shopping events. Maybe this warmth has me thinking summer yet because apparently everyone else is ready for the holidays except me. Plus, whatever happened to Thanksgiving… does come before Christmas???

Either way, I am going to take and spend every last moment outside before Mother Nature decides this needs to come to an end and winter has to arrive.

What affect does the time change have on you?

How about your children….do they adjust well or does it take some time?

November Health Challenge

HI Everyone,

Can you believe it’s November already? At the beginning of October our calendar was quite empty but somehow we filled it quickly which made the month fly by and now here we are….November.

This months health challenge should not be too difficult for anyone. Since the holidays are coming upon us quickly I thought I would keep this one simple.

Novembers Health Challenge: Prepare one new HEALTHY dish for Thanksgiving.

I have been researching a few myself and have not decided which one I will prepare for my family quite yet. Thanksgiving for us is typically just us three so it should be pretty easy to decide when we get a bit closer to the date.

If you find any great looking recipes or try something that goes over wonderful and you want to share it….feel free. I love hearing about great recipes.


Good Luck!

A Weekend of Chills

When I woke up on Saturday morning the temperature outside was -4 below zero. There was no way I was going to get up, get dressed and go workout today. The only thing that would have been worse for me would have been to wake up to snow falling.

I then announce to my dear husband it would be a great day to clean the basement. With a lot less complaining than I expected, he agreed there really would not be much else we could do today, at least outside that is.

We cleaned, organized and sorted tons of stuff.We ended up with half of our truck bed full of things to donate to charity, a clean basement and a plan for when we bring our son home from college. He has wanted a man cave of his own for sometime but with my workout equipment which takes up a great deal of our basement, that has not always been an easy thing to create. Well, we did some thinking and decided that since he will be transferring to a campus close to home and now living back at home, this is something that he really does need. We were lucky enough to receive a very nice desk for no cost and needed to create a place to put it. Mission accomplished, I think. Now we just wait until he is home and him and dad will start doing their thing and create his man cave.

After cleaning the basement, we went out to drop off the boxes of charity items we had accumulated, stopped for some chinese and called it a day.

Which brings us to Sunday. Another not so lovely day in Wisconsin. Below zero temps and this time snow was falling when I got up. Again, my workout was happening at home.(I am not a very cheerful cold weather person, as you can probably tell.) I planned to try a new salad recipe for dinner, got some paperwork done, we finished our puzzle we started during Thanksgiving and I had the pleasure of listening to my husband yell at the television while the GB Packer game was on. Always a joy that is!!!

Our first significant snowstorm of the year has arrived today bringing 3-5 inches across the area. And temperatures are never suppose to be above 20 the entire week. Which made me think, it would be the perfect week to share a wonderful easy recipe for a nice hot drink. Watch for this on Wednesday.

Until then….

Happy Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving at your house is all about the meal, which football game to watch, an area run/walk to participate in, a time to make your shopping strategy or just a day off of work. Take the time to remember what you are thankful for on this day.

I am so thankful for my son, my husband and the life we have made together. Most of all for our health and the time we all have left to share. Make every moment a memory to cherish.




Happy Thanksgiving Everyone