Primitive Camping Actually Means Four Wheel Drive Camping

When I booked our campsite for our weekend near Interstate State Park I knew I wanted a site away from all the action, the entrance, and the shower house. Plus, I needed a site that could accommodate three tents since their were five people in our party. Typically, campgrounds do not let three tents on one site plus two vehicles but this campground had a sight away from all the action and big enough for us all. Perfect…..right? The lady said it was a quiet site and primitive…..she forgot to mention that we would need a vehicle capable of making it to the site. Thankfully, we did not have our Honda Civic for this trip since that would have been even funnier than it already was.


We arrived mid afternoon and began setting up immediately. Three tents up, gathering wood for campfires, and organizing camp.




I then left to find the nearest bathroom since the middle of the night was not that far off. Needless to say, it was quite a distance to walk at 2a.m. in bear country, so I knew if need be it would be a quick trip to the nearest tree. Life goes on…I did ask for primitive.


After camp was set the guys were all itching to get in some fishing. So after a quick lesson for one of our friends on how to tie fishing lure knots, we headed to the river.


I wandered around the park we found while the guys tried fishing. However, it did not take long to see that the fish were not biting here so we headed back to camp for dinner and a campfire. Our son taught our friend how to light a campfire with flint and steel which is always fun. Some succeed and some do not….he did very well.





Saturday morning I climbed out of my tent to see this beautiful sunrise before we visited Interstate State Park both in WI and MN to hike. You can read more about that adventure here.


After a day of hiking and fishing at the parks we headed back to camp once again to clean and prepare their catch.




For those of us that were not into the “cave man” type of eating…..roasted fish on a stick (that would be me) they also made some fillets. All while I threw together a quick cheesy taco casserole.



And just as I watched the sun rise on the day I also watched it set feeling like we had a pretty fun day.






Weekend Highlights: A Gift of Physical Labor and a New Trail

This weekend was not our typical weekend of play on Saturday and recover on Sunday. With Father’s Day just around the corner we always struggle to figure out what to buy my father in law. After wandering around a local sportsman’s store for an hour with no idea what so ever my husband came up with a spectacular idea. He suggested offering up some physical labor and his aquatic capabilities to help his dad dig out the dock up at their cabin. His dad had been dreading this job for many months so he was thrilled with this offer of help for his Father’s Day gift.

We arrived Saturday morning and it took them hours to get this big, stinky, messy job done. They dug out two huge mounds of weeds and roots.


I was however not the most helpful wife during this job. I spent the time with my standup paddle board enjoying the lake you see in the distance while they worked. I would have probably just been in the way and I am not a big fan of weeds and such wrapped around my feet and legs in the first place. After the job was done grandma had a nice lunch prepared for all of us and we had a wonderful time just catching up and chatting.

I hope they now get the boat in the water and enjoy some time on the lake fishing.

Lately, we have been trying to find other options besides our neighborhood streets for our nightly walks and recently came across a new trail not far from us. We decided to give it a try one night and it ended up taking us along the Bay of Green Bay and back into a wooded trail that literally just up and ended in the middle of no where. We had searched out a map prior to walking this trail with no luck of finding one. Even though it ended up to be a 5-6 mile walk instead of a 3 mile walk we were pretty happy with the outcome. We saw a great sunset,


a new family of geese,

IMG_4751and a mishap at the boat landing that I have to admit, made me chuckle.


It’s kind of an inside joke with my husband and I but I’ll let you in on it anyhow. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps or just need a good laugh, go to a near by boat launch, find a bench, and have a seat for a bit. Something is bound to happen that will make you laugh. Boat landings are the best for stupid mishaps even if you are not boating, as in this case.

All in all it was a very nice weekend. I hope you all experienced the same.