Improve Your Life By Doing Yourself A Few Favors

Do you ever wonder if there are things you could do for yourself to make you feel better? Whether you are lacking sleep, lacking stamina, suffering from aches and pains, or just not feeling quite up to par in all areas of life… can improve this by changing a few things on a daily basis.

It’s no secret we are a society of technology. Many of us cannot even imagine leaving our smart phones for a few minutes, let alone a few hours, unattended. Although, those seem to be the same people that say….I don’t have time to do this or that. I had a friend once tell me that she could feel her heart rate race at the thought of leaving her smart phone behind while we were discussing the fact that we don’t take technology with us camping. All we were doing was talking about it and this happened. Seriously…..this was amazing to me. Going somewhere unplugged from the cyber world is absolutely amazing. Everyone should try it at least once in my opinion. Although, in reality, this could also be so mind blowing for some that maybe we should talk about other favors you can do for yourself that are so much easier.

Drink Water


I am known to always have a water bottle with me at all times. I rarely ever leave home without it. Most individuals are dehydrated on a daily basis which can lead to all sorts of issues. And it’s easy to fix…..just drink more water.

Eat Healthy


This is a no brainer in my opinion. You are what you eat and by eating a rainbow of colors you will feel so much brighter inside. And no, I am not talking about eating rainbow sprinkles on a cupcake.

Use Sunscreen


Sun protection is important no matter what time of year it is. Use it daily, year round.

Schedule Yearly Physicals


I know, no one likes to go see the doctor. Although, no one likes to be ill either. So yearly physicals are important no matter what age you are.

Learn To Relax


Relaxation is often hard to do today with everyone being pulled a million directions. However, eventually your body and mind will say enough is enough and just be done. This is called exhaustion. So do your body and mind an favor and give it a rest once in awhile. Step back and just relax. Find your happy place and just go there for an hour, think of nothing, and BREATHE!



Exercising a bit each day will benefit every part of your life. Your body, mind, job,marriage, parenthood, etc. and it only takes a little time each day.

Fall In Love With Something/Someone


Everyone needs love. Whether its something or someone, life is not complete until you fall in love with that certain something/someone.

Have something to add…..leave a comment?

My Top 10 Summer Essentials

Let’s talk about summer and some of the things I could never do without during these few months. Here in WI summer really only last about 3 months, sometimes a little more or less but for the most part 3 solid months. For me, I take advantage of every second. During these three months I have consolidated a list of my top 10 summer essentials. Let’s see how your summer essentials compare to mine.

#1 Sunscreen: I have finally found a favorite and I am sticking to it. It smells nice, actually does what sunscreen is suppose to do which is protect from sunburn, and does not feel like you are applying Elmer’s school glue to your body.


#2 Fresh Veggies: From farmers markets, to road side veggie stands, to just stepping out in the backyard to pick our own, I cannot get enough fresh veggies.


#3 Outdoor Exercise: Why anyone would go to a gym during the summer months to workout is beyond me. Use your imagination and get in a good sweat outside doing something fun.




#4 Ice Cream: This is my favorite summer time treat. I would never turn down the offer to go out for ice cream.


#5 Greecie Girl Headbands: Love, love, love these headbands. I wear these all year but would never exercise without them in the summer for sure. They stay where I put them, never slip, and can hold up to every activity I do. I have worn them on the river, trail, and at the gym. They come in a variety of great colors and patterns which is always a fun way to spice up any workout. Check them out here


#6 Vitalyte: We are an active family and replacement fluids are a big part of our summer. We go through gallons or Gatorade and Vitalyte.


#7 Nalgene Cozy: Nothing drives me crazier than a sweaty water bottle that leaves puddles everywhere I set it down. Since I take my Nalgene water bottle everywhere with me I splurged on a Nalgene cozy with no regrets.


#8 Clotheslines: Nothing says summer like fresh hung laundry and bedding.


#9 Cool Summer Salads and Sushi: The last thing I want to do after spending the day outside is come in and prepare a hot dinner. So summer salads and sushi is rotated quite often on our weekly menu.


#10 Our Kayaks: You all knew this one would be on the list, right? None of us could live without our kayaks and some paddling fun.


What is something essential to you in the summer months?







Let’s Reminisce Again….

Every year about this time I look back through my photos and just reminisce. Winters are very long, lonely, and cold for me. I try and keep myself busy, however, winters drag on as if they last forever. My summer photos give me something to look forward to so let’s reminisce together.

I miss grilled food


I hope to utilize this box this summer.


Maybe I will try outdoor yoga in the park.


We are hoping to make another visit to a friends cabin.


I miss relaxing on my front porch almost as much as I miss the beach.


Don’t forget the sunsets of summer


Disc golf, one of our family favorite games.


This year our son’s brand new kayak will get a real taste of summer now that he is completely healed up.


Just to see green leaves and grass again would be an improvement over snow, slush and yuck that is covering everything right about now.


Summer can not come fast enough for me.









What do you miss about summer?

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Review

Recently, I was sent a box full of the new Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen to sample.


As a natural redhead with fair skin I am no stranger to sunburn. I have tried many different brands. Lotion and sprays and some honestly do better than others. Regardless, I still get redder than most no matter how often I apply. Although, what I struggle with when it comes to sunscreen is how it makes me feel.

When I was invited to sample this sunscreen I was pretty excited but at the same time hesitant. It claims it has a nice light scent and there is one formula for everyday activities and then also a beach and pool formula(not shown). I was sent the Clearly Sheer for sunny days. One regular sized bottle, three sample tubes(awesome for our hiking pack and dry bags) and two spray formulas in sample sizes also.

I gave the Clearly Sheer for sunny days lotion a try at Devil’s Lake State Park where we hiked for many hours throughout the day. I figured it would be a good test of sun, heat and sweat.


My first impression was it was very light and rubbed in quickly. A big PLUS for me. Some other brands are like rubbing on Elmer’s School Glue, literally!!! And I loved the scent. Citrus scented but not over the top and smelly. Very nice and refreshing.

As for coverage, I have to say it was good. However, the trails were a sun/shade mixture but I did not end the hike with any redness.

Overall, I will be buying this product myself. I do believe it will cover at least as good as all the rest when the heat of summer is on and I am out in it for the entire day. The big selling point for me is the way it feels when applied.

Give it a try and see what you think.


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