Eating My Way Through A Stressful Week

We had some things going on this week that have led me back to my old go to of stress eating. Although, I am proud to say I still fit in exercise, however, I am not too proud to admit not nearly what I consumed in calories this week. Uggg, what do you do right? Sometimes you just have to face the facts and move forward and never look back.

Anyhow, here is what the week was like between my four walls (which are getting closer together as winter persists or so it seems).

Sunday: rest…I had every intention of going to the gym but I was not feeling great so I decided to stay home

Monday: home: upper body weight routine, 30 minute recumbent bike


Tuesday: home: upper body weight routine, 30 minute recumbent bike and a 2 mile walk doing laps at the mall

Wednesday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, rowing and some work with the TRX suspension trainer


Thursday: home: upper body weights and 30 minute recumbent bike

Friday: rest

Saturday: gym: 45 minute elliptical, rowing, and more of the TRX suspension trainer…which I am learning to LOVE!!!

Not the best week ever but I fit it in and felt good when I had accomplished what I accomplished. My only hope is that next week is a bit calmer and more on the normal, routine side of life instead of complete chaos.

One thing I am thankful for this week is that it is finally February….which means, even though we are suppose to be getting hit hard with a major snowstorm this coming week…..Spring is on the way. No one could be any happier about this than me:-)


Week Recap In Pictures

I told you this week was going to be a hectic one and I was absolutely right….here is a quick recap in pictures.

fast dinner of sauteed chicken brats with sweet onions and peppers with homemade fajita seasoning


nap time pick me up of coconut chai tea and almond milk…..yummmm


another fast dinner of turkey burger mixed with Trader Joes Cowboy Caviar over rice


stress food….everyone has those days……RIGHT?


dinner out with my brother….pulled pork nachos….super yummmmm!!!!


STILL waiting for my favorite nearby trail to reopen….its been under maintenance for weeks already


shorter days are coming and my “sunshine vitamin” was on sale so I picked it up….I need to be prepared for those long months of winter…..uggggg!


weeknight trail walk with a friend


homemade chili dinner….an easy make ahead and reheat dinner for crazy busy nights


all this plus 55 hrs of work with my little munchkins


Which brings us to today….finally Friday. I must say, with training for our upcoming vacation, tending to daily life, working, and throwing in a few appointments four nights this weeks, I am proud of us. We held it together, only missed one evening of exercise, and still found time to enjoy ourselves throughout the week.



What I Could, When I Could

I have no excuses for this week. I was feeling quite blah all week and it shows in every aspect of my life. I struggled with workouts, time management, and with my job. We had appointments three nights this week, had to tend to a last minute request from family one night, which left one night for us to actually be able to consider going to the gym. And that one night I was just plain tired and ended up sleeping by 7:30p.m..

So what does one do when nothing seems to play out as planned? Well, I try and just let it all go and look forward to a better week ahead. However, first I have a weekend to enjoy and that is exactly what I plan to do. It’s jammed packed at the moment with fun things and I cannot wait to enjoy them all.

This weeks workouts looked like this:

Saturday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, total body weights and stretching

Sunday: 4 mile solo trail hike and weights when I arrived home


Monday: 2.5 mile walk outside (it started to rain so we turned around a bit short of our normal distance)

Tuesday: home: 30 minutes recumbent bike, weight lifting, stretching

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: home: 15 minute recumbent bike, weight lifting and stability ball routine

Friday: home: recumbent bike 30 minutes

I know, not the best week. However, at least I did what I could when I could.

Have A Great Weekend Everyone


A Solo Hike Was Exactly What I Needed

Sunday when I saw the sun start to send it’s rays through our bedroom curtains I knew I needed to change my plans for the day. Originally I had arranged to meet a friend at the gym at noon for another workout during the long holiday weekend. All that was changed with one quick email and I am sure she was not surprised. I LOVE sunshine and crave it like a kid craves candy. I knew my son had to work and my husband wanted to work on some stained glass projects which left me solo for the day. And I knew precisely what I wanted to do…..make some tracks on a nearby trail.


We had had a wonderful four day weekend, super busy, sometimes hectic, very active, and at times overwhelming. I finished Christmas shopping completely (on-line), made Thanksgiving dinner, worked out every single day, even managed a family hike one day. We now have our home decorated for Christmas, our tree is up, and gifts are half wrapped. As for sleep these past few days, well, it could have been better. All our son’s friends were home for the holiday weekend which meant every night I was awaken by his arrival home in the weeee hours of the morning and if that did not have me awake, my arms did. I have been having trouble with my arms falling asleep while I am sleeping which then awakens me in pain. So I knew a solo hike would do me a world of good.

I headed out on a nearby trail which is one of my favorites in the area. It’s close by and not crowded by bikes, runners, dogs or skateboards.


I began my hike with the sun shining high over head and no wind….in other words….. gorgeous winter conditions.


I did meet a few others on the trail but mostly in the first mile. After that it was just me:) IMG_2954

There is truly something about being on the trail alone with any and everything going through your head. My mind just wandered around from one thought to another, none being anything too serious.

Around me I noticed signs that winter is not far away. There may be no snow quite yet, but the geese are on the move, IMG_2961

there is ice forming along the stream, IMG_2964

and I have one too many layers on than I usually prefer. IMG_2953

I hiked for 4 miles before returning back to my vehicle.

IMG_2975I was so happy and felt lighter than I had in days. My head was clear, my body felt great, and I was ready to face the week ahead.


What do you do when you just need to decompress from life?



Here’s To The Weekend…Cheers Everyone

This has been one of those weeks where the weekend just does not come fast enough. It has been one horribly stressful week here and I am in desperate need of some recovery time.

Monday was a typical Monday, no one is ever really happy to see this day of the week arrive. Nothing really too terrible to deal with just Monday. We actually made it to the gym for a great workout together which was the highlight of the day. All in all, a good day.

Tuesday we were blessed with an outside temperature of 91 and super humid. I was in heaven, my hubby was tolerable, our son stayed inside all day, and my daycare kids were somewhat on the grumpy side. We ended up skipping all the physical activity that we had planned and after dinner made a trip to Costco. I always have mixed feelings about shopping at warehouse stores. We always spend tons of money but we also find a few new items that I am looking forward to trying.


Wednesday I swear there had to be a full moon. It was cool and comfortable outside which meant everyone should have been very happy. Well, let me assure you, everyone was not happy at all. My daycare kiddos were a hand full and a half. Thankfully my husband came home just as tired as I was so we opted out of going to the gym that night and decided to go disc golfing. As we were leaving our son informed us that he was going to give it a try left handed (due to his healing broken collar bone) and join us. I was shocked but happy he decided to come. We all had great fun. Our neighbor joined us also and even received some great pointers on how to get her disc to go where she wanted it to go. Our son managed without too much frustration and my husband and I had a great time just playing the game as always. In honor of our son playing with his huge handicap, we all agreed to play the last hole left handed just like he had to do. This was quite amusing, took a few more throws than usual to reach the basket, and we all had a few laughs while trying to finish the game.

Then Thursday arrived. It started out with my husband sitting up in bed stating, “SHIT its 5 to 5!!!!!!!!!” Crap, I flew out of bed, packed his lunch while he got dressed, threw him together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the road and he was out the door in 6 minutes. From bed to road in 6 minutes. EPIC!!! This was not a great way to start the day for either of us.

As for today, it’s Friday and I will be counting the hours until I get my last kisses and hugs goodbye from my little ones. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning until at least 6 a.m. which should not be a problem thanks to the bottle of margaritas that has been chilling in the frig since our trip to Costco Tuesday night.

Cheers Everyone;)

Have a great weekend!

A Quiz I Took and the Results

I recently was sent an email from REI outdoor gear retailer that asked me to take a quiz. The quiz was to find out what camp type person I was. This sounded fun so I went with it and was very happy with the results.

I was asked a total of nine questions with about 5 choices to pick from for each answer.

1. Pick a destination: Mountains

2. Camp drink of choice: energy drink (typically this would not be my drink of choice but it was the only one I would consider in the options given.)

3. Favorite Treat: chocolate

4. Pick a city: Denver (Out of all the choices it was the one closest to mountains so I went with it)

5. Pick a bird: Eagle

6. Favorite breakfast food: bagel

7. Age I am: I choose the answer “Not acting my age” because I normally don’t when I am out in nature

8. Woodland creature I am: Grizzly, because I can be quite the bear at times

9. Wake up time: crack of dawn

My results came back and listed me as “An Adventurer”- up before the sun you’re gone. There are trails to hike, rivers to raft, rock faces to climb. Your motto “Back By Dinner”

I was very happy with these results. I see myself as all this and yes, normally I am back by dinner.

This quiz really made me think hard about where I was less than 5 years ago. First of all, I would never camp, in a tent, without a flushing toilet within a few yards, and with no shower or running water. We should be in the phase of our lives where hotels and resorts look much more appealing to us, not roughing it out in the woods like when we were first married and had no money to do anything. Heck, even then I would not camp.

I sat an wondered to myself what happened in the last few years to change my mind so drastically…and I just could not answer that question exactly.  I just love being out in the woods, with no one to impress, no technology, no demands on my time, no need for my hair to be done, my clothes to match, and so forth. I could go on forever. When I leave home for a trail to hike or a river to paddle it’s like going to church for me. It’s my moment to be at peace with the world. Maybe, as I aged I started caring less about what people thought of me and more about what I wanted for myself. I am not quite sure, but something really changed a few years back and I am so thankful for that change. I am so much happier with my life and the activities I do now than I was a few years ago.

Do you ever feel the need to just escape from life? What do you find helps you escape?