A Quote From My Husband….

After this past weekend my husband stated this to me in these exact words,”I need to go back to work just to rest and recover.” Ahhhhh, a little tiny part of me felt bad for him but a really big part of me was thinking, what in the world is he going to do this coming weekend when we have three days to play outside?

It all started when I decided about 10 a.m. on Saturday morning that I was done with that boot! The sun was shining, it was hot, and I was determined to have some fun. However, I had another type of anchor(my husband) that stuck pretty close by the entire weekend to make sure I did not over do anything and reinjure that ankle.Quickly we did our chores around the house. He cut the lawn and I washed our car and my boot to be able to pack it away for next time.(Did I really just say there would be a next time? Gosh, I hope not!)


With all our chores done, it was time to have some fun. We started with a two mile walk on a trail.


It felt so good to have a shoe on again:)


We saw so much wildlife and so many wild flowers. All the trees we walked past were in full bloom and the scent was amazing.






After our walk, we headed home for some dinner and then I told him I was not quite done. It was still so beautiful outside that I wanted to savor every second. So he agreed to play a quick game of disc golf with me.


We then returned home once again and he was done. Nothing I suggested he was willing to do or let me do alone for the matter. So the day was over. However, my mind was already working on Sunday plans.

Sunday brought a little sun and some clouds with the possibility of storms in the afternoon. So we put it in high gear, we needed to get in some fun and exercise before the rain. We wasted no time. He loaded up our boat and I packed the cooler and we headed to the water.


We returned from fishing/boating to originally take a hike along the Bay of Green Bay. However, after checking the forecast we decided it would be better just to walk in the neighborhood. We left with the mind set that I would try and make the three mile route we normally walk. I amazed myself by actually completing it without any pain in my ankle at all. This was a great sign for me. This is the same walk that use to put me in pain for hours afterwards due to my ankle injury. I was pretty happy to be pain free.

Upon our return home the rain started and continued for awhile. Which also meant our day was cut a little shorter than planned but we still had fun. I missed my jammed packed weekends of adventure and I am so happy to have them back.

This week will be a week full of walking with my kiddos during the day and working on making my ankle stronger with my therapy exercises and workouts. My hope is that I can possibly attempt my standup paddle board this up coming long weekend. Although, regardless of whether this happens or not, we have enough other events planned that I will not be disappointed either way. Let’s just hope that my husbands employer does not have a lot on his to do list come Tuesday……he will be ready to rest and recover for sure after I am done with him for three days!

Do you prefer relaxing weekends or busy fun weekends?




Weekend Highlights: A Gift of Physical Labor and a New Trail

This weekend was not our typical weekend of play on Saturday and recover on Sunday. With Father’s Day just around the corner we always struggle to figure out what to buy my father in law. After wandering around a local sportsman’s store for an hour with no idea what so ever my husband came up with a spectacular idea. He suggested offering up some physical labor and his aquatic capabilities to help his dad dig out the dock up at their cabin. His dad had been dreading this job for many months so he was thrilled with this offer of help for his Father’s Day gift.

We arrived Saturday morning and it took them hours to get this big, stinky, messy job done. They dug out two huge mounds of weeds and roots.


I was however not the most helpful wife during this job. I spent the time with my standup paddle board enjoying the lake you see in the distance while they worked. I would have probably just been in the way and I am not a big fan of weeds and such wrapped around my feet and legs in the first place. After the job was done grandma had a nice lunch prepared for all of us and we had a wonderful time just catching up and chatting.

I hope they now get the boat in the water and enjoy some time on the lake fishing.

Lately, we have been trying to find other options besides our neighborhood streets for our nightly walks and recently came across a new trail not far from us. We decided to give it a try one night and it ended up taking us along the Bay of Green Bay and back into a wooded trail that literally just up and ended in the middle of no where. We had searched out a map prior to walking this trail with no luck of finding one. Even though it ended up to be a 5-6 mile walk instead of a 3 mile walk we were pretty happy with the outcome. We saw a great sunset,


a new family of geese,

IMG_4751and a mishap at the boat landing that I have to admit, made me chuckle.


It’s kind of an inside joke with my husband and I but I’ll let you in on it anyhow. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps or just need a good laugh, go to a near by boat launch, find a bench, and have a seat for a bit. Something is bound to happen that will make you laugh. Boat landings are the best for stupid mishaps even if you are not boating, as in this case.

All in all it was a very nice weekend. I hope you all experienced the same.

A Sunday Drive To The Fish Hatchery…

We were able to sneak in a little time this past weekend to take a drive to Kewaunee, WI and watch all the trout and salmon coming up to spawn.

We arrived at the fish hatchery and it was obvious others had the same idea. We ran into many people here to witness the same thing.



We immediately saw many trout and salmon all along the river. This is the Fall run and it brings many spectators. Some fishermen do try and catch them while fishing well downstream from the hatchery. (No fishing is allowed in the area we were in)

Sizes varied greatly among the fish.



Clearly they were all quite determined to make it upriver to spawn.


This hatchery has a nicely paved walkway and a great viewing window for the kiddos to get up close and personal.


Next, we made our way to a park nearby called Bruemmer Park. Here we had the pleasure of feeding the deer some green leaves off nearby trees.



The fawn was not as brave and just would not come close enough.


The chickens were very interested in getting a snack also.


After this we headed to Algoma, WI and did some fishing from the pier. It was so gorgeous and the water was perfect for stand up paddling. If only I had thought to bring my board!!! Oh well, maybe next year. I am certain the water had to be freezing anyhow.


That was all the fun we could fit in to this weekend. Chores, yard work and home maintenance were high on the to do list , but we made great progress. Next weekend we have much more fun plans to look forward to.