Camp Food/My Day Pack

As I start packing and accumulating everything we will be needing for our upcoming vacation it sometimes gets to be a little overwhelming. We are fairly new to this camping thing and this will be our first “hike in” camp. Meaning that literally everything we want or need will be carried in on our backs.

I have most of our food purchased and our meals planned out. Some we know we will be having on the trail and some at camp. We do not plan to have any coolers or refrigeration at all. This is much harder than I figured it would be but I think we have a plan.

Here is almost all our food except for water, bagels and tortillas which I have not purchased yet.


We do plan to be eating most of our meals on the trail, so not a lot of these products need much preparation.

As for our day packs, this was pretty easy to figure out for us. We learned so much when we hiked Zion National Park that I can typically throw together my day pack in minutes for any quick hike.

Here’s what I have in my day pack:

Extra socks

Vitamin “I” (Ibuprofen)

Bear Spray

First Aid


Bandana/hair tie



Go girl

Wet wipes



That’s it. Obviously this is for a summer hike. If it’s cooler I may throw in a light weight jacket. This would be all I need for a few hours of hiking any trail.

Keep in mind my husband and I normally always hike together and he also has a day pack with him. If we plan to do a meal on the trail he will typically carry this. He also has water, bug spray and the GPS just in case we decide to do some bush whacking. (Which somehow always seems to happen!) If you plan any hike near sundown you may want to add headlamps.

Every time we have ventured out on big trips so far, we have found something we did not like or something that would work out better in some situation or another. I will be anxious to see how this adventure plays out. Eventually we will find our happy place in the world of hiking/camping. However, with that being said, even when something does not quite work out as planned it still is not too bad.

Hiking to me is like a day at the spa for most women. It lets me relax, forget about everything for a bit and just be at peace. Give me a trail, some trees, a bluff to climb, and my hiking boots and I will meet you at the top with a smile:)

Where is your favorite place to hike?

What is your favorite camp food?