Happy New Year…..First, Let’s Catch Up On The Last Two Weeks

I feel it’s important to catch up on the events of these past two weeks. With me being self employed, I had kids here and there through most of the past few weeks. And now, with the new year upon us, everyone is back to normal schedule, my husband is back to normal schedule, and I am looking forward to getting our routine back.

As most of us have done, we had family and friends to celebrate with but we keep things pretty low key here and that is how I like it. We hosted two gatherings, opened gifts, and had a very nice time chatting and catching up with family. From homemade gifts to fabulous food, we all enjoyed the holidays and the time we spent together.





In between parties, I lived in my pj’s and just enjoyed the down time I had.


That is not to say I did not exercise though. I am not going to lie and say it thrills me to death to see all the new people at my gym working on new years resolutions because in all honesty it’s a bit frustrating. However, I know from past years a small few will hang on past a few weeks and it’s just something I have to live with until it thins out a bit. That being said, I do hope all the newbies find health happiness and keep up the good work. It’s a hard step to take and once your past the front door why not keep going. It only gets better from there.


Let’s see…..in case your wondering my outdoor life has been pretty scarce for quite some time already. We have plenty of snow in my opinion…..ok, maybe in my opinion we have too much snow already. And the worse part is I know there is still so much left to come. So outdoor adventure for me is simply not happening anytime soon.


During our few weeks off, we did celebrate something other than Christmas and New Years….our son had his 23rd birthday. Yes, he was almost a Christmas baby but I kept my legs crossed for this not to happen…..and thankfully he was born 8 hours later. So every year he gets a few gifts wrapped in birthday paper to make sure his birthday is never forgotten.


Meals lately have been all over the place. I have always said and still believe that Christmas should be called the “cream cheese holiday” since we consume so much of this food during this holiday. So after all the holiday get togethers were over, I made a big batch of chili and it was a perfect way to get back on a daily meal schedule.


Plus, I have a new addition in my kitchen and I was dying to give it a try. I have been working on some new recipes to share in the new year while I enjoy cooking with my new dutch oven.


Speaking of meals…..I am trying something new after my workouts. The past year I have been having issues with charlie horses in my leg after workouts. It’s only one leg and it’s the leg that caused me such issues after surgery on my abdomen….I know, who would have thought…anyhow, someone told me to try coconut water after a workout. Well, I did and this drink is not good! However, I really wanted to see if it would help so then someone told me to try making it into a smoothie which I did and now it tastes a whole lot better. Since I do not have a fancy blender and don’t wish to buy one, I simply purchased a Blender Bottle and have been experimenting with different mixtures. Happily, I can report, I have seen great improvement in my leg pains after workouts and have been enjoying the smoothies I have been coming up with.


That pretty much sums up the past few weeks. I am looking forward to January and hope it brings some fun along with a bit of adventure in the new year.

The Perfect Storm…

QUESTION: What is 17.5 inches tall and can ruin a wonderful vacation?

ANSWER: An airport covered in 17.5 inches of snow!

Yes, you read it correctly. Our vacation was not delayed or postponed. It was CANCELED!

I have learned a hard lesson about trying to escape the winter blues of Wisconsin and escape somewhere warm for a few days. A lesson I will NEVER relive again as long as I live in this state. (Which will not be much longer, I hope)

I will say, if you are ever headed to the Nevada area and wish to hike the Red Rock Canyon area I have two spectacular guides that offered exceptional customer service. I wish I could tell you how much we enjoyed hiking with them but this never happened. Although, despite their cancellation policies we were very happy to hear we would receive a full refund from both guides.

For now, give me a few days to feel sorry for myself. Then I need to find my big girl panties, put them on, and continue on with life as usual.

Monday Motivation

Sunday 11/23: HOME: 3 mile walk outside 🙂

Monday 11/24: HOME: 200 crunches, upper body weights

MALL: 5 mile walk

Tuesday 11/25: HOME:200 crunches, arm weights, 30 minute bike, 60 minutes of yoga

Wednesday 11/26: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights

MALL: 4.5 mile walk

Thanksgiving Thursday 11/27: GYM: 45 minute elliptical and upper body weights, stretching

Friday 11/28: GYM: 40 minute elliptical, upper and lower body weights, stretching

Saturday 11/29: Off

Sunday I had every intention of getting in a great gym workout until I saw the outside temperature was almost 50 degrees. It took no thought what so ever to nix the gym and head outside for a walk in the fresh air with my husband. We have not walked outside for weeks and it was spectacular:)

From warmth to snow is what happened Tuesday. We woke up to 3.5 inches of fluffy white snow cover everywhere. Winter has arrived!!!! Since my husband leaves so early for a 45 minute drive to work everyday, he decided after peeking out the window that he was taking a snow day. Our road had not even been touched by a plow yet and he takes two major highways that are known for blowing snow issues. Needless to say, this snow day was not a relaxing day for him. He remembered very quickly that I work much harder than he does every day! Although, he did have a few moments of joy throughout the day. His little pal (one of my daycare kiddos) showed up with her snow gear and the hope that my husband would play in the snow with her (since I don’t play in snow!) She also knows that he very rarely will tell her no:)

I’d say this is one happy child by the smile on her face.


Thanksgiving Thursday was all about burning the bird. Not in cooking terms either:) We woke up and headed straight to the gym for a great cardio workout. My boys were not entirely thrilled with a few items I did not prepare for Thanksgiving dinner this year but since we are training for our big trip I did not see the need to indulge in something none of us needed. We had all the normal fixings except gravy, diner rolls and pumpkin pie. I know, don’t sigh, but we really did not need the extra calories. I did however, still make a pumpkin fluff for dessert which passed the taste test just fine. Dinner turned out wonderful, we still got in a great workout despite it being a holiday and even found time to spend some quality time as a family together.

 Do you think we are crazy for working out on Thanksgiving?

Do you use the holidays as an excuse reason to skip your workout?

If you were training for something special would you have indulged or continued to watch what you ate despite the holiday?


SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s that time of year again…..and I am already feeling it and we are only three days in. Changing the clocks around our home on Sunday made me want to sit and cry like my toddlers do when they don’t get what they want. I want it to stay light outside longer. I want it to stay warm enough where we can go outside and play. I want it never to snow. I want to feel alive and not like my life is on hold until Spring!!! Needless to say, we can’t have everything we want. I should know this, I repeat this to my toddlers every single day, sometimes multiple times a day.

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) effects many people in many ways. Some more extreme than others but all the same. It is not fun to feel this way for months at a time. You all know I am a true summer lover. The hotter it is the happier I am. Winter is torture for me to endure and I start dreading it as early as September, which I know is sad! (No pun intended) I have talked with my doctor many times regarding this issue and she has suggested many things to try. Me, however, being the stubborn redhead that I am, have refused up until last year.

Last year I finally broke down and bought a light that is suppose to mimic sunshine. Ironically, they call these Happy Lights which I find humorous. I have doubted forever that sitting next to a light will make me happy but after last years wicked winter I was ready to try almost anything. Unfortunately, I did not feel happiness radiating off this light. Although, I am not a great sitter and did not sit next to this thing for long periods of time like directed. So my results were more than likely not accurate.

I already know that I get instant happiness from aerobic activity, which means on the weekends you may find me at the gym two hours in the morning and also two hours in the late afternoon. I am also well aware that this is crazy, my husband and son already tell me that. In my defense, the gym makes me happy, I can actually be warm without three layers of clothes on and I get to wear shorts in the middle of winter while at the gym. For me this is happiness:-)

Which brings me to this current moment. I have been instructed by many friends, family, and physicians to try Vitamin D. I realize it’s technically not a medication but I am a firm believer in not popping a pill to fix every problem. However, the only other way I know to fix this problem is to move and that is not an option yet….so I am seriously thinking about trying Vitamin D.

Here’s where you all come in. I need your opinions, suggestions, input. Good, bad or otherwise, give it to me.

What would you do?

What do you do if you also suffer from this?