This Too Shall Pass……

This week started out pretty rough. Let’s just say I could not keep up to all the runny noses I had in the house, my own throat started feeling rough, and really none of us were free of some nasty bug that entered our bodies.

And then it happened……..a major snow storm mid week!!!!!!! Yes, every pile of snow was gone from our yard, our grass was raked and our yard was ready for Mother Nature to rain down on my brown grass and green it up. Instead, she decided one more snow storm would be the perfect plan….I however, completely disagreed with this plan. Unbelievable!

To put it mildly, it was a long, hard week. I did get in some exercise but overall I did a lot of resting myself while getting up and down a million times to wipe kid noses. I can only hope next week we all feel a bit better and can possibly get back outside to play again….that is if all this snow melts.

Here’s what my workouts this week shaped up to be:

Saturday: 3.10 mile hike

IMG_3728Sunday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, hips/glutes

Monday: arms, shoulders, back routine,1.25 mile trail walk in the evening

Tuesday: recumbent bike 30 minutes, various yoga positions for stretching, 3 mile evening walk (one last outdoor walk before the snow covered our street once again)

Wednesday: rest… sick to exercise

Thursday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arms, legs and back weight routine, stretching

Friday: rest

How does illness affect your workouts? (Typically, I can push through illness but sometimes I just have to except that it’s my body’s way of saying….take a rest would ya!!!)



Monday Motivation

Sunday 11/9: GYM: 35 minute elliptical and stretching

Monday 11/10: HOME: 200 crunches, arm free weights, 30 minute bike

GYM: 30 minutes on elliptical, upper and lower weight machines

Tuesday 11/11: HOME: 200 crunches and arm free weights, 30 minutes bike

MALL: walk 4 miles

Wednesday 11/12: HOME:200 crunches, arm weights

GYM: 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes ARC, upper and lower body weight machines

Thursday 11/13: HOME: 200 crunches, arm free weights, 30 minute bike, 60 minutes yoga

Friday 11/14: OFF

Saturday 11/15: Aqua Zumba 60 minutes

Sunday after our big shopping trip and a very long, uncomfortable bus ride to and from Chicago, my butt was dragging. I knew if I could just get myself in the front doors of the gym I would feel better. I was crabby, had a headache, did not feel like doing anything since I did not get to bed until way after my bedtime the night before(11pm), and had everything we purchased sitting on our table staring at me to put it all away when I woke up Sunday. Thankfully, my husband picked up on my bad mood pretty quickly and pitched in to help get everything done. Then it was all up to me whether I would attempt the gym or not. Which I am happy to say I DID!!!! And I was soooo happy, it really did brighten my mood and make me feel better:-)

                    Monday and Tuesday brought us a two day snow/rain/sleet storm in our area. Surprisingly enough this would normally just put me in a baaaad mooood but I was not really feeling too rough. I would not go as far as to say I was “happy” to see it snow, but either way I was not as moody as normal for the first snow fall. Maybe, just maybe, the Vitamin D is working.

Wednesday brought our first “mall walk” of the winter. Temps here have finally dipped to where I believe I could freeze to death if out for too long. I know, call me whimpy if you wish, everyone else does:-)

The rest of the week was pretty typical. We tried to follow our training plan as much as possible but I feel like we may have to change up the plan slightly. I may swap my off day for Friday and workout on Sunday since the weekends are when I have the most time and the gym is practically empty. We’ll see in the future, who really knows.



A Weekend of Chills

When I woke up on Saturday morning the temperature outside was -4 below zero. There was no way I was going to get up, get dressed and go workout today. The only thing that would have been worse for me would have been to wake up to snow falling.

I then announce to my dear husband it would be a great day to clean the basement. With a lot less complaining than I expected, he agreed there really would not be much else we could do today, at least outside that is.

We cleaned, organized and sorted tons of stuff.We ended up with half of our truck bed full of things to donate to charity, a clean basement and a plan for when we bring our son home from college. He has wanted a man cave of his own for sometime but with my workout equipment which takes up a great deal of our basement, that has not always been an easy thing to create. Well, we did some thinking and decided that since he will be transferring to a campus close to home and now living back at home, this is something that he really does need. We were lucky enough to receive a very nice desk for no cost and needed to create a place to put it. Mission accomplished, I think. Now we just wait until he is home and him and dad will start doing their thing and create his man cave.

After cleaning the basement, we went out to drop off the boxes of charity items we had accumulated, stopped for some chinese and called it a day.

Which brings us to Sunday. Another not so lovely day in Wisconsin. Below zero temps and this time snow was falling when I got up. Again, my workout was happening at home.(I am not a very cheerful cold weather person, as you can probably tell.) I planned to try a new salad recipe for dinner, got some paperwork done, we finished our puzzle we started during Thanksgiving and I had the pleasure of listening to my husband yell at the television while the GB Packer game was on. Always a joy that is!!!

Our first significant snowstorm of the year has arrived today bringing 3-5 inches across the area. And temperatures are never suppose to be above 20 the entire week. Which made me think, it would be the perfect week to share a wonderful easy recipe for a nice hot drink. Watch for this on Wednesday.

Until then….