Recently, I feel like so much has happened. We have been so busy with so many different things that I feel like we should do some catching up. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s do just that.


We finally started constructing jig saw puzzles. This has been something that I found takes my mind of the never ending winters here in WI. Although, so far this winter has not been too bad, we did decide to still start one a few weeks ago. IMG_3032

Do you remember that travel bug we found a few weeks ago geocaching? Well, we finally placed it in a different location on Christmas day during our family outing. It was so cool to see that it was all the way from the Netherlands.


As you all know, I try and add to my home gym around the holidays. This year my family was nice enough to get me three things on my list. I was gifted a 15lb. kettlebell, a 10 lb. weight plate and a thicker mat. All of which I have been using to come up with a few new routines to keep my home workouts fun and exciting.


Even though date nights are pretty non existent in our lives right now, we are still finding time for the occasional meal out together. We recently stopped at my husbands favorite BBQ restaurant after a very long night of vehicle shopping. It was the perfect way to end a frustrating evening. IMG_3056

Speaking of vehicle shopping….we finally bought a third vehicle for ME!!! I have gone without my own vehicle for almost three years now and finally said enough was enough. It was not an easy choice however, since we were pretty limited on what had the towing capability to tow our boat and did not come in a pickup truck. Plus, I dislike many of the full size SUV’s that are out right now. However, after our last test drive we both knew this was the vehicle for us at this time. It even offers a bonus being it’s AWD, so now when the snow flies and the roads are treacherous my husband and son will both have a vehicle capable of getting them back and forth to their jobs. Which means I can worry a little less. So far I am quite happy with our choice.


Something unbelievable happened recently also. I had a friend join me on a nature trail for a hike and we had the best time. She has just recently started to realize how wonderful exercise can make a person feel and when she mentioned maybe hitting a trail together I was all in for this plan. During our hike we came across this gorgeous snow owl. Amazing!


Not many of our friends enjoy hiking so it was awful nice to enjoy this hike together.


That will be it for today. Work (kiddos) are due to arrive any second and that means I need to go for now.

Have a great day:-)