Weekend Snapshots: Getting Away From It All

What I wouldn’t do for a trail or mountain to climb right about now…..just to get away from it all for a little while.

Our weekend actually started Friday morning when both my husband and I took off to accompany my inlaws to a medical procedure. It turned out after a full day of waiting, praying, and hoping for the best that it was not meant to be. The results we received were hard to hear and process and then we were all sent home to wait. That meant a weekend to try and process the feelings, thoughts, and fears that are ahead of us all. And we all know where I do this best…..on a trail, far back in the remote wilderness which was not possible since I needed to be the support my husband needed.

Sadly, I have no pictures this time of any new trails, bluffs or even a flowing river. All I did this weekend is make a list of Fall chores that needs to be done before the first snowfall. I did accomplish cleaning and treating our kayaking gear and storing it all away for winter.


Together we escaped for a few short hours to do some fishing which is what my husband finds relaxing in stressful times.


And since we were so close to his favorite blackberry spot we stopped to pick a few to snack on while driving back home.


All in all I would say we had a good weekend…..considering.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Where do you go or what do you do to process bad news?




Weekend Snapshots: Exploring A New Route

How fitting it was that my husband grabbed this Clif Bar from our food pack and it was exactly what we were doing at the time. Exploring a new route (trail)…..


I will share many more in depth details of our hike later this week. For now here is a sneak peek at where we enjoyed ourselves this past weekend.





IMG_2618  IMG_2628



Anyone care to take a guess at what trail we hiked and in what state?

Weekend Snapshots

We had a weekend I dream of all winter long, it was 85-90 degrees, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. We originally had plans to attempt a 6 mile hike on Saturday but when I saw the forecast I knew my husband would not be a happy hiker. So we changed plans and headed to a friends cabin to take full advantage of the beautiful lake they are on. Which then left Sunday (the cooler of the two days) for a small hike along the Bay of Green Bay where there was a nice breeze.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend.

Cave Point County Park



Lake Fun With the SUP




Pizza Delivery After A Day of Water Fun


TENS Therapy  For My Hubby To Finish The Day


Sunday Afternoon Hike Bay Side



IMG_1677  IMG_1687  IMG_1697  IMG_1669

Ending The Weekend Purchasing Our Annual Date Night Tickets To Feast With The Beast 2015


I really do have to admit, even with all the struggles that have been thrown our way this summer, we are still able to have fun and enjoy what we can. We have really learned not to take life for granted and enjoy the moments we have because you just never really know when those moments will no longer be possible. We had a great weekend, spent it with some great friends, we were active, we were able to escape the dramas of life, and most importantly relax and let all our worries be gone for a few hours. For this I am so thankful for.

Did you have a great weekend?

Did you do anything active?