Watching: The new season of Scorpion. My husband got me hooked on this program and I can even stay awake through the entire hour.

Reading: Hikertrash: Life on the Pacific Crest Trail by Erin Miller   I highly recommend it if your looking for a few laughs and love hiking. I can put myself in her shoes many, many times.

Anticipating: Another glamping trip(glamorous camping) we have planned. Take a look at our last glamping trip


Eating: We have been enjoying our first ever farm fresh eggs. I am a complete city girl, born and raised. (Not entirely proud of it though) When my husband said he could get farm fresh eggs from a fellow co worker I was excited to give these a try. I have heard they are better but who knew…..I do now.

Researching: The different snake boots and/or snake gators that are out on the market. Yes, I believe I may need these for our next vacation. My only hope is that I end up purchasing them and they become a complete waste of money when we DON’T cross paths with a snake. This would be the very best scenario there could be.

Struggling With: Lately, workouts have been a battle. I am tired of dealing with a jam packed gym during the week, I am bored walking our area mall, and my afternoon workout is a hit or miss depending on my two newborns sleep schedules right now. I think I just need Spring to arrive, the snow to melt ,and to get outside and breathe some fresh air. All in good time:)

Worried About: A close friend’s health. We are all praying for good results.

Making Me Smile: The three year old I take care of everyday is as excited as I am about making another trip to the beach when the snow melts. She brings this topic up almost daily which brings a smile to my face.


Need: A date night with my hubby.

Thinking About: I have been debating taking a NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certification class.



Where To Next?

You may be wondering why we did not reschedule our rock scrambling vacation. I know everyone else is because they have all asked that exact question. To be honest, we just could not make it what it would have originally been if we would have rescheduled. Which for me would have been even more of a disappointment. Our hiking guides were booked up, many plans at home would have needed to be rescheduled, and I am self employed and taking vacation days or switching them up last minute is not something I like to do to the families I offer daycare to every day. Cancelling was our best option right now, BUT it did not take me long to schedule our next adventure:) It’s already done!

However, this is going to be a little more than our typical vacation. Yes, we plan to hike, swim, fish, explore and spend time as a family. We also plan to research homes, communities, and check out the general public areas of our next destination. Why? Well let’s put it this way, very soon I will hopefully be able to bid a fine farewell to the state of Wisconsin. It’s time to find my happy place and this my friends is the first step in that direction.

We have a destination in mind but until we actually go and spend some quality time there we will not be sure. And we could not think of a better way to do this than to vacation in the area. We will be moving around every two days to a different location, which will be a hassle but worth it in the end. So far, I will say from talking with people in this area while making these plans I am completely and totally impressed. I know they are in the hospitality business and they are paid to be friendly, however, so are the people here in Wisconsin and friendly is very hard to find here in my opinion.

As for now we will be waiting patiently for Spring to arrive. I have some researching to do in regards to either snake boots or snake gators for this trip(I can’t believe I just said that), and I am really considering a new backpacking backpack. I have a fantastic small pack, a great large pack, but I could really use a mid range pack. Can you see a trip to Milwaukee’s REI coming up soon? Because I can:) Now, to persuade my husband to drive is the next battle. Although, he is pretty easily swayed so I am not too worried.

Does anyone have advice for snake gators/boots? I could really use some insight if you care to share.

Any recommendations on backpacking packs?