Signs Of Autumn Are Everywhere

Oh my goodness…..are you feeling what I am feeling here in WI? Although, I am not by any means feeling the gloom and doom of winter quite yet, I sure am feeling the signs of autumn.

Leaves are beginning to change colors on the tree branches.


Some have already fallen from trees.


And some are just starting to change. Fall is quickly approaching for sure.


This is the time of year where summer is trying so hard to last just a few weeks longer.


Iced coffees are no longer my preferred morning beverage…it’s now a big cup of hot coffee to take the morning chill off.

Soups are making a come back on my weekly meal list with no complaints from my husband or son.

For us here, we are living everyday like its the last. Fall is a great time of year to hike here in the midwest with much less bugs. We spent the entire weekend hiking waterfalls and with camping plans right around the corner….blogging is really going to have to take the back burner for a bit until I have more time. So just know that I am collecting photos and fun outings to share with all of you when time permits. And I can only hope you use what I share to get out and try something new and be inspired to enjoy the great outdoors as much as I do.


As for now, I will be back as soon as possible….first I have to savor every moment before the snow begins to fall.





A Chilly Last Splash Of Summer…What’s Next?

Fall arrived this week which is why we now have all our kayaks stored for the winter. That is not to stay our gear could not make another appearance this fall, however it is very unlikely. We were able to get to the river one last time this past weekend as a family. It was also our son’s first time on whitewater with his new kayak.


The river was running higher than usual and it was quite a ride for us all. After being laid up recovering most of the summer this was a fantastic way to end the paddling season for him.

We now move on to camping, geocaching, and hiking. This is the best time for these activities in our area. There is not a lot of mud and water from melting snow like spring time brings. No knee high snow to walk through like during the winter months and not many bug, snakes, or heat/humidity to have to endure from the summer months. Believe me, our calendar is packed right up until Thanksgiving with anything I can possibly think of to do outside.

So until our scenery turns from this


to this


I will be switching gear from this


to these


and living life just as I plan, like this.


I better be going, have a great weekend everyone.




Looking Back At The Summer Of 2014

With Labor Day past us the unofficially end of summer is here. This brings some sadness to me personally but as always, life must go on. So I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look back at our summer of 2014.

SUP DAYS: We used my stand up paddle board more this year than ever before. We even found a great new beach.


FUTURE CAMPING DESTINATIONS: We found our next new park to reserve a campsite at for next summer. I am so excited about this one. It’s on a gorgeous lake and offers nice trails to hike throughout the park.


A FRIENDS CABIN: I finally made it to visit a friends cabin. And while we were visiting them, her and her husband tried our recreational kayaks and fell in love immediately. They bought one of their own the next week:) She thanked me for inspiring her to try kayaking and hiking (which they did on their summer vacation) and I felt so honored to be the person to do this for her. They are a couple with 3 kids that have grown and married. And now they are searching for active things to stay healthy as a couple again. I am so proud of her and hope she continues in this path of trying new things.


AN EMERGENCY: We also had the chance to experience what it’s like to get a phone call telling us our child has been hurt and rushed to an emergency room. This, of course, was not a pleasurable thing to do this summer but it was still something I will not forget about the summer of 2014. Thankfully, no permanent damage was done and he is close to a full recovery at this point. However, it was a long few weeks!!!


GIRLS DAY IN DOOR COUNTY: I had the best time spending the day in Door County with two girlfriends wine tasting, shopping, and eating our way through the area.


FEAST WITH THE BEAST: Our annual date night we shared this year with another couple my husband knew from where he works. We had so much fun, came home way too full of food and maybe even a little to much alcohol may have been consumed. It was a great time and I can’t wait until next year.


VACATION TO REMEMBER:  We visited the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Copperfalls State Park for our vacation this summer and it was amazing. We will have memories forever of everything we did, saw, and shared while at this beautiful place together.


A FEW KAYAKING TRIPS WITH A NEW FRIEND: This year we were pretty limited to our kayaking weekends with our son unable to paddle for most of the summer. Thankfully we still did get out  a few times with our neighbor who has become a big part everything we do. We have lived two doors down for a few years now and just never really met until this year. We have since learned that she is as adventurous as we are and have enjoyed including her in all our activities. She has become a fun friend for my entire family.


This is just a quick look at everything I loved about the summer of 2014. From sunsets,



to chai shakes,

IMG_0051 and nice hikes,


I will miss summer for months to come.

Despite my sadness, I do have great plans on the calendar up until those white, cold flakes start falling from the sky. So I best be going and start planning those fun filled fall days that are ahead.

What’s your favorite season?










How Our Life Changes With The Seasons

It’s funny how our life changes from one thing to the next. As with most people, I would assume that your activities also change with the seasons, as do ours. But have you ever not wanted a season to end because you were not ready for that part of life to be over? I am at that point right now.

Last weekend we started noticing more and more mosquitos and other insects.        Which for me means hiking season is going to be put on the back burner for awhile. Yes we could still hike if we wanted although, it will be pretty miserable with the amount of bugs we would encounter. I also know it’s only a matter of a few weeks before we can get back to the trails and track more miles. Oddly enough I am sad but happy all at the same time with this fact. Simply because now we are full swing into our water sports. We have always been a water loving family it’s just now our toys (kayaks/SUP) are a little more costly. We plan to use my SUP much more this year because we only need one vehicle to use this piece of equipment. When we kayak we need two vehicles one for the beginning and one to park at the end of the river. With that being said, when the need for adrenaline hits, you can bet we will paddle a river with whitewater to fulfill that rush.

This week we finally pulled the trigger and decided to sell our bikes. We have not rode them for a year and my husband just never really fell in love with this sport. We have debated back and forth but I know we won’t miss them in the long run. First of all, we can use the room in the basement. And second, between five kayaks,one SUP, tennis equipment, hiking and camping equipment, workout equipment, hunting supplies, a duck skiff, and a fishing boat with trailer, I think we will be plenty occupied.

Oh, and I have to tell you… I  was feeling pretty ageless one night after the UPS truck arrived and our son finally received his new long board. Being the person I am, I watched for a few minutes taking mental notes on where his feet were placed, which way to tip the board to turn properly and so on, and thought, hmmm looks like fun.  After being called a chicken by my husband I grabbed some shoes and gave it a try. Well, let’s just say I only made it a few yards down the street before falling. Thankfully being caught by my son before totally hitting the pavement but the damage was done. I was sore in three places, knee, ankle and hip. I was not feeling ageless any more! This experience gained me a few things. Knowledge that I will never be a long boarder, a sleepless night in pain and a hip massage from the hubby with no added benefits being offered (if you know what I mean) for calling me a chicken!

Anyhow, I will say these are the months in our life where somehow we manage to fit in all our favorite sports. We have so many fun things coming up that I hope to capture it all and share it with all of you. Every river we paddle (if I don’t drop the camera in the river), every game I win on the tennis court, every mile we hike, our SUP adventures (I am not brave enough to take the camera on the board quite yet) , and every park we visit with a big one coming up in fall that I am so excited about.

How does your life change with the season?

If you could pick one season to remain in forever which would it be? 

Do Your Workouts Change With The Seasons?

I never quite understood why about this time of year society starts “getting ready for swimsuit season.” Which made me wonder, does everyone change their workouts according to the seasons?

After thinking about this question for awhile I would say that, yes, my workouts do change from season to season somewhat. Although, I can assure you, it has nothing to do with looking good in a swim suit!!! It really depends on what I do during the day.

Take summer for example, I work over 10 hours a day Monday through Friday every week. However, in the summer at least 7 of that is outside. Add some hot, humid conditions to that 7 hours and a 3 mile walk is about all your going to get out of me after dinner. (Plus my daily 1 hour workout that I get in at nap time every day.) Weekends in the summer months are active from sun rise to sun set. So no scheduled workout is needed, much less possible.

With the arrival of fall things change a bit. This is normally when I start getting back to the gym on a regular basis. Along with my daily home workout, we will walk or get to the gym  every night during the week. Again, it really all depends on the amount of time I spend outside chasing little ones during the day.

Winter is when I really get into a routine. I love routine, so scheduling workouts just makes my day so much more manageable. I can plan dinner around what night of week it is (we don’t like big dinners on gym nights) and I can also plan appointments around what workout is planned.

Spring is when I struggle quite honestly. Which is where I am at right now. The weather is getting nicer and it’s daylight longer, so naturally I want to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Although, since my husband and I visit the gym together, it’s harder for me to just say I would rather walk instead of go to thy gym. He is enjoying the gym tremendously and for that I am very happy, BUT, I want to be outside! For now we are making it work although I am curious to see what happens when the spring weather is here to stay. I just hope we can find a schedule that fits both of our needs.

So tell me, do your workouts change from season to season? Is it to look better in a swimsuit or for another reason? For me, it’s all about being healthy, staying active and the feeling of happiness that exercise gives me.(You gotta love those endorphins)


I am probably the happiest person on earth today because it’s SPRING 🙂

OK, so maybe I am not the only person happy about this fact but I think we should all celebrate together today. Let’s smile a little more. Let’s take a step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. Let’s imagine the sprouting of little green plants that will soon poke through the ground in the coming weeks. Let’s imagine the leaves on trees reappearing and providing us shade to play under and let’s enjoy the extra hours of daylight that are upon us now.

I am so ready for everything about this season. I already have a good start on cleaning the garage. Shhhh, don’t tell my husband. This is best attempted while he is at work:)

Hubby and I made a trip to a local hardware store to stock up on charcoal for grilling season. I can taste those kabobs already.


We also made an extra purchase that will have me grinning from ear to ear this summer. My new lawn mower. There is just something about cutting the lawn that makes me so happy. Crazy, I know, but I enjoy it for some reason.


No gas, no pulling a cord to start, no nothing. This is the model they had out for a floor display but we ended up getting the next size up that came with a bag also. I have never been so excited about something so unexciting. Now, I no longer have to run and get more gas because “someone” did not leave enough from the last time or they did not refill the can themselves when they emptied it!!! I also will never have to wait until there is someone here to start the lawnmower for me, because ours is too hard for me to start. I can just start mowing. Now, if only we had grass to mow….all things comes to those who wait. Right?

Hope you all enjoy today as much as I will.