Monday Motivation

Sunday 12/7: 3 mile hike on the Ahnapee State Trail

Monday 12/8: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights, 50 pushups, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 35 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weight machines and stretching

Tuesday 12/9: HOME: 200 crunches, upper body weights, balance ball routine, 30 minute bike

MALL: 5 mile walk

Wednesday 12/10: OFF

Thursday 12/11: HOME: 200 crunches, arm weights, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 35 minute elliptical, upper and lower body weights, stretching

Friday 12/12: sledding ( this counts for something right?)

Saturday 12/13: 3.5 mile walk outside

After last week I am happy to say life was a little more normal. Workouts were great, weather was tolerable for December, and everything is falling into place for the holidays nicely.

Sunday we had the nicest hike on a fairly local trail. This is quite the treat for me in the winter months. I see and enjoy the outdoors very little during winter but today I was happy to be outside.

As for this week, workouts could be a challenge but I know I will squeeze it in somewhere. With two parties two days in a row, I may find myself forgoing my normal workouts. However, I will rely on my nightly routine to keep me grounded and sane this week. Or at least that is the plan. Now all I need to do is follow that plan….we’ll see.

Balancing Your Life Between Work and Play-Part #2

Here is the second part of my life, a weekend day. If you missed the week day routine click here.

A typical Saturday for me is almost all play and relaxation compared to my week days.

On Saturday’s I wake up whenever I need to depending on the adventure of the day. This particular Saturday I woke up at 7a.m..

7:00 woke up and made coffee

7:10 put 1st load of laundry in

7:15 made subs and snacks for a day of hiking/fishing

7:30 made breakfast

7:40 switched laundry to the dryer

7:45 ate breakfast while chatting with my husband

8:05 did the dishes

8:15 got dressed, brushed teeth, etc.

8:25 packed the cooler and loaded the trunk with supplies needed for the days adventures

8:50 we all leave home for Door County

9:40 we arrive in Sturgeon Bay at the farmer’s market

10:00 leave the farmer’s market and head to Newport State Park after visiting one shop in Door County on the way

11:30 arrive at the park and had a picnic lunch

12:00 start our 4 mile hike and fished for a bit off a dock

2:30 arrived back at the car and had a snack

3:00 left the park and headed for home

5:20 arrived home and unpacked the car

5:31 started the second load of laundry of the day(I do two every day)

5:35 folded the first load of laundry that sat in the dryer all day waiting for me to return home

5:45 made dinner of leftovers

6:00 ate outside on the porch with my husband

6:20 cleaned up dinner and switched the laundry to the dryer (son’s load, he can fold it himself)

6:30 shower and dry my hair

7:00 blogged

7:30 crashed on the couch with my husband and watched some TV

9:00 bedtime

Since there are two days to a weekend and five to every week I really don’t believe anyone can truthfully say life can be completely balanced. For me, I could really use one more day to a weekend. Although, then I would probably play two of them and recover on the third which would not benefit me anyhow. I suppose I really only wish for an extra weekend day in the summer months. During winter, I could easily just skip the weekend all together. Life is pretty dull in the winter for me.

Would I change how my life is balanced? Well, no I don’t think so. I really love what I do for a living and we do have fun, even though by Friday I am exhausted. The smiles, hugs, and kisses I get from my daycare children make my days worth it. As far as my weekends go, we have fun then also, just a different kind of fun. And the memories we make on our weekends make those days worth it also.

I feel pretty balanced. I am home all week long and gone almost every single weekend. That’s good enough for me.

What about you, do you feel balanced?