Easy Breakfast Idea

I came across these tortilla boats recently while grocery shopping and just had to buy them. They have been sitting in the pantry staring at me but tacos just have not been on the menu lately. Then I had this idea. Why not fill them with eggs and breakfast sausage? So that’s exactly what I did, and it was so easy and fast.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call this a recipe because I just sort of threw things in there that I would normally eat with eggs. So feel free to mix it up to your liking. You could add onion, sweet or hot peppers, salsa, or avocado.


I browned some turkey breakfast sausage, and scrambled some eggs. I mixed them all together and tossed them into the tortilla boats then sprinkled them with a little cheddar cheese. Topped it with a little Sriracha  hot sauce and ta da we had a quick easy breakfast.


Served with a side of fresh fruit, and they were a very filling meal. Perfect for those cool mornings when you want something hot for breakfast.

Alligator Sausage at the Farmer’s Market

A week or so ago, I watched a local news station visit the farmer’s market and interview two people. One was a local restaurant owner that offers Cajun cuisine. At the market he said they offered alligator sausage on a stick and alligator sausage wraps. So you know what I thought of immediately…..DATE NIGHT!!!


My husband is brave and will try almost anything. So, I just knew when it was my night to pick, this was where we were going. Here is the menu choices he had to pick from


Gator wrap was the entree of the night. The gentleman at the window said they sell out each batch they cook in usually about 3 minutes. All I could think was, was there actually that many people that would actually try this???? Well, here is what he was served.


Now there was nothing on this particular menu I would even consider eating, so I went and found a filled pita, called a Lazy Chicken. Which essentially, was just a small chicken and pepper filled pita.


We took our entrees and found a quiet spot next to the river to enjoy our choices.

My pita was good, and my husband said the alligator was not what he expected, but was also good. Then he made me try a bite, against my best wishes. Oh gosh, I took my bite, chewed twice and then the thought hit me, I WAS EATING ALLIGATOR!!!. It was like one of those television shows you see where they are in a competition and have to eat 10 cockroaches in 30 seconds, well, chew fast and swallow is what I did. I can’t really say what it tasted like to be honest, I just needed to get it down, and fast.

After eating, we headed back to find the other tent that was interviewed in that same news program. A gentleman that sold jams. Precisely, Carrot Cake Jam. It did not take long to locate him. I remembered what he looked like in the interview, so I was on the look out.

When I came across the tent called, Hippie Wayne’s, I knew that we had found it.


He had so many different jams that no one else has. I wanted to purchase many, but settled for one. I love carrot cake but never seem to make it for whatever reason. So, this was perfect. Easy, already made, and hopefully great on an english muffin. We shall see in the morning.

(I love how he spells “carrot kake”)

It started to rain just as we were headed back to the car. Perfect timing. One more day of work for me and a trip to Door County for fun. I can’t wait. And then the weekend. Water levels are looking better everyday, so hopefully we will get some paddling in this weekend.

Until next time….