Rollin Ridge Disc Golf Course

Recently we made the short drive to Reedsville, WI to play at one of our favorite disc golf courses. Rollin Ridge Disc Golf Course is one of the best courses we have ever played on.

This course has hours among hours of work put into the grounds to make this course extra special. You can play from 6 a.m. until midnight. You can camp right on the same property for a minimal price which also includes your fee to play the game whenever you wish. They have a very nice clubhouse and a huge selection of discs that can be purchased if you wish. The fee just to play the game is $5 per person and is paid on the honor system right outside the clubhouse.

Baskets are fun and strategically placed. Making it quite the challenge compared to your typical disc golf course.



My husband and son went to one of our regular courses the day before to see if our son would be able to finally throw with his correct arm or not. Thankfully, he is far enough in his recovery from his broken collar bone that he did quite well here. And just like old times, he beat us all. He may not have complete accuracy yet, but his distance has not suffered much with this set back. He has studied this sport and had become very good at it until he decided to attempt his skateboard stunt that bit him hard and sidelined him from most summer activities.  So it was great to see him playing again and giving tips to our neighbor whom is fairly new to this sport.


This look she gave him says it all. He sounds like he knows what he is doing, now if only she can do what he said and it flies the way she wants it to fly.


We played 18 holes and were quite tired by the end. The tees are much longer than anything we play near our home and many of the baskets are hidden and not located until you get closer to the actual basket. So this was a challenging course for myself personally, but fun.


We lost no discs in the water hazards, gained one new disc in the clubhouse and had a great, fun, active day as a family just like old times. I can’t tell you how great it is to see our son finally able to start getting out and enjoying what is left of summer.