The Perfect Storm…

QUESTION: What is 17.5 inches tall and can ruin a wonderful vacation?

ANSWER: An airport covered in 17.5 inches of snow!

Yes, you read it correctly. Our vacation was not delayed or postponed. It was CANCELED!

I have learned a hard lesson about trying to escape the winter blues of Wisconsin and escape somewhere warm for a few days. A lesson I will NEVER relive again as long as I live in this state. (Which will not be much longer, I hope)

I will say, if you are ever headed to the Nevada area and wish to hike the Red Rock Canyon area I have two spectacular guides that offered exceptional customer service. I wish I could tell you how much we enjoyed hiking with them but this never happened. Although, despite their cancellation policies we were very happy to hear we would receive a full refund from both guides.

For now, give me a few days to feel sorry for myself. Then I need to find my big girl panties, put them on, and continue on with life as usual.