February Health Challenge

If you recall back in January I said I would be challenging you all to a monthly health challenge. January was an easy one….eating two whole pieces of fruit per day. February is really going to be quite a challenge for some individuals but I have faith you can all do this for one month.

Forgo Fast Food For February is the challenge.

I can hear you all chuckling already but hear me out first. I know sometimes it’s just easier to go through that drive thru and grab something for the family or to do this during your lunch hour because you forgot to plan before leaving home that morning. I get it, life is hectic, crazy, and sometimes unmanageable. That being said, I also know that sometimes we are all just LAZY!

So let’s try and break the cycle of grabbing something quick before thinking what exactly we are putting into our bodies. When you grocery shop buy some grab and go items. On the weekends make ahead some meals that freeze well so you can come home from work and have some better options. Get up 10 minutes earlier and pack your lunch. You can do this.

Good Luck!