Weekend Snapshots: A Lazy Saturday and A Trial Hike With Photography Equipment

This weekend was all about relaxing and getting some last minute organizing done before our vacation beings.

Saturday, I think I may have left my couch for a total of three hours all day. I am not quite sure what came over me but I really felt like doing nothing. So strange but I actually enjoyed the leisure time. I did manage a 3 mile walk with my hubby and a nice dinner out together. I was craving guacamole and he loves fajitas so mexican it was.


That pretty much was our Saturday. We spent the rest of the day lounging around doing absolutely nothing.

Sunday we woke up with a lot more energy. My husband has been waiting for a calm wind day to try out his fly fishing technique and our son has been working on a better way to carry all is camera gear while hiking. So that meant I was going along for the trial hike with our son since I have no idea how to fly fish.

After a big hiking trip to the Porcupine Mountains a few weeks ago our son found that his original photography bag was not made for hiking in any way. He was miserable, sore and just plain disappointed with his entire setup. Which meant he was scrambling to figure out something for our vacation which also includes hiking great distances with elevation. The biggest dilemma was money. He has bought three camera bags already and one at a pretty hefty price. None of them have served him well on the trail yet, so he did not want to spend more money on a plan that did not work. So with some quick thinking we came up with a good solution. He will be using my husbands old backpack and stuffing one of his smaller, padded camera backpacks inside for organization and protection.



This way he can still carry a water bladder, which no camera bag has ever allowed him to do, and snacks along with the gear he feels he will need on the trail. Here is a look at what the inside looks like.

IMG_1925 For now we zip tied the smaller camera backpack straps down into a smaller size near the top so they would not take up space. After our trip, if this seems to work out, he plans to either cut them off permanently or purchase just the padded organizer that would be needed for his gear. He did find this system to be much more well balanced on his hips during todays trial hike. He also thought it was great to have water along which is huge where we are headed on vacation. So this seems to be the setup he is going to try and we all hope it works out to be better.

As for the trail we hiked today, lets just say I was a very happy hiker today. I saw only frogs and no snakes. Just the way I like it:)  IMG_1926  IMG_1922

Weekend Snapshots: Could I Learn To Like Weekends LikeThis?

There is no doubt this summer our weekends are not about kayaking this river or kayaking that river. With no kayaking allowed (for my husband) we have been doing our best to find other activities to do on our weekends, which at times has been quite a challenge. However, this weekend we kept ourselves pretty busy.

Chores are always first, we find it makes having fun even more fun when all the chores are done. So while my husband cut the lawn I washed sleeping bags from a trip our son took to the Porcupine Mountains. IMG_1851Then for lunch on Saturday I had my first ever gyro. Forty some years old and I’ve never had one of these bad boys…what a shame because it was FABULOUS!!!!!    IMG_1857

IMG_1858 One more errand after lunch brought us to a very colorful sight in the sky. We were not aware of any kite festival but apparently some people were. IMG_1854That concluded our chores, errands, and new restaurants. I actually then spent an hour or so with a drink and a magazine simply sitting and enjoying the breeze.


Then dinner hour rolled around and neither of us felt like cooking or cleaning up the kitchen afterwards so we were lazy and had pizza and fruit while still enjoying the breeze outdoors.

IMG_1864Sunday I did something I have never done before. I met a friend for coffee at a local cafe. I know, again, forty something years old and I have never met someone for coffee…..soooo sad! I just never really have time. I work Monday through Friday very early and 11 hours a day. Then Saturdays we are normally either on the water paddling or recovering from being on the water all day paddling. During the winter months it would take a lot more than coffee to persuade me to leave my warm house to meet for coffee. So as you can imagine, this was quite a treat and a pleasant experience for me. I opted for something a little different than coffee and tried rose water lemonade. Surprising, it was really good. (My son suggested I try this since he had already had it, but normally we do not have the same tastes so I was a little hesitant)  IMG_1865

The conclusion to my weekend was a gym workout, which was awesome. I LOOOOOVE working out on the weekends. The gym is quiet, I have tons of energy, and it just feels great to end on a good note.

So to answer the question…..Could I learn to like weekends like this? Truth be told, yes, only if I have to! I loved getting tons of chores done, going to a new restaurant, meeting a friend for coffee and relaxing BUT I would have been so much happier paddling down a river, listening for the rumble of the rapid around the corner and feeling my heart beat just a little bit faster as I approached the whitewater. Paddling does something to me that no one will quite understand unless you are a paddler yourself. Seeing wildlife up close and personal, sharing a tailgate snack with friends after a day on the river,


or just being in the moment is special.


I know eventually we will be back out there I just need to be patient and it will come.