Glass Food Storage Containers

I finally did it. I have been considering purchasing glass storage containers for some time now but just did not know if I could justify the price. After this summer, I decided they are worth it.

I have been starting to freeze leftovers for quick meals. Something to just pull out and eat when life is just too hectic. Meals like lasagna, soups, chili,  stews etc. Although, my drawer of containers has dwindled down to all bottoms and no covers! The covers always crack when you remove them right from the freezer.

Now, I do still use my plastic for storage but no longer in the freezer. I checked out what types of container were on the market and have fallen in love with the Ziploc Versa Glass brand.


First, they come in quite a few sizes. I like the square 32 oz. size and the tall round 25 oz size. They are perfect for a piece of lasagna, a nice serving of soup, stew or chili. I fill them, let them cool awhile, cover and freeze. When I am ready to heat and eat, the covers come off easily (they are more rubber like than plastic) and you can either microwave them or heat  them in the oven. The glass is tempered making it stronger than just a glass jar and they are oven safe.

I especially love them on nights when my husband and I have plans and dinner is on the fly. I can pull one out in the morning (yes, I do make his lunch every morning!) stick it in his lunch box and by lunch it’s ready to stick in the microwave to heat. (Otherwise, he always takes leftovers form the night before, which means I am obligated to cook every night of the week)

They have made my life so much easier, and they also give me a little freedom from cooking every night. Give them a try and see what you think.

QUESTION: Do you use glass or plastic for food storage?