Mountain Bay State Trail

Let’s take a a look at a small portion of a 83 mile trail that starts or ends here in our area.

The Mountain Bay State Trail is one of the longest rail trails we have here.The 3 mile section of the trail I am very familiar with travels from Cty.Rd. J (also known as Lakeview Dr.) and goes just beyond Rockwell Rd.. Starting at Cty. Rd.J you will find a small parking lot that can easily park 10-12 vehicles. In this area they also have one canopy covered picnic table and in the summer months a porta potty.


At this starting point you will find doggy bags/pet rules and an information board.


This part of the trail starts out next to a stream on your left and continues through residential, wooded and also industrial areas along the way. Which does not sound very appealing until you find out that you are well above all these looking down into these area. The trail is wide, crushed gravel and is very well maintained.


There are very few benches for rest along this stretch but plenty of area to just sit along the side the trail and take a break if needed. IMG_2954 At the end of this stretch you will come to a gated street crossing which is Rockwell Rd. IMG_2959 Crossing this road and walking to the next canopy covering over the trail will bring you just under 3 miles one way. This trail is mostly used by runners and walkers but I have seen individuals with bikes occasionally also. For the most part pet owners seem to pick up after there animals and in my eyes that makes this a wonderful trail to be on.

If you are in the Green Bay area for business or pleasure and want somewhere other than the street to walk/hike/jog or bike this would be a nice option.

Will I Cause It To Snow Again If…..

Oh my, what a gorgeous weekend for mid March in Wisconsin. I am using every once of self control I have not to hang laundry on the lines out back, bring out the patio furniture, and wash my winter jacket so it’s ready to be stored until next winter. I am so afraid I could jinx myself and cause it to snow again if I do all these summery things. Although, my husband has already put away all his ice fishing supplies and the shovels have traded places with the rakes in our shed.  So in all likely hood, it’s already too late. We have done too much already to not have jinxed ourselves and at this point we can only hope this gorgeous weather sticks around.

This weekend was somewhat odd. My husband actually ended up working both Saturday and Sunday which is very unusual for his schedule. Some big job needed to be done and at least it’s better now than in July when it’s really summer. So I was somewhat on my own all weekend for fun and excitement. Which you would think I would actually take full advantage of but I didn’t. I am a list maker to the extreme and I recently made our Spring cleaning/chore list that needs to be all done before we “play” every year. So since he was working, I figured I may as well get some things done also. I accomplished getting all the rugs washed, cleaned the garage, picked up some leftover leaves from Fall, ran a few errands, mopped the floors, washed all the comforters and throw blankets, and washed and ironed all the curtains throughout the house. By Saturday night I was exhausted but very happy to cross many things off the list.

Which brought Sunday as a day to do something fun. So I grabbed my backpack and hiking boots and headed to a nearby trail alone. It was so peaceful. I saw a few joggers, many people walking their dogs, and an elderly couple walking together. It is so great to see others enjoying the wonderful weather we are having. After the first mile I was pretty much alone on the trail with the occasional chickadee landing nearby. It was so great to feel alive and be outdoors again after so many months of winter.

Many of you have asked me to start letting you know the locations, mileage and so on about where we do our hiking. So here is that information:

I parked at the Mountain Bay trail head parking lot on  Lakeview Rd (Also know as CTY. J) and walked just past Rockwell Road until I came to snow/ice/water covering the trail.


My entire walk was just over 3.5 miles round trip. This trail is completely flat with a crushed gravel covering. Beware of dog droppings everywhere along the edge of the trail. Apparently dog owners don’t feel like they need to follow two of these rules which are located at the beginning of the trail head.


All in all ,it was a great walk. Not my favorite trail as I prefer something besides a flat surface, but it was closeby and I knew for the most part it would be snow and ice free.