A Chapter In Life

We have finished another chapter of life being parents. Last night we watched our son graduate from high school along with all his friends he has had for years. What a moving experience this was. It was quite odd for myself, because I also graduated from this same high school years ago, and never really understood why my mom made such a big deal out of it. Now I truly understand.


It is a real accomplishment as parents to watch your son or daughter walk across that stage. And at the same time, they should be so proud of themselves as students for succeeding in all their goals and dreams.

Congratulations Class of 2013


Now we start the next chapter in our lives. College!!!! He is excited to be going to his first choice university, and we are very excited for him. In the next few weeks we will be visiting campus and the surrounding area for a few days. If anyone has any suggestions on great places to eat, sight see, or just visit, please pass any information our way. We plan to visit the far southwest of Wisconsin near the Wisconsin /Iowa border.

And if you have any pointers on what all college students should have, bring from home, or just know for their own information, pass it on here.

Thank You.