What I’m Loving Lately….

Let me share with you a few things I have been loving lately. It’s funny how this list changes with the seasons, weather or even my own person likes and dislikes, especially food preferences. Lately, I have been finding that I actually enjoy flavors that I never did when I was younger.

Sriracha sauce on eggs no less.I never use to like hot and spicy anything, but lately I just can’t get enough.

Chai honey on an english muffin with peanut butter. It’s something about the cooler temps that brings out my love of chai. I rarely drink or eat anything chai until Fall. Here is a recipe for homemade chai honey if you want to give it a try.

Smuckers fruit-fulls. I have tried every brand of fruit pouches which have become very popular as of lately. I gave this brand a try because I had a coupon and I was very happily surprised. Ingredients are only fruit, no added anything, and they are very tasty and not as baby food textured as most pouches from other companies. I don’t know of many adults that consume these since I feel they are basically marketed toward children. However, this is a terrific way for adults on the go to get in a serving of fruit. Plus, in my case, it’s a great way to level out my blood sugar issues in a hurry. I grab a Luna bar and a fruit pouch and I am good to go for a few more hours:-)

Blue Diamond Almondsyum,yum,yum!!! My flavor of choice is the Bold Habanero BBQ. Which again, is surprising due to the spice but they are delicious.

Enough about food, let’s move on to other things. About two weeks ago I finally made time for a haircut. For quite a while now I have been debating going back to a short hairstyle and finally just did it. It was as long as the middle of my back and is now shorter than shoulder length. My two youngest daycare kiddos were hesitant to even come to me the next morning. I must admit, I wish I would have done it sooner. It’s faster to style, very quick to dry, my husband no longer rolls on it during the night, and working out with short hair is fantastic! I love it 🙂

As you all know I have been dealing with some ankle pain and sore legs some nights. I broke down and bought a pair of compression socks to try after reading how they are used for recovery after runs and workouts for athletes.  Now I would never consider myself an athlete but WOW, I can seriously say they have provided me much relief. Not so much with my ankle but my legs are loving these socks.

Workouts lately have been just what I need to get out of my house and feel alive again. It’s no secret I am not an indoor person, but when the temps drop I spend 90% of my life in my home. So a trip to the gym to break a sweat puts a smile on my face:-)

I am enjoying watching our son interact with one of my daycare kiddos in a field he loves. Our son has always had a love of science and experimenting. You can only imagine the types of disasters I have had to clean up over the years. As he has gotten older this love has only grown and now with one of my kiddos mentioning one day that she too likes experiments, they have been inseparable. He has been laughing at her and she has been learning with him.

IMG_0279 IMG_0299

And last but not least, I have officially started Christmas shopping which means I am a bit closer to finished. I am not a big fan of shopping in slush, snow, parking lot grime and pushy people at holiday time. I typically try and start early and finish by Thanksgiving. This year I should have no problem finishing. Most have asked for money and that only leaves me with a few others to buy actual gifts for.

That should do it for now.

What have you been loving lately?




Life’s Lessons…..So Far

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew it all. What teenager doesn’t, right? Little did I know how much I would learn after marriage, becoming a parent, and experiencing things throughout my life. Here are a few lessons I have learned that no one could have told me until I figured them out for myself.

1. Children are a gift from God

2. Marriage is work

3. Technology may make things faster but it does not mean it makes things better

4. Years pass faster the older you get

5. Don’t settle for good when there is better

6. You are what you eat

7. Live within your means

8. Do what makes YOU happy not what makes others happy with you.

9. Parenthood is a 24 hour/7 day a week job and the hardest job you will ever have

10. Have fun before you can’t

11. Say it today because tomorrow may be too late

12. You can’t buy happiness

13. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


These are some lessons I have learned over the past 40 some years of my life so far. Some good, some bad, and some I am just glad I have learned before it’s too late.

Can you add to my list?




July Goal #3- A Mom’s Day Off-Door County, WI

Although I don’t consider myself a full time mom anymore to our now grown 19 year old son, I am somewhat of a substitute mom to all my daycare children. That being said, whether I am a mom to my own child or doing my job, all mom’s needs a day off once in awhile. And that is exactly what I did on Monday, took a day off and had some fun with some friends.

I started my day with a little me time at the gym, alone and very early. My favorite time to workout is mornings and I rarely get this opportunity so I took full advantage of it.


After that is was home to get ready for our day of fun in Door County, WI. I have visited this area more times than I can remember and almost always spend most of the time hiking trails or on the water doing something water related. Today however, was all about food, shopping, and wine tasting. No need for hiking boots or paddles but I was ok with that.

Our first stop was a new coffee shop in Sturgeon Bay, WI called the Glas Coffee House. I had already had my fill of morning coffee so I went with a blueberry smoothie which was perfect after my awesome morning workout.


After this it was time to go deep into the Door County experience and shop. All three of us are foodies so we were literally like kids in a candy store. We tasted dips, salsa, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, BBQ sauces, cookies, cherries, and of course WINE!!!!!


We did sneak away and explore a few of the other shops with some authentic Door County art.


Then somewhere along the path we came across a very special holiday shop that is decorated year round with Christmas decor.


And I’ll be honest, walking into this shop in the middle of July was against all my morals but I did it. (You will all understand why if you remember how much I dread snow, cold, and winter.) I will also admit, the Christmas music that was playing sent a shiver down my spine but the decor was very, very beautiful.


We did take a short break and have a real meal in between all the culinary delights we tasted and ate at the Chef’s Hat in Ephraim, WI.


My meal of choice was the gorgonzola roast beef sandwich with potato salad. It’s like a party in your mouth, it’s so good.


Door County has so much to offer that I know we could never see it all in one day. However, we saw quite a bit of it.

Eventually, I hope to get the girls to visit and venture out into my world a bit and either do some hiking or explore by water but until that happens a glance at the calm waters of Door County was not far from my sight.


After all, it was a day to relax, enjoy being child free, enjoy being with friends and not have to worry about going back and picking up anyone in this area either:)


To finish off our day, we had the pleasure of stopping in at the cabin of one of the women I spent the day with and sharing a dinner of all our Door County treats. WARNING: VERY UNHEALTHY MEAL….but so worth it!


Yes, believe it or not, this was what we ate for dinner. Cookies, chocolate covered cherries, port wine cheese, crackers and wine. It was awesome.

Have you ever been to Door County, WI?

What was your favorite activity you did while there?



Mother’s Day…..

This will be my 18th. Mother’s Day, and I was just thinking back to everything that being a mother means to me.

I have been so very fortunate to succeed in my dreams of being a stay home mom for our son, for his entire childhood. I had always dreamed of being a mother, and really hoped to be able to stay home and see all those first moments. Like that first step, first tooth, first word, and I suppose you have to add that first sleepless night, first bout with stomach flu and so on. I have been self employed in my profession the entire time from home and have been able to be here when school called that our son was ill, that snow day where parents scramble on what do do with their kids so they can get to work, and everything else in between. I pride myself on always having dinner on the table at night, we spent many summers doing all sorts of activities, and I can honestly say, I would not trade it for the world.

Although, there are a few things, as a mom, I could have done without. When our son first started organized sports, we tried pee wee soccer, and baseball. Now, baseball, was not too bad, but soccer, was just torture for me. I am not a big organized sports fan, even when my son was the one with the ball!!! Although, I took my lawn chair, sometimes the umbrella, and the team snack, and two nights a week, we sat and watch with pride.

Thankfully in time, he decided that organized sports were also not for him, and then the fun began. He switched to a Nascar lover. We had every imaginable match box car there was. Literally. We never took him to a Nascar race but Sundays we did go to a local racetrack and watch the rookies race around in circles for hours and sit on very uncomfortable bleachers until way to late at night.

Then when this phase of life was over, he thought, lets try biking and photography. Biking was good, I like to bike on paved paths. We all did this a few times, but then he decided mountain biking would be more fun. Well, needless to say, dad and I still stick to the paved paths. He can do those backwoods trails himself. And photography is still a big passion for him. He has come along way from his point and shoot we first bought him to the camera he purchased himself a few years ago.

Which brings us to today. As a family, we love to kayak. How many parents of teenagers can say they spend almost every weekend together, HAPPILY, doing an activity? Sometimes, we even have had some of his brave teenage friends join in the fun. When we stated this journey, I would have never imagined us upgrading all three of our kayaks from recreational ones, to whitewater in a matter of three years. Although, I cherish these weekends we spend together. Yes, I am sure I still drive my son crazy when he flips his kayak over and I panic, but, I am a mom and its our job to worry about our children. Right???

Through out his high school years, we have always taken a mother/son day. I look forward to this one day a year, because since he started high school and has been able to spread his wings alot more, he has become more and more like his father. I call him my,” BRAIN CHILD.” Dinner times at our house consists of talking about the periodic table, engineering issues for some mechanical something or other he is trying to make at school or anything that can be seen on Nova over and over and over on a weekly basis. And, honestly, none of this interests me at all. So, I feel like slightly an outcast at these moments. Which means when we do go for this mother/son date every summer, we can still have fun together, with no crazy brain conversations, and we play all day very hard. I am so proud to say, I can usually out last my son in any activity we choose. Although, I may have more stamina, it takes me longer to recover than him. Now that he is older, I find myself sometimes talking him into trying something new instead the other way around. This year we are hoping to try an off road segway tour. Now that should be fun!!!!!

I have been there for that first step, the first day of school, the first bike crash, prom, the dreaded driver’s license test, and I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather been.

I can only imagine what future Mother’s Day’s will be like.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone

IMG_0305 - Copy

QUESTION: What does Mother’s Day mean for you?