Unexplained Changes

I have been noticing many changes lately and I am really trying hard to decipher them. Nothing really urgent, important, or honestly even meaningful just some odd changes. Maybe it winter, maybe it’s aging, or maybe it’s just being female.

Let’s see, this weekend I actually had my husband home both Saturday and Sunday and we had plans to start packing. When we traveled in my younger years I would be so organized, packed way earlier than need be, and be completely stressed that we would forget something. Now, not so much! I have a list, that is still normal, but nothing on that list made it into our suitcases as of yet. Why? Well, because I just do not feel like packing. Pretty sad but true. Although, eventually I will just have to do it I suppose.

Another odd thing happened this weekend when we needed to run a quick errand to a hardware store. We passed right by my favorite sporting good store in Green Bay. Knowing that I still had a gift card from Christmas, my husband said,” why don’t we stop and maybe you could find something special on sale.” (There were clearance banners hanging outside the store) Now, normally I would be all for a clearance sale, especially at a sporting goods store. However, I simply said no. He looked at me and said, “are you sure, they are having a clearance sale?” I again said, “no.” I just did not feel like shopping. Where in the world did that come from? I am a clearance only shopper. This is my favorite store. What the heck????

Let’s talk about that quick errand we were running at the hardware store. Our son approached us with a little remodeling project he wanted to do in his “Man Cave” and since it’s our house he knew he could not attempt this without getting the go ahead from us first. Now normally remodeling sends me over the edge. I don’t like change when it comes to my house. I am very organized, I know where everything is, and if you leave it lay around and I find it, don’t ever plan to see it again. That is what 20+ years of being a wife and mother has taught me. I only ask once for you to pick it up after that it is mine to do what I wish with it:) Anyhow, when he asked, I calmly asked for a plan of what he was thinking. I did not like his entire plan but was willing to work with it a bit. So with dad’s help this is what we did Saturday. About half way through the process, I was happy to leave it up to the guys and went upstairs to tend to some other projects I needed to get done. Again, normally this would NEVER happen. I would see it through to the end and make sure everything was put back where it belongs. This time however, I really did not care. My things that needed to be moved were put back where I could easily access them and they seemed to have it together so I left. I think they were even shocked.

One last thing that caught me off guard recently and I was not sure what to even say so I simply bit my tongue and did not say a word. Which for me is not normal!!!! I speak my mind and I don’t ever sugar coat anything. An acquaintance of ours recently went to the doctor and stated to me that their doctor mentioned that he/she was disappointed in this persons weight. In turn our acquaintance then says to me that they really felt bad because their doctor really seemed disappointed in them so they have decided to lose 40 lbs.. What??????? WHY……. WHY on earth would you loose 40 lbs. for your doctor to be happy with you??? OMG, I wanted to scream at them……but I didn’t:) I bit my tongue HARD! Take it from someone that has lost a lot of weight in the past. You cannot loose weight for someone else to be happy, it will not work! You need to lose weight for your own happiness. Again, why did I not speak up? I would have in the past.

So you see, something is happening to me. Although, somethings that are changing are not so bad, others are just odd. As strange as it is, I think I am ok with these changes.

Have you notice any strange changes in yourself that are similar to what I have experienced? Or am I just odd?




Making The Most Of Summer

Making the most of summer here at our home means that we are very rarely home on our weekends. I pack and unpack our vehicles with supplies every Friday through the months of June, July and August. With all the different activities we do this could be a chore if I was not organized.

For kayaking all our gear is cleaned and dried then packed into a large plastic storage container. When we are ready to pack, all I have to do is grab the container, knowing all our gear is in one place, and into the truck it goes. For our dry clothes bag, we use one backpack and repack it with a dry outfit after each trip then store it next to the container with the gear in it. Super easy, ready at a moments notice and easy to grab and go. All that is left to pack are the kayaks, paddles, and lunch.


For our hiking adventures I keep my daypack packed at all times. If it is just a day hike near our home my daypack is usually all we need. If it is a bigger hike and we both need a pack, my husbands is the only one we would need to pack before leaving home with supplies.


When it comes to camping, there is a little more planning involved. Although, still not all that hard to gather supplies. I do keep another storage container full of all our camping supplies. Before leaving home for a camping trip, I lay out everything from this container and make sure nothing needs replacing, all batteries are working properly, and we have enough supplies for our intended trip.


We also keep a good amount of freeze dried food on hand to just grab and go. The last thing I want to do before an overnight quick trip is run to the grocery store. The only thing left to grab is our tent, sleeping pads and sleeping bags which are all together in another storage container.

With a little organization, a few cheap plastic storage containers and a little time, you can be ready for any summer time adventure in a matter of minutes. This is exactly how I like to make the most of my summer. Quick,easy, and out the door before summer is over. There is so much to enjoy during these few months that making life easier to enjoy them is my personal goal.

It’s almost over for this year, so I encourage you to try something new with your family, friends or even by yourself. If you have been debating getting out there and seeing what the great outdoors has to offer, now is the time. Make the most of it:)