What I Am Loving Lately

What a week it has been. It’s finally Friday which makes it the perfect time to tell you about a few things I have been loving lately.

Leaves on the trees are starting to emerge everywhere. It’s been so long since we have seen green grass and leaves that it makes me giddy just to image that soon we will be playing under our big shade tree.

Muffins in a cup. I came across these while grocery shopping recently and they were on sale for $1 each.


You just add water, stir, and microwave for a minute or so. How cool is that? Perfect for a single serving dessert craving or in my case a youngster to do by themselves when they are dying to cook and you simply don’t have time.

Farm fresh eggs. We have been offered the opportunity to get farm fresh eggs on a weekly basis from one of my husbands co workers. When he told me this, I was excited. We regularly purchase 4 dozen eggs a week. To get them straight from the farm for less than store bought eggs is terrific.


Lightweight option for camp towels. Did you know that a cheaper version of a fast drying, lightweight camp towel can be found at your local discount store? You can go to the automotive department and purchase a microfiber towel for under $10 that will do everything your bath towel does but takes up a lot less space in your backpack. IMG_0767

You can use these as your bath or beach towel. You can dry the dew off your tent in the morning before packing it up. You can also roll it up and stuff it in your boots/shoes for a few hours and it will suck up the moisture from a rainy hike. These are much cheaper than actual camp towels and so much more practical than a normal everyday bath towel.

Book: A Blistered Kind of Love by Angela and Duffy Ballard As you all know I have been sitting for quite awhile. To pass my time I have been reading a lot and found this book to be very humorous. It’s about a couple that has decided to test their relationship by hiking the PCT together. If you like hiking and are looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend reading this one.


Dawn infused paper towels and hand wipes. It’s no secret I am a germaphobe. I am not obsessed to the point that I cannot function in society but I do need to feel clean. That being said, the thing I miss the most when we camp or hike is being able to wash my hands at certain times. It’s at this time of year we stock up on packaged wipes to have in our car/truck, my backpack, our camp supply box, and so on. This year we came across these new Dawn infused paper towels in a trial pack. There are 6 towels per pack and when I saw them for $1 each I grabbed a few. These will be perfect for wiping down dirty picnic tables, washing cooking pots/dishes at the campsite, and for wiping down things in hotel rooms. (In case you are laughing at me about wiping down a picnic table, let me explain. I once saw a parent change their child’s dirty diaper on a park picnic table and literally walk away for the next family to enjoy a picnic on. So yes, I do wipe down every picnic table I eat on!) All we will have to do is add a little water from our water bottles and cleanliness will be easily achieved.


What have you been loving lately?