Rail Trails…..Boring But Convenient

For me it was a pretty uneventful week. Nothing too exciting happened. My daycare children were fairly well behaved and in good moods all week and exercise was good. I avoided weights until mid week and cut back on poundage since I believe (hope) I have a pulled muscle in my stomach/abdominal area. For now I am going with this conclusion and hoping for the best.

On the home front, meals were good. I even had some time to prepare some freezer meals for fast “on the go” lunches for my husband during the week days when I cop out on making dinner the night before. Typically, he takes left overs for his lunch but sometimes life happens and there are no leftovers. And previously everything I had prepared for freezer meals all had artificial sweetener of some sort in it so I needed to remake his favorites with new ingredients. No Boil Lasagna is one that feeds us all for dinner, leaves me enough for lunch for all the kiddos the next day, plus leaves me two to three servings to freeze. How is that for awesome?!


OK so here is what I did for exercise this week:

Saturday: gym workout…30 minutes elliptical and stretching

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile trail walk


Tuesday: 3 mile trail walk


Wednesday: morning weight routine in our home gym and a evening 3 mile trail walk


Thursday: 3 mile trail walk once again

Friday: rest

As you can see walking a nearby rail trail was mainly the name of the game this week. Rail trails offer mainly a straight, flat trail but being close to home and convenient is nice after a long day. It’s been hot, humid, and I have been happy. A friend of mine simply calls it “Karen hot”  and I can completely understand why. I just love it….

And on that note I will leave you with something that some people will never see. I rarely see sunsets since I am often in bed and sound asleep before its even dark outside but some individuals never see sunrise like I do every single morning. You have no idea what you are all missing.



What a great way to start a day!



Geocaching, Disc Golf, Fishing, Hiking….Just Not Enough Time In One Weekend

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in one weekend to do everything you wish to do? We do quite often…this past weekend was one of them. However, we did fit in quite a bit of fun along with some chores that needed to be done also.

First off, Saturday morning we wanted to cross off a few things on the to do list so we made a trip to a local retailer to buy 8 bags of mulch.


While I spread mulch around our house my husband prepared the boat for the 2017 season and also pressure washed outside toys, tables, chairs, and high chairs from the long winter. This always brightens up everything and is so easy to do.


Add in a few loads of laundry and some bedding that was cleaned and hung outside to dry and it was now time to have some fun.

We finally went geocaching. In case you missed our new goal announcement, we have decided to section hike the entire Mountain Bay Trail and while doing this we also plan to search and find all the placed geocaches along the way.



We searched and found all but two in a 4.5 mile section.One was not even attempted do to the width of the ditch of water that would have had to be jumped across and one was simply not located. The trail was quite quiet in this section and offered us some well deserved peace and quiet time.


Oh, and without leaving out the best worst part of the whole hike, I can now add four more snakes to the list….these things literally make my heart skip a beat. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bad year for these little critters….or maybe I should say, a bad year for me since I seem to be the one to always find them.


That sums up Saturday…. a productive, yet fun day.

Sunday I woke up later than my husband to breakfast prepared for me. How wonderful was that….I have the best husband ever, in my opinion.


After breakfast we went fishing for a few hours on a local river. I am not the biggest fan of fishing but sometimes its fun to give it a try. Today was not my lucky day….I caught nothing!! My husband was the lucky one and caught two, both of which he threw back, but its the catch that is the exciting part not cleaning and eating of the catch.



After this it was a quick trip home for lunch and to pick up our son after he was done working. We had made family plans to hit the disc golf course for the first time this year. This is always fun since we normally are pretty rusty at first. Although, to my surprise I did much better at this than fishing. My first basket I achieved in two throws….with disgust from both my husband and my son. Ahhh, it sure felt good to throw a disc again.


18 baskets later and it was home for dinner and relaxation time before the week once again.


Setting A New Goal

My husband and I made a new goal for ourselves. After completing the Ahnapee Trail back in Oct.2015 which is 48 miles one way( which means we did 96 miles total since we always needed to back track to our vehicle)….we thought it would be nice to do the same with the Mountain Bay Trail which is 83 miles one way. We began this journey Tuesday evening and plan to finish in sections over the next year or so hopefully. For me it’s always nice to have something to reach for, accomplish or push myself to achieve. This will be a good way for me to stay focused and healthy. So without wasting much more time typing while the sun is shining brightly in the sky….here is what this weeks workouts were like.

Sunday: 1.5 mile hike


Monday: gym: 45 minute elliptical, arms and shoulder weights and stretching

Tuesday: 2.5 mile trail hike on a new part of the Mountain Bay Trail

Wednesday: home: upper body weight routine and abs

Thursday: home: legs and abs weight routine

gym: 30 minute elliptical

Friday: rest

Saturday:4.5 mile hike further on the Mountain Bay Trail


Do you find it motivating to set goals and try to achieve them?

What is a personal goal you’ve set that you wish to share?

Mountain Bay State Trail

Let’s take a a look at a small portion of a 83 mile trail that starts or ends here in our area.

The Mountain Bay State Trail is one of the longest rail trails we have here.The 3 mile section of the trail I am very familiar with travels from Cty.Rd. J (also known as Lakeview Dr.) and goes just beyond Rockwell Rd.. Starting at Cty. Rd.J you will find a small parking lot that can easily park 10-12 vehicles. In this area they also have one canopy covered picnic table and in the summer months a porta potty.


At this starting point you will find doggy bags/pet rules and an information board.


This part of the trail starts out next to a stream on your left and continues through residential, wooded and also industrial areas along the way. Which does not sound very appealing until you find out that you are well above all these looking down into these area. The trail is wide, crushed gravel and is very well maintained.


There are very few benches for rest along this stretch but plenty of area to just sit along the side the trail and take a break if needed. IMG_2954 At the end of this stretch you will come to a gated street crossing which is Rockwell Rd. IMG_2959 Crossing this road and walking to the next canopy covering over the trail will bring you just under 3 miles one way. This trail is mostly used by runners and walkers but I have seen individuals with bikes occasionally also. For the most part pet owners seem to pick up after there animals and in my eyes that makes this a wonderful trail to be on.

If you are in the Green Bay area for business or pleasure and want somewhere other than the street to walk/hike/jog or bike this would be a nice option.

What I Could, When I Could

I have no excuses for this week. I was feeling quite blah all week and it shows in every aspect of my life. I struggled with workouts, time management, and with my job. We had appointments three nights this week, had to tend to a last minute request from family one night, which left one night for us to actually be able to consider going to the gym. And that one night I was just plain tired and ended up sleeping by 7:30p.m..

So what does one do when nothing seems to play out as planned? Well, I try and just let it all go and look forward to a better week ahead. However, first I have a weekend to enjoy and that is exactly what I plan to do. It’s jammed packed at the moment with fun things and I cannot wait to enjoy them all.

This weeks workouts looked like this:

Saturday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, total body weights and stretching

Sunday: 4 mile solo trail hike and weights when I arrived home


Monday: 2.5 mile walk outside (it started to rain so we turned around a bit short of our normal distance)

Tuesday: home: 30 minutes recumbent bike, weight lifting, stretching

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: home: 15 minute recumbent bike, weight lifting and stability ball routine

Friday: home: recumbent bike 30 minutes

I know, not the best week. However, at least I did what I could when I could.

Have A Great Weekend Everyone


A Solo Hike Was Exactly What I Needed

Sunday when I saw the sun start to send it’s rays through our bedroom curtains I knew I needed to change my plans for the day. Originally I had arranged to meet a friend at the gym at noon for another workout during the long holiday weekend. All that was changed with one quick email and I am sure she was not surprised. I LOVE sunshine and crave it like a kid craves candy. I knew my son had to work and my husband wanted to work on some stained glass projects which left me solo for the day. And I knew precisely what I wanted to do…..make some tracks on a nearby trail.


We had had a wonderful four day weekend, super busy, sometimes hectic, very active, and at times overwhelming. I finished Christmas shopping completely (on-line), made Thanksgiving dinner, worked out every single day, even managed a family hike one day. We now have our home decorated for Christmas, our tree is up, and gifts are half wrapped. As for sleep these past few days, well, it could have been better. All our son’s friends were home for the holiday weekend which meant every night I was awaken by his arrival home in the weeee hours of the morning and if that did not have me awake, my arms did. I have been having trouble with my arms falling asleep while I am sleeping which then awakens me in pain. So I knew a solo hike would do me a world of good.

I headed out on a nearby trail which is one of my favorites in the area. It’s close by and not crowded by bikes, runners, dogs or skateboards.


I began my hike with the sun shining high over head and no wind….in other words….. gorgeous winter conditions.


I did meet a few others on the trail but mostly in the first mile. After that it was just me:) IMG_2954

There is truly something about being on the trail alone with any and everything going through your head. My mind just wandered around from one thought to another, none being anything too serious.

Around me I noticed signs that winter is not far away. There may be no snow quite yet, but the geese are on the move, IMG_2961

there is ice forming along the stream, IMG_2964

and I have one too many layers on than I usually prefer. IMG_2953

I hiked for 4 miles before returning back to my vehicle.

IMG_2975I was so happy and felt lighter than I had in days. My head was clear, my body felt great, and I was ready to face the week ahead.


What do you do when you just need to decompress from life?



Ahnapee State Trail: Another Few Miles Closer To The End

We spent our first full day of Spring geocaching on the Ahnapee State Trail. As you know if you’ve been following us on this journey, our goal is to do the entire 48 mile distance in bits and pieces. Saturday we did a round trip total of 5.2 miles, found 17 geocaches, caught up with each other on life matters since I have not seen much of my husband for the past two weeks due to his work schedule, and just really enjoyed the solitude this trail has to offer.

It always amazes me how different yet how similar some trials can be. Last weekend I hiked a few miles alone on the Mountain Bay Trail which I found to be nice, peaceful(after the first mile or so), and also very flat. The Ahnapee is also very flat and peaceful (we saw no one the entire day). Although, the sounds, critters, animal prints, and the surrounding is so different on the Ahnapee. We saw so many deer and coyote prints that it was amazing. Hunting must be no challenge what so ever for those that hunt out that direction. We came across carcasses, some unique old buildings, and tons of old tractor/farm equipment that was discarded over the past years.


However, the most amazing thing I saw on this day hike had to be a farmers field and the destruction he apparently choose to do to the tree line around his crop field since the tractor that did such damage was still sitting on the side of the field. (keep in mind, I am not a farm girl so this was quite amazing for me to see)


This tractor recently rode around the outskirts of this field and literally mutilated any tree that was within the reach of that blade on the front. It was amazing how this appeared and how far the pieces flew being we even had to cross that path of some of these pieces while on the trail. Here is a chunk my husband is holding just to give a visual of how destructive this piece of machinery was.


Now, I am sure in world of farming there is a reason for such damage but I can’t help but think if there would not have been a better way.

Anyhow, it was a fantastic hike.

For those looking for the logistics, here you are:

We started and parked on the side of the road at Center Road in Forestville, WI. We ended our hike at the crossing of Cty. Hwy. H and Hwy. 42 in Maplewood, WI. We hiked 5.2 miles round trip. Terrain is completely flat with a crushed gravel path.