How To Keep Motivated Exercising

Motivation….don’t we all wish we had more at times? I am sure there are many, many of you that have recently made the pledge to start exercising. Now you just have to figure out how to keep yourself motivated to keep exercising. Which is exactly what we are talking about today.

Despite the fact that endorphins will take over your body after exercise and make you feel like you have the energy of a three year old, there may be times when a little extra push may be needed. So here are a few motivational helpers to keep you moving.

#1 Everyone needs a goal: don’t set it too big, this is important. You want to be able to reach that goal. You can always set another after this one.

#2 Reward yourself: once you reach that goal you have set, reward yourself with something special. New workout outfit, new headband, new shoes, ice cream cone, dinner out with someone special, anything that means something to you. It can be something big or small, as long as it’s something special for you. IMG_1242

#3 Schedule it: Seriously this is no laughing matter. So many of us say we don’t have time to exercise or will find any excuse to skip it because of $%^&! This cannot happen and if it needs to happen it better be an emergency. Just like you pick your kids up from school everyday, brush your teeth everyday, or feed your pet everyday, you must schedule this segment of time into your schedule everyday.

#4 Make an appointment: If you can’t hold up your end of the bargain by scheduling it and doing it, then your other option would be to pay for an appointment to exercise. Either hire a trainer, join a gym, or even enroll in a group class. This way if you do not show up, you are literally throwing money out the window.


#5 Variety: Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same routine over and over again. This could bore you to death and make it easier to just say skip it. Whether you are at home or at a gym change up your routine. IMG_3039

#6 Think fun: No one says you need to workout indoors. Bring your yoga mat to a park, run/walk/hike a nearby trail, swim laps in a lake, snowshoe, ice skate etc.  Depending on what you enjoy and your activity level, bring your workout outside and enjoy the fresh air. IMG_5054

#7 Support: Team up with a friend or your spouse and support each other. If you have set dates to work out together and you feel like cancelling, that obligation to support your friend/spouse may be enough to get you up and moving.  IMG_2917

These are a few things that keep me motivated on a daily basis. Yes, we will all feel like some days are better than others but as long as the attempt is made and something is done in the way of exercise it’s a success. Some is better than nothing at all.


Our Thanksgiving Day

My day started at 6a.m. when I woke up. With only us three to prepare Thanksgiving meal for I was not a bit concerned about being ready. So as I have every year for the past few I started my day with a workout. Only this year I had a workout buddy. I had been telling a friend of mine for quite sometime that exercise is the best mood elevator in the world. Not to mention it makes you feel better, healthier and so on. I think after hearing me preach this for so long she finally decided to give it a try and that is exactly what we did today.


It must have been meant to be since she ironically received a free “guest pass” in the mail the day before Thanksgiving.


I was very happy to have the company and she did fabulous for her first time.

After the gym I arrived home to find my husband preparing to smoke a turkey breast for the first time ever.


Since this takes significantly longer than preparing an entire bird I was able to do some prep work on the whole turkey we had also planned on cooking, IMG_2915

get some laundry done (it really never ends),


and dig out our Christmas decor containers.

By mid afternoon our house was smelling very yummy. The smoked turkey breast was finished and was set aside to rest,


the table was set, and the roasted bird was ready for carving.

IMG_2927We ate Thanksgiving dinner as a family and the rest of the night is history. A little lounging, a little puzzle time, and a little more lounging. We all agreed it was a pretty awesome day.



Join Us In Participating In The 52 Hike Challenge

You all know winter is not my favorite time of year…’s cold, dreary, snow covered, and just plain miserable here in WI. Now, I know some individuals love winter as it brings skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and so on……however, I am not one of those individuals that enjoys these activities. So recently I was searching for something to keep me motivated through the winter months and came across this very awesome challenge.


52 Hike Challenge was created by a couple whom, for each their own reasons, felt the need to inspire others to get out and be active. Which just so happens to be my goal of blogging, since I also found happiness after I figured out that good vibes come from being active. So I signed us up after researching the challenge and have already started logging hikes we take in our area. I have no doubt we will accomplish this goal of 52 hikes in one year. I think this is exactly the motivation my body and mind need to get out in the winter months and be active.

Take a look and read over their website. It was easy to sign up, fun to read where others have hiked, and maybe, just maybe we will meet some new people that also enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.

We Are On This Journey Together

A year ago my husband surprised me by announcing he was joining the gym. I had already been a member for two years and occasionally would ask him if he wanted to join me, but his answer was always,”no!” So as you can imagine, this announcement took me by complete surprise but I was pretty happy.

Not only would we be able to workout together but he may also start to understand the satisfaction I received by exercising. I clearly remember his first week. It was a matter of just getting to know how to use the various machines and such. He had very little soreness but I did not expect him to be sore. He has a pretty physical lifestyle. What did shock him was his stamina when it came to cardio. He slowly had to work his way up but he did it and reaped the benefits quickly.

I cannot tell you how fun it has been to workout as a couple. It’s great to have someone to chat with while working out, we motivate each other and offer support to each other when one of us is just ready to say skip it for today. I often feel we both have a sense of obligation to each other and that keeps us accountable to sticking with our planned workouts.

As for the physical benefits, he is still as strong as ever, but is not as tired as he used to be after a full day. Exercise has given him the extra energy he was lacking along with a much better sleep pattern.

Now if only I could convince him that working out in the morning hours is really a great way to start the day. Hmmmm, I think this may take some work on my part.

Do you prefer to workout solo or with someone?




Monday Motivation

Sunday 11/2: GYM: 40 minutes elliptical, free weights upper body

Monday 11/3: HOME: 30 minutes bike, upper body weights, 3 mile walk, 200 crunches

Tuesday 11/4: HOME: 200 crunches, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM:35 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weights

Wednesday 11/5: Home: 200 crunches, free weights(arms)

GYM: 45 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday 11/6:
3 mile walk

Friday 11/7: HOME: 200 crunches and free weights(arms), 30 minutes bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 20 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weights

Saturday 11/8: OFF……but we walked for hours while on our “SHOP TILL YOU DROP” Chicago shopping trip. That has to count for something;-)

Sunday I awoke to both my boys gone for the majority of the day by 6 a.m. so I figured a good solo early morning gym workout would be a great way to start my day. I love early morning workouts compared to evenings so this put a smile on my face for the day;-)

This was an odd work week for me since I had Wednesday off to attend to a few appointments in the morning hours. Which then left me with half the day just for me. Take a guess what I did first….aaaah went to the gym. I know, pretty pathetic but it’s what makes me feel good. I got in a great workout, then met some friends for lunch, and just really enjoyed some “me time” for a change.

This was quite the week for me. Workouts were great, my ankle seems to be headed in the right direction with less pain, and we really put on some miles while shopping Saturday which was exactly what I was hoping to achieve. With our first snow storm predicted to start this morning, I am ready to change gears and begin our training schedule as planned this week.