A Little Of This and A Little Of That

We had a great weekend. With Mother’s Day on Sunday my son offered to prepare dinner of my choice which he knows is always a great offer. Meals always taste better when someone else prepares them. My choice was turkey reuben sandwiches on texas toast with fresh, wild asparagus on the side. YUMMMM!

In other weekend events…..I attempted my first game of disc golf with my immobility boot. We went to a course on the UW Green Bay campus. IMG_0973

Not a great game for me but it was still fun. I had a hard time getting up the hills with that darn boot on but with a little help I managed. It was a gorgeous day and we saw many families playing together which is always nice to see. IMG_0976

Saturday morning our son was working so my husband and I headed out to a recreational trail for some wild asparagus picking. IMG_0963

No one in my family eats asparagus except me however, my husband enjoys picking it.




While we were nearby we also stopped at my favorite fish market and purchased some smoked salmon. My mouth literally starts watering the second I walk in and smell their fabulous smoked fish. IMG_0954

Which reminds me, have you tried this Korean BBQ pork jerky yet? We found ours at Costco….I highly recommend it!


After a full day of activity, it was time to relax and try out my new resistance band exercises on my healthy ankle. In one more week I will be able to start exercising both ankles and hopefully they are healthy enough to attempt our big vacation in a few weeks.


I was able to use the medium resistance band on my good ankle. I can only imagine that my injured ankle will not be as strong, but we’ll see soon enough.

What does your family do for fun?

Have you ever picked something wild and fed it to your family?





Celebrating Some Small Victories

I feel very accomplished this week. Nothing big and exciting, just some things that have been weighing on my mind have been taken care of.

Victory #1: After three stores and some of the saddest looking plants I have seen in green houses in years, I finally have my planters done. Thankfully, I don’t have a very green thumb which means I did not need many to fill up my two planters. Not a big chore off my list but it at least is done and crossed off. IMG_0933

Victory #2: We have started walking again this week(with boot on) and I have lost all three pounds I gained while sitting for a month. Hurray…..I knew it would come right back off but there is always that little doubt in the back of my mind.

Victory #3: I have had an Amazon order sitting on my “to do” pile for weeks and I finally placed the order this week. Most people love online shopping. For me, any shopping is quite the chore.

Victory #4: I purchased my first watermelon of the season this week. This is not really a victory but it does (in my mind) mean that I have really survived another WI winter. I love summer and nothing says summer more than a big, red, ripe watermelon! IMG_0940

Victory #5:  We have finally had time as a family to sit down and discuss a training plan for…..wait for it…….yes,another BIG ACTIVE VACATION! This time we are all going and it shall be an adventure. I know your probably wondering why I would plan an active vacation with being injured and all, but to tell you the truth, it was planned awhile ago. I am not too worried about not being able to accomplish what’s ahead however, it may take me awhile longer to train with my husband and son at their level. I have another week before I can remove this boot and start strengthening my ankle again. Moderation will be my goal.

Like I said, nothing too huge or exciting for that matter. Just a few things I needed to get done and now they are off my mind.

For now I will wish all the mom’s a wonderful Mother’s Day and I’ll be back next week with another DIY freezer bag backpacking meal and a great family friendly campground recommendation for everyone.

Have A Great Weekend!

Week Recap

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. My week started out pretty slow but shifted into high gear mid week. We got so much accomplished this week on the “to do” list that I would say we are ready to move into play mode during our weekends.

Monday we were finally able to finish landscaping our yard. This is the first year we will not have a garden. Sad I know, but I just could not find the time. At the end of the gardening season last fall we took down the fencing and planted grass. Now we just needed to add some landscaping pavers and transplant some hostas. I did the hostas with some help from our son during nap time one day. Then, when my hubby arrived home from work he laid the pavers and ta da, another job done. Of course, as you can see, he had a little helper.


Lately, for some reason I have been struggling to come up with dinner ideas and stick to them during the week days, but this week I did a great job. We always plan a week in advance what dinner will be and depending on life, jobs, weather, etc. this can change very quickly. However, this week went according to planned. Our meals consisted of:

Monday: veggie stir fry with spring rolls

Tuesday: chicken pot pie and side salad

Wednesday: no boil lasagna and garlic bread

Thursday: sloppy joe casserole and sauteed zucchini

Friday: chicken quesadillas and with all the fixings

And I have to share something with you all. I have read so many smoothie recipes and have seen pictures of hundreds of different blends. I have never been a lover of fruit but thought maybe in smoothie form I would be able to consume a little more. So one morning I blended up some fruit (apple, pineapple, banana, greek yogurt, and a little almond milk) and the outcome was pretty tasty.


I can’t say I would make this very often or be able to consume this as a meal. However, I think this would be a great way to help others get there intake of fruit, especially if your like me and don’t really care for many fruits. I guess I am just more of a veggie person.

I have also come up with a quick breakfast idea that both my husband and I have been loving lately. This is by no means a new thing, but it is something that is new to us. Breakfast at our house has to be quick because we get up very early for my husband to make his 45 minute drive to work every day. I took some clean jars, granola, greek yogurt and what ever berry/fruit mixture you prefer. (We change ours up) And just started layering in a jar.


I will make a few of these up on Sunday and they are good for a quick breakfast all week long. Amazingly, the granola even stays crunchy.

Which brings us to the weekend. With no definite set plans I am kind of left hanging. Yes, I have the normal errands to run, I think my husband is going fishing with my brother, our son has to work part of the weekend and then it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Which means I should have plans, but I don’t yet. Sometimes those weekend where you just let happen what happens are fun. Hopefully this one will be.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And to all you mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


Mother’s Day…..

This will be my 18th. Mother’s Day, and I was just thinking back to everything that being a mother means to me.

I have been so very fortunate to succeed in my dreams of being a stay home mom for our son, for his entire childhood. I had always dreamed of being a mother, and really hoped to be able to stay home and see all those first moments. Like that first step, first tooth, first word, and I suppose you have to add that first sleepless night, first bout with stomach flu and so on. I have been self employed in my profession the entire time from home and have been able to be here when school called that our son was ill, that snow day where parents scramble on what do do with their kids so they can get to work, and everything else in between. I pride myself on always having dinner on the table at night, we spent many summers doing all sorts of activities, and I can honestly say, I would not trade it for the world.

Although, there are a few things, as a mom, I could have done without. When our son first started organized sports, we tried pee wee soccer, and baseball. Now, baseball, was not too bad, but soccer, was just torture for me. I am not a big organized sports fan, even when my son was the one with the ball!!! Although, I took my lawn chair, sometimes the umbrella, and the team snack, and two nights a week, we sat and watch with pride.

Thankfully in time, he decided that organized sports were also not for him, and then the fun began. He switched to a Nascar lover. We had every imaginable match box car there was. Literally. We never took him to a Nascar race but Sundays we did go to a local racetrack and watch the rookies race around in circles for hours and sit on very uncomfortable bleachers until way to late at night.

Then when this phase of life was over, he thought, lets try biking and photography. Biking was good, I like to bike on paved paths. We all did this a few times, but then he decided mountain biking would be more fun. Well, needless to say, dad and I still stick to the paved paths. He can do those backwoods trails himself. And photography is still a big passion for him. He has come along way from his point and shoot we first bought him to the camera he purchased himself a few years ago.

Which brings us to today. As a family, we love to kayak. How many parents of teenagers can say they spend almost every weekend together, HAPPILY, doing an activity? Sometimes, we even have had some of his brave teenage friends join in the fun. When we stated this journey, I would have never imagined us upgrading all three of our kayaks from recreational ones, to whitewater in a matter of three years. Although, I cherish these weekends we spend together. Yes, I am sure I still drive my son crazy when he flips his kayak over and I panic, but, I am a mom and its our job to worry about our children. Right???

Through out his high school years, we have always taken a mother/son day. I look forward to this one day a year, because since he started high school and has been able to spread his wings alot more, he has become more and more like his father. I call him my,” BRAIN CHILD.” Dinner times at our house consists of talking about the periodic table, engineering issues for some mechanical something or other he is trying to make at school or anything that can be seen on Nova over and over and over on a weekly basis. And, honestly, none of this interests me at all. So, I feel like slightly an outcast at these moments. Which means when we do go for this mother/son date every summer, we can still have fun together, with no crazy brain conversations, and we play all day very hard. I am so proud to say, I can usually out last my son in any activity we choose. Although, I may have more stamina, it takes me longer to recover than him. Now that he is older, I find myself sometimes talking him into trying something new instead the other way around. This year we are hoping to try an off road segway tour. Now that should be fun!!!!!

I have been there for that first step, the first day of school, the first bike crash, prom, the dreaded driver’s license test, and I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather been.

I can only imagine what future Mother’s Day’s will be like.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone

IMG_0305 - Copy

QUESTION: What does Mother’s Day mean for you?