Monthly Health Challenge- July 2015

Good Morning!

It’s July 1st today which means it’s time for a new monthly health challenge. Whether you have been succeeding at these challenges or not it’s still worth giving each one a try. This month’s challenge you may find very hard or very easy.

July Health Challenge Is: Give up soda and replace it with something healthier.

For me this will be a challenge free month. No, not because I can’t give up soda or refuse to try. This challenge is one I gave up years ago. I will occasionally have a soda while we are out somewhere (maybe twice a year) but for me this one is a no brainer. Soda is simply empty calories and sugar, neither of which I choose to put in my body on a regular basis.There are so many better options.

Like I said, this one is going to be very difficult for many of you soda drinkers. Start out slow and replace one soda a day that you would normally drink with some other type of beverage and work your way up to a soda free day. After you reach an entire day, up the ante and make your next goal soda free every other day until ultimately you reach an entire week of no soda.

Good Luck!

March Health Challenge

Hello Everyone,

It’s another new month which means a new health challenge is starting today. Are you ready?

March is : Make and Take Lunch Month

Relax, you can do this one. It’s really quite simple. Not only will you be eating healthier than if you were grabbing lunch on the go but you will save SO MUCH MONEY by doing this for a month. Now who does not love having extra money?

Your goal should be to make and take your lunch Monday through Friday everyday this month. I would love to know who makes it, how much money you all save and if you will continue to do this after you see how easy and affordable doing this really can be.

Good Luck!