Anyone Else Waiting For Summer?

You know when all the snow finally melts in your yard, you have made the Spring to do list, you have dusted off the patio furniture and are ready to bring it outdoors, and you are so ready to pack away scarves, hats, gloves, and everything that adds bulk in the winter and then you wake up one morning to another full layer of snow covering everything in sight???? This was me a few mornings ago here in Green Bay! IMG_0877

I was bummed. Yes, I know we have gotten snow before…..many times in April, heck even May, but come on already. I am done with winter. So done. It’s really no joke when we here in the midwest say we have to train to get back into shape for the summer season. Winters are long, boring, we eat comfort food just to stay warm, and then before we know it, we are 10 lbs heavier, our joints hurt, and staying up past 8 p.m. is literally a chore even though the sun is still shining brightly. I keep telling my self it’s coming just hang in there.


Alrighty, I just had to get that rant off my chest. So this weeks meals turned out to be a disaster…but not on my part. It all began Easter Sunday about dinner time when my husband got the call that he was once again was needed in Tennessee and would be leaving on the 7a.m. flight out of Green Bay. UGGGG, we first thought it was an April fools joke, but unfortunately it was not! So even though I had the menu planned and all the groceries bought for the week, I replanned very quickly, and winged it all week.

Here is what this week was in meals:

Saturday: unwrapped egg roll bowls….they were such a big hit last time I had to make them once again


Sunday: egg and roasted potato bake with ham along with roasted green beans (Easter)IMG_7009

Monday: here is where the week went down hill…at least in the meal area.

Today we ate pasta salads that I had prepared for both my husband and my son’s lunches for the week.


Tuesday: I opted to try a jar simmer seasoning I picked up on my last trip down to Trader Joe’s called Masala Simmer Sauce. I prepared this with carrots, chicken, and spinach. It was ok, not great, but coming from a jar it was edible. Would I buy it again? Probably not. IMG_0871


Wednesday: Out for my monthly dinner with my brother

Thursday: bean burger wraps, chips and salsa

Friday: out

Food prep this week was a bit all over the place. I, like I said above, threw together two different pasta salads for lunches for my boys this week. I also roasted potatoes for a casserole and boiled a dozen eggs for myself  for before my morning workouts.


I also made up 6 muffin egg sandwiches to toss in the freezer and reheat for fast breakfasts. I love doing this….it so easy and so much less expensive than the store bought premade breakfast sandwiches that have so many other ingredients in them that you really do not know what your truly eating.






Signs Of Autumn Are Everywhere

Oh my goodness…..are you feeling what I am feeling here in WI? Although, I am not by any means feeling the gloom and doom of winter quite yet, I sure am feeling the signs of autumn.

Leaves are beginning to change colors on the tree branches.


Some have already fallen from trees.


And some are just starting to change. Fall is quickly approaching for sure.


This is the time of year where summer is trying so hard to last just a few weeks longer.


Iced coffees are no longer my preferred morning beverage…it’s now a big cup of hot coffee to take the morning chill off.

Soups are making a come back on my weekly meal list with no complaints from my husband or son.

For us here, we are living everyday like its the last. Fall is a great time of year to hike here in the midwest with much less bugs. We spent the entire weekend hiking waterfalls and with camping plans right around the corner….blogging is really going to have to take the back burner for a bit until I have more time. So just know that I am collecting photos and fun outings to share with all of you when time permits. And I can only hope you use what I share to get out and try something new and be inspired to enjoy the great outdoors as much as I do.


As for now, I will be back as soon as possible….first I have to savor every moment before the snow begins to fall.





Working Out Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Oh, this is such a true statement for me. Lately, this is all that keeps me sane. I can have the worse day ever but if I can find it in me to drag myself downstairs or to the gym I know I will feel better after I achieve a good workout.

What makes me even more happy is that my family and friends are well aware of my love of exercise. Recently, a friend of mine stopped over for a visit and brought along a flyer from the city I live in with a new program they are trying. I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and honestly the last 10 years or so, I have dreamed of moving somewhere much more active. You can only imagine my excitement when I saw that the city is hosting FREE classes at area parks for residents to participate in for a few weeks or to try once and never return.

This all got me to thinking, why are we the way we are….

Have you wanted to become active but can’t afford a gym membership, a class fee, or maybe the gear to try a new sport/activity?

Would you participate in a program like this if your hometown offered a free trial session of a new activity?

Would you rather try something alone or would you never go alone?

Is there a reason you want to become more active but just won’t take that first step?

What would motivate you to take that leap of faith and try something new and active?

I can assure you everyone has had or still has these same questions and thoughts going through their head when they are considering trying something new. However, those that do step out of their comfort zone typically never regret it. Whether they succeed or fail at whatever it is that they try, they have accomplished getting past the fear of “what if” and can say, they tried it!

Working out for me is truly my therapy of choice. It makes me happy, keeps me healthy, makes me feel good, and gives me the energy to make it through some hard days. That is not to say that I don’t struggle to get in a workout everyday. Some days it is a chore, sometimes even a hassle but I NEVER REGRET IT!!!!!

I want to encourage you all to get up and stop dreaming about becoming healthier. Make this dream a reality. Whether you are big or small, young or old, you will never accomplish happiness unless you get up and take that first step. Don’t worry about what other people around you are doing or saying. No one really cares what you look like or how well you are doing something. It’s the fact that you are out there doing it and trying your best at it.