Week Recap

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. My week started out pretty slow but shifted into high gear mid week. We got so much accomplished this week on the “to do” list that I would say we are ready to move into play mode during our weekends.

Monday we were finally able to finish landscaping our yard. This is the first year we will not have a garden. Sad I know, but I just could not find the time. At the end of the gardening season last fall we took down the fencing and planted grass. Now we just needed to add some landscaping pavers and transplant some hostas. I did the hostas with some help from our son during nap time one day. Then, when my hubby arrived home from work he laid the pavers and ta da, another job done. Of course, as you can see, he had a little helper.


Lately, for some reason I have been struggling to come up with dinner ideas and stick to them during the week days, but this week I did a great job. We always plan a week in advance what dinner will be and depending on life, jobs, weather, etc. this can change very quickly. However, this week went according to planned. Our meals consisted of:

Monday: veggie stir fry with spring rolls

Tuesday: chicken pot pie and side salad

Wednesday: no boil lasagna and garlic bread

Thursday: sloppy joe casserole and sauteed zucchini

Friday: chicken quesadillas and with all the fixings

And I have to share something with you all. I have read so many smoothie recipes and have seen pictures of hundreds of different blends. I have never been a lover of fruit but thought maybe in smoothie form I would be able to consume a little more. So one morning I blended up some fruit (apple, pineapple, banana, greek yogurt, and a little almond milk) and the outcome was pretty tasty.


I can’t say I would make this very often or be able to consume this as a meal. However, I think this would be a great way to help others get there intake of fruit, especially if your like me and don’t really care for many fruits. I guess I am just more of a veggie person.

I have also come up with a quick breakfast idea that both my husband and I have been loving lately. This is by no means a new thing, but it is something that is new to us. Breakfast at our house has to be quick because we get up very early for my husband to make his 45 minute drive to work every day. I took some clean jars, granola, greek yogurt and what ever berry/fruit mixture you prefer. (We change ours up) And just started layering in a jar.


I will make a few of these up on Sunday and they are good for a quick breakfast all week long. Amazingly, the granola even stays crunchy.

Which brings us to the weekend. With no definite set plans I am kind of left hanging. Yes, I have the normal errands to run, I think my husband is going fishing with my brother, our son has to work part of the weekend and then it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Which means I should have plans, but I don’t yet. Sometimes those weekend where you just let happen what happens are fun. Hopefully this one will be.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And to all you mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


Preparing for the Week Ahead

I find that I can really benefit myself by planning my weekly menu and getting a head start on Sunday mornings. I start my Sundays with about 1-2 hours in the kitchen preparing some of our go to foods for the week.


The first thing is to make sure I have a plan. I then lay out all the ingredients and start the items that need cooking first.

The plan for this week is hard boiled eggs, pickled eggs, lentil bowls, cashew date balls, over night oats and  fresh chunk pineapple.

I first put the lentils and eggs to simmer and boil. While this was happening I chunked a pineapple. Next, I prepared my mushrooms, zucchini and onions for my lentil bowl topping. By the time I had all this chopped and ready to cook, my eggs were boiling and ready to sit for a few minutes and my lentils were also done. While my mushroom mixture was cooking, I  threw together three quick over night oat mixtures for fast hot breakfasts this week. Mix, shake and into the frig, done! Then it was time to peel eggs, I hate this job especially when they do not peel nicely!!! After peeling I prepared the pickled mixture and let it cool in the frig while I then made cashew date balls.  Mixed them up in the food processor, formed into balls and walla, done. Finally, I poured the cooled pickled mixture over a few eggs in a glass jar and back into the frig.


Now, I feel pretty prepared for the week ahead. Our go to meals and snacks are made, dinner menu for the week is planned and our workouts are scheduled. Now, I can only hope the week goes smoothly. By the looks of it, mother nature may have her own ideas. Today we have been warned of another major snow storm and Thursday they are preparing us all for a good amount of rain. If it’s not severely below zero here then it seems to snow. I guess that’s winter in Wisconsin.

Do you plan ahead to make life easier?

What are your go to meals/snacks during busy weeks?