A Look Back At May And What’s To Come For June

Here is a little recap of the month of May 2015.

Our first camping trip of 2015 IMG_0930

 Everything is blooming and coming out of hiding from winterIMG_0871


Fishing in the boat for the first time in 2015


Our first big hike of 2015



Finally getting my lifestyle back after an injury



Our first kayaking trip of 2015


It’s been quite a whirlwind month for us. As for June, it’s even crazier. With a visit to a friends cabin, a weekend garage sale to clear out the growing pile in our basement of things we no longer need/want, kayaking, hopefully standup paddling depending on my ankle, and to the beginning of our training plan for our up coming vacation. Life is looking somewhat overwhelming although, it’s exactly how I like it to be.

Do you fill your summertime calendar with busy, fun activities?

Or are you one to leave the weekends for rest and relaxation?


Weekend Goals and The May Health Challenge

The weekend is here and I am EXCITED! I visited the doctor yesterday and didn’t exactly get the news I was hoping for but I still got good news.


I will still be in the boot another two weeks. However, two hours during my work day and from the time I am done working until bedtime I can take it off. However, if we do any form of activity besides normal walking around the house, then it has to go back on. I did get the ok to do anything I wish with the boot on…hello trail here I come. Which means I made some weekend goals and hope to accomplish most of them. Take a look:

#1 To not over do activity with that ankle. I need to strengthen it back up. As much as I would love to hike 10 miles, that is not likely going to happen. I do plan to hike a little this weekend since our plans have been on the calendar for quite some time now, but all in good reason.

#2 I really need to even out my tan. One leg is white and the other is not. Since I can have the boot off for a while each day, this will be my time to marinate in the sunshine.

#3 Try out my new insoles when I have the boot off. I’ve been told this could be painful, but I am not too worried. I have been in pain for months, how much worse could it be?

#4 Enjoy my first campfire meal of the season. (Fire danger here is very high, this one is iffy)

#5 Spend some family time together. My son was offered a job last week which has him working in his field of photography almost every single weekend photographing weddings. This could be one of our last weekends together as a family doing what we love so I need to savor every second.


#6 Last but not least, work on losing the three pounds I have gained from sitting around unable to exercise for the last month. The night I came home from my appointment we actually took our first walk in a month.(with the boot still on) It was great!

I’ll let you all know next week how many of these goals I actually accomplish.

Now, onto May’s Health Challenge. I don’t know where last month went but it’s gone and that means we are ready for a new monthly health challenge.

May’s Health Challenge Is: Meatless Monday’s

That’s right, no meat on Monday’s! You can easily replace your protein with another form of food one day per week without a whole lot of effort. Here are some options to choose from:

beans and lentils

cottage cheese



greek yogurt


peanut butter


nuts and seeds

I am sure there are many, many more out there besides just these.  If you don’t think you can survive an entire day without meat just start out with dinner on Monday’s. Work your way up to an entire day by the end of the month. You can set your own goals and achieve them.

These challenges are meant to be fun and rewarding to us all when we work to achieve something we normally would not do on our own. I don’t want these to turn into something that we all dread and find impossible.

Let me know of any good ideas or recipes you come up with that are meatless. I would be happy to give them a try here with my family as well.

Good Luck!



Random Rambling

I can’t believe it’s May already. April just flew by. Maybe it’s because this year just seems to be so far behind. Spring has been here for some time already and I can barely see my perennials peaking through the ground. I have a feeling summer is going to be gone before it has a chance to even get a good start. This makes me even more eager to pack it full of fun adventures.

Let’s see, May has a few things on the calendar that I am looking forward to. First, there is Mother’s Day, which I never really know what is happening on that particular day. Sometimes I get to choose and sometimes my boys surprise me with something. I just kinda hang out and wait to see what happens. Both my husband and son know it is best to plan an outdoor activity, so honestly no matter what they plan I am happy as long as it’s outside.

In one more week our son will have completed his first year of college. Gosh, that is just amazing to me. It seems as if it just flew by. Even though it was not the first year we all had imagined, we got through it and he is a much happier person now than he was the first semester.

This week has been a long rainy week here in Green Bay. As much as I wanted to get outside all week, I am grateful for the rain. My lawn is looking greener every day, which means I will get to use my new lawn mower real soon.

This year for Memorial Day weekend we are not quite sure what to prepare for. Typically, we plan our first big kayaking trip with as many participants as we can find to brave the chilly waters. With many areas less than an hour away still covered with ice, I just don’t know if I will be willing to brave the cold water much less ask others to join us. This is quite sad, we really look forward to this big weekend as our opening to the paddling season. Maybe we will get lucky, time will tell.

In regards to our workouts, we have been going strong. Except for a two week stretch of wicked stomach flu that flew threw our home in April, we have been working out or walking religiously. We both missed two days each when we were sick and got back to normal slowly, but the fact that were back is all that matters. I must admit, my husband has stuck with the gym much longer than I thought he would and he is loving the outcome. I think he is in the best shape he has been in since being in basic training. I am pretty proud of him.

My plan for May is to share some advice with you all about river kayaking. The season is right around the corner and there are so many things we have learned over the years that I think would help anyone thinking about trying this activity. I will also be sharing a few new recipes, some hikes, and of course our weekend adventures.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone 🙂