We Still Do….After 25 Years

This past week we spent as a family in Sedona, Arizona to celebrate our 25th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion we did something somewhere very special to us and it could not have been more perfect.


That picture right there is Doe Mountain…a place that will forever have great meaning in our hearts. That is where I dreamed of saying I Do all over again and my dreams came true on this day.



We married very young, we have had many struggles, we have gone through many things together and never once have we left each others side through it all. Today, looking back, I can honestly say that it all made us stronger and so much more grateful for each other. So to make it to this milestone in our lives together where we could celebrate in a big way was something we worked very hard to do. We came up with the idea a year ago to renew our wedding vows on our anniversary but I wanted to do this at the top of this mountain…not on ground level. Yes, crazy I am…..but I was determined to find a minister that could and would be willing to make this happen for us. So I started contacting ministers in the Sedona area and I was quickly shot down by six of them as soon as they heard my destination. That is, until I contacted the 7th one on my list and after talking with him, he kindly agreed to hike with us to the top, let us pick our place atop the summit, and perform the ceremony all while our son photographed the entire time.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 we arrived at the trailhead parking lot and waited patiently the arrival of our minister, Reverend Ken Froessel.


We said our hellos and began our hike up the mountain.



This was to be a completely casual affair. However, our kind and thoughtful minister asked if we would mind if he changed into his hiking boots to make the climb instead of his normal wedding attire shoes he arrived in. I simply said of course, we are planning to wear our boots, he may as well also.

We said our vows on this point looking out into the canyon. It was perfect. Something we will never forget.


Parent's Vow Renewal low-9

Parent's Vow Renewal low-16

After all was said and done we took some more pictures, he presented us with a copy of the vows we had just promised to each other, and then said our goodbyes as he headed back down the mountain while we stayed up to enjoy more of the summit.


Parent's Vow Renewal low-18

Parent's Vow Renewal low-19

Parent's Vow Renewal low-23

It was a dream come true. A day that will forever hold great meaning in our hearts.


Parent's Vow Renewal low-26

I could not be more honored to be married to this man. He is my rock….the person that I know, no matter what, I can lean on. Here’s to many more ahead of us babe.



Life’s Lessons…..So Far

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew it all. What teenager doesn’t, right? Little did I know how much I would learn after marriage, becoming a parent, and experiencing things throughout my life. Here are a few lessons I have learned that no one could have told me until I figured them out for myself.

1. Children are a gift from God

2. Marriage is work

3. Technology may make things faster but it does not mean it makes things better

4. Years pass faster the older you get

5. Don’t settle for good when there is better

6. You are what you eat

7. Live within your means

8. Do what makes YOU happy not what makes others happy with you.

9. Parenthood is a 24 hour/7 day a week job and the hardest job you will ever have

10. Have fun before you can’t

11. Say it today because tomorrow may be too late

12. You can’t buy happiness

13. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


These are some lessons I have learned over the past 40 some years of my life so far. Some good, some bad, and some I am just glad I have learned before it’s too late.

Can you add to my list?




July Goal #2- Attempted But Not Accomplished

Remember my July goals list where I was going to try and get rid of my kayaking shoe tan lines around my ankles for an upcoming wedding we have to attend? Well, what can I say…..I did try and accomplish this goal but when you spend countless hours on the water sometimes things are not possible.

I truly did try, see: shoes off, feet up and basking in the sunlight.


Until it was my turn to hit the water again and back into my water shoes I went. It is what it is, I suppose.

Ultimately, the couple getting married tomorrow will probably not notice the tan line around my ankles. And I will not know more than a few people at this wedding anyhow (they are all my husbands work buddies) and even more so, they all know we are a family that spends many hours in kayaking gear. So really, they should consider themselves quite lucky we don’t show up in our PFD’s, helmets and water shoes after a long day on the river.

Here’s to forever happiness, summer weddings and tan lines:)

Have a great weekend everyone…….