What I Am Loving Lately

It’s Friday again and I have a few things to share with you that I have been really enjoying.

Nature Box: First, let me tell you about a monthly snack delivery we have been receiving from Nature Box. We pick out five different bags of snacks each month on their website and they are sent to our home address. The guacamole bites are spectacular…I ate the entire bag myself. Shhhh, don’t tell. (I am the lucky mail retriever so I only show my boys some of the treats we receive:) Anyhow, they make great additions to a quick grab and go snack bag for last minute outings.  Plus, they have a huge assortment of treats to choose from, so you really never get bored of the same old thing.


Superfeet Insoles: I have come to love my new insoles. After talking with my doctor and hearing him suggest a high profile insole I bit the bullet and spent the money for some Superfeet.



They get wonderful reviews from fellow hikers and seem to hold up to some of the roughest trails which is exactly what I was looking for. At first, I will admit, I had my doubts. They were so uncomfortable. Every step was painful and I cringed for about three days. However, each day seemed to get a little better and by the time I reached my first week with them I could not tell I even had them in my shoes. Now, I cannot even imagine walking without them. I no longer feel my ankle bones grinding together when I walk and my hips(for some strange reason) no longer hurt me at all. I even bought a second pair to rotate between my hiking boots and my water shoes since I was told never to walk without firm arch supports in my shoes.

Garage Sale: I recently had a garage sale and I am very happy the pile of junk accumulating in my basement is now gone. HURRAY!


Panic Attacks: Call me a terrible mother but I was so thankful to hear my son tell us that he no longer can do hills on his long board. After last years accident where he spent the summer recovering from a head injury, a broken collar bone, and numerous road rashed areas, I was extremely thankful that his brain told him this is something that should not be attempted again. However, in case he would forget he does not have to look far to have a reminder that the blacktop is much harder than the human body! He actually had his collar bone x-ray enlarged, colored, and decorated his board with it.


Water Balloons: Nothing says summer more than a good old water balloon fight between father and son. No matter how old they get, they really never seem to truly grow up. IMG_1228

Active Families: I am so proud to say that we are an active family. Even though we all have jobs, school, different friends, and many other responsibilities we still find time to do what we love as a family and that is being active together.





Every Parents Nightmare

You know that call that every parent dreads…. we received that call Sunday night from a friend of our son’s. It went like this,”Mrs. Byrnes, Quade has been in a skateboard accident and I brought him to the ER but they think he will be ok!”

It’s like your world is turned upside down in a few seconds. We dropped everything and headed out the door. Imaging the worse but going off those few last words of,”THEY THINK HE WILL BE OK.”

We arrived in the ER a few minutes after that call to find his buddy sitting in the exam room alone hanging his head and feeling like crap. Our son was taken to radiology before we arrived. I couldn’t help but think that these kids (young adults) all have learned a hard lesson on this night but we praised him for making the right choice and getting our son help as fast as he did. This was the one night he forgot to grab his helmet.

Shortly after arriving we were briefed by a nurse and shortly after that they returned him from radiology with a neck brace and visible signs of loss of blood from his head. He was thankfully medicated for the pain by that time and quite aware of everything around him.

To my surprise another one of his buddies also showed up and they all stayed and kept his mind on other things while the ER doctors and nurses did their thing to evaluate and treat his injuries.

In the end he left the ER a few hours later with some staples, a concussion, a broken clavicle, lots of road rash and bruises.


We left with a son that thankfully should make a full recovery in time. We will have a week or so of lots of bandage changing and doctor appointments but in the end we will also have the knowledge that he will not forget his helmet ever again.

We are also very thankful that he has a great group of friends that care for him. They were there the night it happened. And have been popping in to visit ever since.