Weekend Snapshots

We had a weekend I dream of all winter long, it was 85-90 degrees, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. We originally had plans to attempt a 6 mile hike on Saturday but when I saw the forecast I knew my husband would not be a happy hiker. So we changed plans and headed to a friends cabin to take full advantage of the beautiful lake they are on. Which then left Sunday (the cooler of the two days) for a small hike along the Bay of Green Bay where there was a nice breeze.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend.

Cave Point County Park



Lake Fun With the SUP




Pizza Delivery After A Day of Water Fun


TENS Therapy  For My Hubby To Finish The Day


Sunday Afternoon Hike Bay Side



IMG_1677  IMG_1687  IMG_1697  IMG_1669

Ending The Weekend Purchasing Our Annual Date Night Tickets To Feast With The Beast 2015


I really do have to admit, even with all the struggles that have been thrown our way this summer, we are still able to have fun and enjoy what we can. We have really learned not to take life for granted and enjoy the moments we have because you just never really know when those moments will no longer be possible. We had a great weekend, spent it with some great friends, we were active, we were able to escape the dramas of life, and most importantly relax and let all our worries be gone for a few hours. For this I am so thankful for.

Did you have a great weekend?

Did you do anything active?

Weekend Snapshots: Wine, Water and Wonderful Friends

What a great holiday weekend we had. After everything that has happened with both my husband and son these past few weeks, I can honestly say none of us needed to take a visit to urgent care over the weekend. Although, that is not to say we survived the weekend with no first aid needed. OUCH! My husband sustained a deep cut but the tendon is still working…hurray for small miracles.


Friday is when our weekend officially started since we all had the day off. I very rarely have a day completely without children during the week so I needed to do a few daycare chores before our fun began.


After chores we decided to stick close to home and enjoy the nice weather by having some fun in the Bay of Green Bay. Our son gave the standup paddle board a try after suffering with a back injury all week. This made me nervous but I know from experience sometimes movement is the best thing for back pain, so I stood close by and watched.


Saturday we were up bright and early loading the truck for a day I have been looking forward to for the past year. Last year a good friend of mine bought herself a kayak after giving one of ours a try. Since then we have been trying to find a day that we could make it back to their cabin and kayak the lake together. This turned out to be that day….and it could not have been more perfect. The lake was calm, the sun was shining….it was perfect. We arrived, unloaded, and hit the water immediately. It had been at least two years since I had paddled one of our recreational kayaks, so I was surprised to find that I was a little nervous. Which is so odd since my whitewater kayak is so natural, but a few strokes into it and all the nerves disappeared.


While visiting we also had the opportunity to meat her son and daughter in law for the first time. They both had their first experience with a standup paddle board and needless to say her son granted us some pretty good laughs.

Here he is attempting to stand up


He’s standing….look fast


And here is is falling into the lake after a few seconds of standing


This was his one and only attempt….at least he was still smiling after his little swim.

After some fun they took us for a tour around the lake on their pontoon and then we all shared a very nice dinner prepared over the campfire.


Dessert was chocolate chip smores…yum!


The night ended with fireworks over the lake before we headed home very late. It was one of the best July 4th holidays I have ever had.


Sunday brought a day to sleep in. I cannot remember the last time I was up until midnight but Sunday I was not motivated to do much at all. We clean and put away all our weekend water toys, did numerous loads of laundry, made it to the gym in hopes of finding some energy which was somewhat successful, and pretty much relaxed the rest of the day.

I have to say, with my husband still suffering with a pinched nerve and on weight restriction, my son just coming off a week long back injury, and me trying to handle mainly everything around the house, it did turn out to be a very nice, relaxing, and fun weekend. Exactly what I needed. And the small parts that were not so relaxing I handle with a little help from the wine bottle:)


Have you ever tried standup paddling?

How did you do?


Weekend Highlights: A Visit With Friends at Clark Lake

This weekend we made our way to Clark Lake to visit some friends and spend some time on the water. For awhile now we have been talking about checking out this lake and Saturday seemed to be perfect. Hot, humid and sunny in Green Bay meant my hubby would be miserable so we headed to Door County where it was sure to be cooler.


We arrived and it was 10 degrees cooler, no humidity and quite windy which meant my hopes for a nice time on the water quickly faded. I was bummed to say the least. We arrived at their cabin and not long after that the sun decided to come out. (I was getting happier) We decided to drive the short distance to the other side of the lake where the small beach area was and to my surprise it was much calmer and gorgeous. (I was now very happy again)


We had a great time with the kayak and SUP we brought and really enjoyed chatting on the beach. Both my friend and her husband tried out kayaking for the first time and one even got brave and tried the SUP. However, kayaking seemed to be her preferred paddled watercraft of choice.

After a few hours at the beach we loaded everything back up, had a nice lunch at their cabin and then they took us for a tour of the lake on their pontoon.


It was a wonderful end to a gorgeous Saturday with friends. I know we will be returning again to play on this lake in the near future and hopefully spend some more time together away from the big city we live in.

We are very grateful to have had such a wonderful day at a cozy cabin on a wonderful lake.




Weekend Highlights: A Gift of Physical Labor and a New Trail

This weekend was not our typical weekend of play on Saturday and recover on Sunday. With Father’s Day just around the corner we always struggle to figure out what to buy my father in law. After wandering around a local sportsman’s store for an hour with no idea what so ever my husband came up with a spectacular idea. He suggested offering up some physical labor and his aquatic capabilities to help his dad dig out the dock up at their cabin. His dad had been dreading this job for many months so he was thrilled with this offer of help for his Father’s Day gift.

We arrived Saturday morning and it took them hours to get this big, stinky, messy job done. They dug out two huge mounds of weeds and roots.


I was however not the most helpful wife during this job. I spent the time with my standup paddle board enjoying the lake you see in the distance while they worked. I would have probably just been in the way and I am not a big fan of weeds and such wrapped around my feet and legs in the first place. After the job was done grandma had a nice lunch prepared for all of us and we had a wonderful time just catching up and chatting.

I hope they now get the boat in the water and enjoy some time on the lake fishing.

Lately, we have been trying to find other options besides our neighborhood streets for our nightly walks and recently came across a new trail not far from us. We decided to give it a try one night and it ended up taking us along the Bay of Green Bay and back into a wooded trail that literally just up and ended in the middle of no where. We had searched out a map prior to walking this trail with no luck of finding one. Even though it ended up to be a 5-6 mile walk instead of a 3 mile walk we were pretty happy with the outcome. We saw a great sunset,


a new family of geese,

IMG_4751and a mishap at the boat landing that I have to admit, made me chuckle.


It’s kind of an inside joke with my husband and I but I’ll let you in on it anyhow. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps or just need a good laugh, go to a near by boat launch, find a bench, and have a seat for a bit. Something is bound to happen that will make you laugh. Boat landings are the best for stupid mishaps even if you are not boating, as in this case.

All in all it was a very nice weekend. I hope you all experienced the same.

Wave Riding Lake Michigan/Stand Up Paddling

Today we woke up to some breezy conditions outside which meant Lake Michigan may or may not be rough. We took a look at the web camera, and oh boy, we could see whitecaps, but my boys were determined to give it a try. I, on the other hand, was hoping for a nice little ripple to finally get the stand up paddle board on the big lake. Upon arrival, I knew the board would never leave the truck.


My son, upon entering the water, debating, shall we or shall we not?


They have done bigger waves on this lake before, so I knew they were going to go and try it. It’s really a matter of wave spacing. Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it’s not.

Getting ready to paddle.


Ok, let’s go.



After a while of paddling to get far enough out to ride a wave back,


they figured out today would not be the day for Lake Michigan paddling. So they caught a few good ones and made their way back to shore.


Then they said it was my turn to get wet. We headed to a near by lake so I could paddle my SUP. Hurray!!!!

Upon arriving, there were a ton of kids and families having picnics and swimming. Summer has finally arrived here.

We took a short paddle around the lake, and then really wanted to try out what we had learned in our recent paddling class. My son went first, and tried his turn. First on his knees.


Then standing, one foot in front of the other.


This is extremely difficult, as you can see. He went swimming again.


Then it was my turn. No pics of me, but I assure you, I went swimming three times from the standing position. I have the kneeling position mastered though.

Then my husband tried his handstand again, and this time I actually was out of the water with the camera ready.

Getting in position


And up he went


Very graceful I must say. He even landed it right back on the board, unlike last time when he ended up in the lake. Very nice honey!

After a few hours of paddling and playing. It was picnic time. You will all be so proud of us, we actually utilized a picnic table this time instead of the tailgate of the truck.


So, for a Sunday, it was a fun relaxing day in the little town of Algoma.


Until next time,

Happy Paddling Everyone

Another day of paddling and another pair of lost sunglasses…

Today was another day of paddling, just not as high adventure as yesterday. I finally got to take my new stand up paddle board out in a near by lake that we enjoy occasionally. Small lakes are not usually our first pick of bodies of water, but at this time of year, it is much warmer than Lake Michigan, which is where we would prefer to stand up paddle. So, my son and husband had the recreational kayaks to fish from, and I had my new board.



When we exited the truck upon arrival, we all sort of took a deep breath, because this lake is located near Lake Michigan, and the air temperature, compared to when we left home was already quite cooler. I knew this would not be great, even with the sun shining but I was determined to enjoy my new board. I paddled first while the boys ventured off to fish.I was not nearly as shaky as the test run I took before purchasing it. It felt quite natural to tell the truth. I absolutely love it!!!!

After I was done, it was my husband turn. He took a tour of the lake on the search for fish, but did find much.



Then is was my son’s turn. If you recall a past post when we went test driving the boards, he did not try one out. He was in charge of pictures, and besides, the river we had to test them out on is not a great river to fall into. He opted out, and took our word for it which board was the one we wanted. So, this was his first time on a board since last summer. He was somewhat shaky at first, but after he found his happy feet spot, he was off paddling like he was a pro. That is until he was coming into the beach area to end his trip. He flip the paddle to lay it on the board and hit his sunglasses and in they went. Right to the bottom of the lake.


We usually loose one pair of sunglasses every year to a river or lake. I guess this year we are stating off quite early.

After boarding and fishing, we had a picnic lunch and decided to pack it all up and head home. I ate lunch with three shirts on and wrapped in a beach towel, I was so cold. Can you imagine if I was wet? Oh my, I don’t even want to think about being that chilly. So, we knew there was no hope of me going back for another paddle, at least not today.

Since I had been delaying grocery shopping because I knew we were going to be out most of the weekend, we did not have a whole lot of choices for dinner. So, we called it a night, found the take out menu for a local restaurant, made some margaritas, and relaxed on the front porch together in the sunshine.

We now have one day left of our long weekend. The first thing on the agenda early tomorrow morning will be grocery shopping. Then who knows. Maybe disc golf, maybe a hike or geocaching or maybe even some tennis. We’ll see what unfolds tomorrow.

I hope your all having a a great weekend so far.