Hoping To Inspire Other Women

I was recently contacted by a fellow female hiker to answer a few questions on how I made the change to include outdoor activities in my lifestyle. Diane, the woman that contacted me, has a website called Hiking For Her and here is the link to the most recent newsletter:  hiking-for-her.com

Ironically, after looking over her website I was amazed at how alike we both seem to be. She reads numerous articles, books, websites, magazines and such, just like I do. She also knows that women look at hiking in a totally different way than men do and for this I was so happy to hear. She talks about specific female injuries, nutrition, other female hiking websites, hygiene, gear choices and so much more.

She also shares a monthly newsletter which is what I was asked to answer a few questions for. I was honored to answer these questions and just hope that by sharing my story it will inspire other women to lace up those hiking boots and start making some memories to cherish on the trails.

When you have a moment check out the June/July newsletter for the questions I was asked and the answers to go with them.

If you have any other specific questions feel free to contact me on the “about” page of my website.

Happy Trails Everyone 🙂