How I Did On My July Goals…

At the beginning of July I posted a list of goals I was hoping to accomplish before today. There were seven goals total and I accomplished or attempted four of them. Am I disappointed? No! I am a list maker and a person that is pretty set in her ways. I could have accomplished everything on the list if I really wanted to.

We could have made time for a date night which was goal #4 and had a wonderful time doing what I have in my mind that we are going to do. Although, I did not make time for this to happen. You see, it would have to be on a week night because where we need to go to do this involves a place that has hundreds of children on the weekends. And I’ll be honest, after spending all week with children, even though I love them, I don’t care to be around that many on my weekends. So ultimately, this did not happen because it would have interfered with our week night routine. I can assure you all, it will happen eventually, I just need to find a night that works best for both of us.

I also failed at goal #7 to try a new restaurant. We are creatures of habit here and if we go out we usually go to the same three restaurants. I know, as boring as it sounds, it is what it is and we know we will get good food so we stick with it.

And the last goal I failed to achieve was goal #2 to try two new recipes. You know it’s summertime and cooking is the last thing I want to be doing typically after a long day outside with the kids. So I cook what’s easy, fast and I know by memory. And cooking on the weekends is even faster than on the weekdays because we are never home in the summer on the weekends.

All in all, I feel I did really well. The goals I made that I failed to achieve were goals that really did not need to be done in the first place. Ok, maybe we do need a date night, but I promise you, I am not neglecting my husband. After 20 plus years of marriage it’s a miracle we even remember how to date, so we are good with a date or two a year.


July Goals

I feel as if summer is just flying by so quickly. Which is why I decided to make a list of goals for July. My hope is to make sure I get at least some of these things accomplished before this month is over.

Not a single thing on my list is related to work, home improvement, or honestly a chore. It’s all mainly fun things, health related things or things that just need to be done before we run out of summer. The way I see it, I can do work, home improvements and chores all winter long.

My July Goals:

1. Get out on my SUP as much as possible

In the past summers we have either kayaked more or had vehicle issues that I was not able to spend as much time as I would have preferred on my SUP. Not this year….we made a car top carrier purchase back in March and it was the best buy we made this year. Now I can go with either vehicle whenever I wish.


2. Get rid of the tan line that circles around my ankles from my kayaking shoes!!!!

Normally this would not bother me in the least bit, BUT, some friends of ours are getting married in a few weeks and it is not going to look so nice in the sandals I plan to wear. So I figure I better at least try and even this out somewhat before then.

3. Have a Mom’s Day Off 🙂

Since my own son is 19 yrs old I don’t consider myself a full time mom anymore. I hold more of a part time status in this matter. So really this is just a day off of being a mom, wife and a childcare provider. I already have it planned, our destination is chosen, and the women I plan to go with is also arranged. Now we all just have to not let life happen and have it be cancelled for some reason or another. Here’s to hoping and we have a great time.

4. Date night with my husband

What can I say, we spend a lot of time together but never really on a date. We should make this a priority but we don’t. After 20 years of marriage, date nights are kind of over rated. However, it is my turn to plan our date night and what I want to do on this particular night is super exciting and I can’t wait to try it. He was the one that got to plan the last date night and it ended with me riding a roller coaster which I will never do again.  Now we just need to pick a night and make it happen.

5. Try 2 new recipes

Summer time is the worse time of year for me to cook. If I had a backyard outdoor kitchen it may be different but I don’t. So this goal will be hard to do but may be possible if it rains two days in the month of July.

6. Defunk our kayak equipment

I know I said no chores but this one is really super easy and will only take a few minutes. If you are a kayaker you will know what I mean by DEFUNK! Kayaking gear can get pretty smelly and it literally takes seconds to fill up a tub with enzyme solution, dip each piece of equipment and hang to dry. I try and do this at least once or twice during the summer and then a final time before storing the equipment for the winter.

7. Try a new restaurant

We have a few new restaurants in the area and we always seem to venture back to our normal favorites. We really need to broaden our horizons and try some new places.

So there is the list. Nothing too elaborate or difficult to achieve. Ha, I say that now but I know I will struggle with a few of these. I am hoping that by making a list it will help me feel a little more accountable. We’ll see….either way, let’s all hope for a great, bright, and sunny month of July and have some fun 🙂

What is one goal you hope to achieve in the month of July?


Smoked Fish, Tennis and Another Boating Activity

On the 4th. of July we decided to hang around home and get to some things we have been meaning to accomplish for some time. My husband has been meaning to smoke some fish but it’s a timely process, and let’s face the facts, who has enough time on the weekend? Not us! So he did what he needed to do, and a few hours later we were the lucky taste testers.Yum, Yum!



While he did that, I went shopping for graduation party supplies, washed both our vehicles, and started packing for the two upcoming days worth of water activities.

Later in the afternoon, it was hot,humid and sunny. Which gave me the strong urge to play tennis. I love to play when it’s hot, the hotter the better. I was amazed when I did not even have to beg for him to play, he was ready and willing. So, to the court we headed.


We arrived at our favorite court and found that one side of the court was nicely shaded(his side)


and one side was nice and sunny(my side)


So, we battled it out for about an hour. It was a great game, and I couldn’t have been happier playing with anyone else. Thank you honey!


That pretty much ended our day. Only to wake up this morning bright and earlier to hit the road.

He had asked days ago if we could all go fishing as a family on Friday, since we all had the day off. This may shock you, but yes, we do own another piece of water craft that you all have not heard me mention before. We hitched up our fishing boat, and headed to a lake my husband grew up fishing on with his grandfather. We started our day with a beautiful sunrise.


This lake is actually three lakes all connected together by a swamp like area that you can maneuver your way through if your careful.



It’s like a turtles little piece of heaven, with logs and lily pads everywhere.


It’s a beautiful area. When we arrived it was so peaceful.


As usual, it did not take long for my husband to catch the first fish.



And the second fish…



Then my son decided it was his turn to catch one.


Let’s just say, he had nothing to brag about to his buddies, but a fish is a fish.

I, on the other hand, did not catch a single fish the entire day. Maybe I was a bit too relaxed enjoying the piece and quiet.


The fact that I had fun, is enough for me.

After some hours of fishing, we arrived home to unload and repack for our kayaking adventure tomorrow. We are headed to a river we have not been down for two years because of low water levels. There is a good sized group of us going, and should be fun. Time will tell….

Until then…