Following Doctors Orders…..Sort Of

As I mentioned last week, back on July 4th I pulled a muscle in my abdominal area and after suffering for two weeks went to see my doctor. He examined me and agreed at this point that I was right and it is what I said it is…a pulled muscle. And then he said to do the normal pulled muscle regimen…, no lifting, ice/heat, and take an anti inflammatory. As always I left thinking yeh, whatever.

Which brings me to my gripe….I am sorry, but you know, medical professionals will ask you things like where it hurts, then what you do for a living, then examine you, and then tell you what to do without even thinking back to what they just asked and the patient then told them. In my case, I hurt here(showing him with my hand), I care for multiple children during the day telling him one does not walk yet, and that I have been taking an anti inflammatory med for two weeks! After hearing him say no lifting, ice/heat the area three times a day, and rest…..I simply left thinking ok whatever!!!! Clearly he has no clue!!!!

So my weekend arrived and I was bummed. It was gorgeous outside and I did my best not to lift, bend, strain and such the rest of the week. I even iced/heated the area in the evening for a bit before bedtime. Although, with the weekend here I could surly do as directed by the doc with no kids and all this extra time on my hands. However, I still was just bummed…who wants to sit home on a weekend with the sun shining and rest…ice…heat…and rest more. Not me and my wonderful husband could see it was killing me. He then made a suggestion and I was dressed and ready to go in minutes. I was still going to rest, get heat from above(sun), coolness from below(water), and I took meds before we left. He did all the work and we had a wonderful time.

We floated our first ever river in inner tubes instead of any other watercraft we own and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!


My husband did everything. I just needed to board my tube and sit back and relax. Which is exactly what I did and I must admit, I did it fairly well.


We saw eagles, fish jumping along side of us, turtles, and we even ran into some friends of ours on the river.






I never once left my tube the entire 3 hour float. This was a first for me and I guarantee it will not be the last time I do this. It was so relaxing yet we were still outside doing something fun. I did exactly as my doctor ordered. I rested!

This is one of the nicest things about WI…..water is everywhere and it only takes a short drive to reach it. Plus, I am married to someone that knows almost everything about just about every body of water there is in the state. Thanks honey for making my dull Saturday much more fun.

Let’s Chat Over A Glass Of Wine…..


August is half over and I have that sense of sadness starting to creep up in the back of my mind. I am not ready for summer to be over by any means. Why is it so short when winter seems to last forever????? There is still so much fun to be had, things to do, friends to see and I feel like I am running out of time to squeeze it all in.

OK, enough with the wining……onto other things. You may think I am just incredibly crazy with this next topic but here it goes. You are all aware we are vacationing in an amazingly beautiful place with mountains around every corner. I have grand plans to summit one of these beauties on this trip but did you know that this is not the only thing I am hoping to do while we are there. I also have high hopes to see my first mountain goat on the side of an actual mountain. I do not love these creatures, have no real reason to want to see this except to just witness it first hand. I have seen many, many goats in my lifetime and every single one has been in a cage, zoo, or on a farm. I really want to see one on a mountain side in its natural habitat.  Will it happen? We’ll see….IMG_2832

After we return from this trip we still have a pretty full calendar until that first snowflake falls, which hopefully will not be until December. I am excited to be going on a bus trip with two friends to a harvest festival a few hours away. I am also excited to be taking another bus trip with my husband again this year. He had so much fun last year joining me for a day of shopping….yes…you heard that correctly…, that he asked to go again. This is my absolute favorite place to shop and with someone along to help carry the packages it makes it even more fun.

We also have a big hike planned for our 22nd anniversary. Right now we are hoping to hike a 10 mile loop in Michigan. It’s suppose to be a fabulous hike, with great views along the way. I am not quite sure if my husband will be able to make this distance quite yet in this stage of his recovery although, we still plan to do what we can and turn back if we need to. We live close enough to this area that we could do half on this trip and half next time if needed. As long as we are together doing what we love, that is all that really matters.

IMG_3005Soon after we return from our trip, school will be back in session around our area. This is when my days will get a little quieter. Honestly, I am not quite sure if this is good or bad but it has to happen. I have cared for three children at a time for over 20 years as my profession and I have one that will be starting school this year. She has been my extra hands, my third leg, and my little helper for 4 years. Plus, she has truly become part of our family.






It’s been a long time since I have sent one off to school (my son is now 20 yrs old) but I know she is excited and that makes me excited for her. Although, that leaves me with two little ones that cannot talk a word yet for half of every day!!! So I do expect for a brief time that I will be a little nuts with too much quiet time since she typically talks nonstop. However, I know the two little boys I will still have will be talking soon enough, which means I should really try and enjoy the moment for what it is.

And with that I will finish my wine and wish you all a great day. Enjoy the moments, they sure pass by quickly.

Backpacking/Hiking Preparations Have Begun

I have finally started preparing for our backpacking/hiking trip to Zion, Bryce and surrounding areas. Besides physically training for this sort of adventure there is a lot more that can make a trip like this much more enjoyable. Precisely, planning your meals ahead of time, taking what you can with you, and preparing for the heat that this area experiences. Two years ago I could have never written a post like this because on our first trip here I really had no clue what we were in for. I had an idea but we were taught so much from our guides that this time I am confident we can do this on our own and be very successful.

Let’s take a look at what we are bringing for backpacking food we plan to eat on the trails.

  • Nuts/almonds
  • electrolyte powder
  • Clif bars/Luna bars
  • turkey jerky
  • turkey snack sticks
  • dried friut
  • cookies
  • crackers (not pictured)
  • Clif Shot Bloks(for emergency blood sugar issues anyone may have)
  • candy (not pictured)
  • water,water and more water

Some of the more important supplies we will be bringing are.

  • sunscreen
  • ziplocks
  • blister supplies
  • bandanas
  • friction stick
  • Tide pods
  • Granite Gear Zipp Sack
  • spray water bottle (#1 tip from our guides last time for cooling off on the trail)
  • sock liners
  • trekking poles

IMG_1818Obviously, there are many more things we will be packing but this is the list of things we feel would really make our trip successful. Our first visit to the area I found out there are very few places to purchase most of this food and the prices are outrageous. My thought is since we all need to check a bag anyhow I plan to take whatever we can fit with us from home.

We have researched our chosen trails, confirmed our lodge accommodations, and are working on our distance walking as much as possible. This last one has proven to be quite a battle but at least we are in the right frame of mind. Before the back injury that has left my husband with nerve issues in one leg and foot we could walk for miles. Now we find ourselves needing to sit and rest when he starts to feel heat and numbness in his foot. This typically happens around mile 3 or so.  IMG_1798


At first I think it was discouraging for him, since we have walked for many, many years without taking breaks. That being said, we have come to enjoy these breaks along the trail. We watch birds, have a snack, he does some stretching or we just sit and chat for a bit until the feelings subsides and he feels ready to continue.  IMG_1840

IMG_1843His doctor said in time this will get better and thankfully he has already seen improvement but waiting is sometimes the hardest part of healing.  IMG_1823

Either way, we know that whether hiking takes us all day or just a few hours, our destination is so amazingly beautiful that we will enjoy ourselves without a doubt.

Have you ever been to the Zion and Bryce area?

Do you have any suggestions of trails, places, restaurants, activities we should check out?



Weekend Snapshots: Could I Learn To Like Weekends LikeThis?

There is no doubt this summer our weekends are not about kayaking this river or kayaking that river. With no kayaking allowed (for my husband) we have been doing our best to find other activities to do on our weekends, which at times has been quite a challenge. However, this weekend we kept ourselves pretty busy.

Chores are always first, we find it makes having fun even more fun when all the chores are done. So while my husband cut the lawn I washed sleeping bags from a trip our son took to the Porcupine Mountains. IMG_1851Then for lunch on Saturday I had my first ever gyro. Forty some years old and I’ve never had one of these bad boys…what a shame because it was FABULOUS!!!!!    IMG_1857

IMG_1858 One more errand after lunch brought us to a very colorful sight in the sky. We were not aware of any kite festival but apparently some people were. IMG_1854That concluded our chores, errands, and new restaurants. I actually then spent an hour or so with a drink and a magazine simply sitting and enjoying the breeze.


Then dinner hour rolled around and neither of us felt like cooking or cleaning up the kitchen afterwards so we were lazy and had pizza and fruit while still enjoying the breeze outdoors.

IMG_1864Sunday I did something I have never done before. I met a friend for coffee at a local cafe. I know, again, forty something years old and I have never met someone for coffee…..soooo sad! I just never really have time. I work Monday through Friday very early and 11 hours a day. Then Saturdays we are normally either on the water paddling or recovering from being on the water all day paddling. During the winter months it would take a lot more than coffee to persuade me to leave my warm house to meet for coffee. So as you can imagine, this was quite a treat and a pleasant experience for me. I opted for something a little different than coffee and tried rose water lemonade. Surprising, it was really good. (My son suggested I try this since he had already had it, but normally we do not have the same tastes so I was a little hesitant)  IMG_1865

The conclusion to my weekend was a gym workout, which was awesome. I LOOOOOVE working out on the weekends. The gym is quiet, I have tons of energy, and it just feels great to end on a good note.

So to answer the question…..Could I learn to like weekends like this? Truth be told, yes, only if I have to! I loved getting tons of chores done, going to a new restaurant, meeting a friend for coffee and relaxing BUT I would have been so much happier paddling down a river, listening for the rumble of the rapid around the corner and feeling my heart beat just a little bit faster as I approached the whitewater. Paddling does something to me that no one will quite understand unless you are a paddler yourself. Seeing wildlife up close and personal, sharing a tailgate snack with friends after a day on the river,


or just being in the moment is special.


I know eventually we will be back out there I just need to be patient and it will come.




What I Am Loving Lately

It’s Friday again and I have a few things to share with you that I have been really enjoying.

Nature Box: First, let me tell you about a monthly snack delivery we have been receiving from Nature Box. We pick out five different bags of snacks each month on their website and they are sent to our home address. The guacamole bites are spectacular…I ate the entire bag myself. Shhhh, don’t tell. (I am the lucky mail retriever so I only show my boys some of the treats we receive:) Anyhow, they make great additions to a quick grab and go snack bag for last minute outings.  Plus, they have a huge assortment of treats to choose from, so you really never get bored of the same old thing.


Superfeet Insoles: I have come to love my new insoles. After talking with my doctor and hearing him suggest a high profile insole I bit the bullet and spent the money for some Superfeet.



They get wonderful reviews from fellow hikers and seem to hold up to some of the roughest trails which is exactly what I was looking for. At first, I will admit, I had my doubts. They were so uncomfortable. Every step was painful and I cringed for about three days. However, each day seemed to get a little better and by the time I reached my first week with them I could not tell I even had them in my shoes. Now, I cannot even imagine walking without them. I no longer feel my ankle bones grinding together when I walk and my hips(for some strange reason) no longer hurt me at all. I even bought a second pair to rotate between my hiking boots and my water shoes since I was told never to walk without firm arch supports in my shoes.

Garage Sale: I recently had a garage sale and I am very happy the pile of junk accumulating in my basement is now gone. HURRAY!


Panic Attacks: Call me a terrible mother but I was so thankful to hear my son tell us that he no longer can do hills on his long board. After last years accident where he spent the summer recovering from a head injury, a broken collar bone, and numerous road rashed areas, I was extremely thankful that his brain told him this is something that should not be attempted again. However, in case he would forget he does not have to look far to have a reminder that the blacktop is much harder than the human body! He actually had his collar bone x-ray enlarged, colored, and decorated his board with it.


Water Balloons: Nothing says summer more than a good old water balloon fight between father and son. No matter how old they get, they really never seem to truly grow up. IMG_1228

Active Families: I am so proud to say that we are an active family. Even though we all have jobs, school, different friends, and many other responsibilities we still find time to do what we love as a family and that is being active together.