Summer vs. Winter On The Trail

How can we be 45 degrees one week, then get 13 inches of snow the next week and now this…..frigid, painful, below zero temps for the majority of this week? It’s like a roller coaster ride and I want off!

Before this all came about and I knew I would be locked up in my home for days I made an attempt to walk a trail with my husband. I really thought we would arrive and it would be snow covered but to my surprise it was not bad.


Those tracks you see are from someone pulling an ice fishing sled down the trail to access a favorite ice fishing spot. As we made our way further down the trail you could see large rocks thrown out onto the ice to see the thickness of the ice cover. Which meant, of course, my husband had to toss one out there also to see for himself how much ice was there. Needless to say, not enough to even walk on. The rock he tossed out went right in and water came shooting up and out as soon as the rock made contact.


A little further down the trail we saw that the person dragging the ice fishing sled made the decision to forgo his ice fishing plans and the tracks ended and turned around. I’d say that was a good choice, or at best, a safe choice.

As happy as I was to be on a trail, it also made me so sad at the difference winter makes from summer on this same trail. With the water being icy and looking so cold


to parts of the trail being snow covered,


it really made me think of how much more I love this trail in summer time. Things are green,IMG_1664

life is everywhere,  IMG_1669  IMG_1926

and sunsets are beautiful in the evenings.


Oh, how I can’t wait to walk out to the platform, sit, and watch the sun set again. A few more weeks to wait but it’s coming……..

Alrighty then…..enough day dreaming. Here is reality and what I did for workouts this week.

Saturday: gym:45 minute elliptical and stretching

Sunday: gym: 40 minute elliptical, lower body weights and stretching

Monday: mall: 3 mile walk

Tuesday: home: upper body weights and 20 minute recumbent bike

Wednesday: home: 30 minute recumbent bike

gym: 33 minutes elliptical, total body weights, stretching

Thursday: home: upper body weights

mall: 3 mile walk

Friday: rest

As you can see this has been a rough week of workouts. Life sort of got in the way a few nights and I had to take care of some business matters another night. Add in the extreme cold and our over flowing gym with new members…..and I just couldn’t find the motivation to go there more than once during the week. No one really understands how much I dislike the winter cold except me.

However, I do feel somewhat accomplished this week. I did some well needed cleaning and organizing of an area in our home that has been driving me crazy for awhile now and I finally found what I hope will be a great addition to our group of kiddos in the near future. These are both big areas that #1 make me happy and #2 give me security. Change is hard but when you feel good that the change about to happen is positive then it’s so much easier to face head on.


If The Bears Are Ready, I Should Be Too

Did you hear the bears in Yellowstone National Park are starting to come out of hibernation already? The officials feel it’s because of the recent warm weather in the area. I suppose that means I need to start thinking about crawling out of my den too.

Last week was the first time we took a walk outdoors in months and actually enjoyed it. It was about 32 degrees and the sun was still shining after work so we went with it and gave it a try. I did need my big winter jacket, hat and gloves yet, but I did not shiver one shake.

I’m also on a mission to seek out a double stroller to purchase. As soon as it hits a comfortable temperature we will get back to our daily walks and I can’t wait. With two infants in tow, I will need to make an investment in one of these two seaters real soon. However, my luck of finding one so far has not been good. The search continues…..

We have also started stocking up on some of our favorite snack foods for our trail and river journey’s. We have a box we keep fully stocked for our active months. This way I can avoid running to the store every time we get the urge to just pick up and go. I plan to do a post on all our favorites, especially since the epic Pop-Tart fail of 2015. You can watch for this post in the upcoming week or so.

As for the upcoming weekend, we have a few options on the list to take advantage of. It’s my birthday and I am hoping to spend a portion of it outside. We may attempt snowshoeing for the first time this winter if the temperatures cooperate. We could also give ice skating a try since our son just purchased new skates last weekend. Although, I am not an ice skater, I don’t mind watching. I also have a new restaurant picked out for us to visit for lunch on Saturday. All this should be fun and something to look forward to. I  overheard my husband mention that the end of ice fishing season is getting near, so he is hoping to spend Sunday on the ice. This is something he is on his own for. I am not a fan of ice fishing…..way to cold, and neither is our son. Again, we’ll see if all this actually happens. We are really good at over planning and for some reason we run out of hours on the weekends.

With all this and many plans already made for the upcoming months, I feel that it may be time to start poking my head out and getting a little glimpse of life again. What about you?

What is the one thing you can’t wait to do when Spring arrives?





Checking Things Off The List

I am a list maker. You can find lists in every pocket of every jacket I have. Maybe it’s age, but if it’s not written down, I will not remember it. And I must say, I actually feel like my list got a whole lot shorter this weekend.

It started with Saturday morning, after ordering my new glasses a week ago, I finally had time to go pick them up. Thankfully, my husband was with me because it took me most of the day to get used to my new prescription. Which meant he ended up being my chauffeur for the rest of my “to do” list.

Next, we made a trip to Costco. We had stopped in quickly one night during the week to fill out membership information but really did not have time to shop. This time we had time to wander and look around. I normally stick to my list pretty well but with my other half along that is sometimes quite hard to do. We found everything I needed and then some.


I love that they have so many items that are organic, customer service was great (especially for a Saturday) and the produce section is spectacular. I bought the largest pineapple I have ever seen.

After we finished shopping it was time for some fun. The sun was shining and we had seen an area trail that looked clear enough to walk on when we were on the highway traveling earlier that morning. We headed to the trail head and needless to say did not make it far. We were only a few yards into the trail when we rounded a corner and found it flooded over with the river that is usually a trickle.


With disappointment written all over my face, my husband said we could try another trail nearby. We did, and it was somewhat clear in sections, but this trail being right next to the river was extremely cold and windy. I was shivering so hard that we both knew this was not going to last long, so we headed home. It just wasn’t meant to be today:(

Then it was time to finally try out the new roof rack we had purchased a few weeks ago. We had been waiting on one part that had to be ordered and it arrived this week. So my husband assembled all the parts while I was working on my “to do” list. When he was ready, we took it outside and prayed it all went together like the salesman said it would. I could tell my husband was very happy with the design while he was assembling it inside, because I heard him making comments to himself. This is usually a good sign. Having two engineering minds in my house is either really good or really bad. In this case it was good. It fit on the car with ease, my SUP fit on the rack with ease and the kayak was also a good fit. Of course we had to try every kayak we have to make sure they all fit and for once a salesman was right.


We took it for a ride and everything on top was happy, which made me very happy. We got some pretty strange looks from people passing by and our neighbors had to think we were losing our minds, but we did not care. Sadly, we arrived back, took it all back off the rack and replaced all our toys in their proper places in the garage. Just a few more weeks until we can get wet.

Which brings us to dinner time. This is why you do not take your husband shopping with you. This is one of the things I DID NOT have on my list that he just had to have the moment he saw them while at Costco.


He loves dungeness crab so he talked me into trying one. I think they are quite scary looking and he knows I hate crab legs because they are hard to break. He offered to grill them, help clean them and break my shells if they were difficult. How could I turn down all that assistance? SOLD, we bought two. He did all what he said and I must admit, they were delicious. I also threw together a quick kale and quinoa salad to accompany this sea creature. For a quick throw together salad, it was very tasty. Even my husband liked it and I was a little worried he would not.


List completed:) I went to bed with a clear mind. Sunday I wished him a fun day ice fishing for probably the last time this winter and my plans are to catch up on reading, get in a HIIT workout and enjoy curry chicken with my son for dinner. (Hubby is not big curry fan, so we take advantage of when he is not home for dinner.)

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Looking Back ….

Did you all have a great holiday? We did. Looking back, I can’t believe everything we did in just a few days.

It all started with my first night geocache, where you use a flashlight and follow reflectors strategically place in the woods to find the actual cache. VERY fun, EXTREMELY cold (8 degrees) but I have high hopes to do this again when it’s a little warmer. (I have no pics because I was shivering too hard to even try and hold the camera steady, sorry)

Let’s see, we also moved our son back home because he has decided to transfer schools back to our hometown.We hosted Christmas Eve with my brother and his family, then went to my in laws and celebrated with my husband’s family. Christmas morning we had a wonderful breakfast.


Then proceeded to open gifts in our jammies. I love celebrating with just the three of us, in jammies, with no where to go, no time restraints or worries. After gift opening we decided to do what we do best, head outdoors for some fun. We went snowshoeing for a couple hours.


We saw some beautiful winter scenes.


Arriving back at the truck with some hot chocolate waiting for us.


After this it was back home for some relaxing family time. Our son even took a nap for two hours!

Thursday brought a day to celebrate our son’s birthday. He chose a great pizza place to visit for dinner.


Then he ventured out later that night with a friend from high school to do something I think is just crazy. They went kayak sledding. Yes, that’s right, sledding down a snowy hill with their whitewater kayaks!!!! Dad would have normally joined in on the fun, but they left too late and he had to work in the morning so his fun will have to wait until next time. Myself on the other hand, will not do this. I like my water unfrozen, warm and the sun to be shining brightly in the sky.

The weekend brought ice fishing for my hubby that went very well. He caught his limit of fish which we enjoyed for lunch the next day.


I was able to get in two wonderful workouts, which always makes me happy.  I also was able to get all the holiday decor put away.

Finally, as of today our normal routine is back and life will once again have some order to it.

I am working on a challenge for the New Year that I will post Wednesday. Not so much a New Year’s resolution but a “gift” I think we can all give ourselves for the New Year. So make sure you take a quick peak on Wednesday and see if your interested in challenging yourself.

Until then…