We Are On This Journey Together

A year ago my husband surprised me by announcing he was joining the gym. I had already been a member for two years and occasionally would ask him if he wanted to join me, but his answer was always,”no!” So as you can imagine, this announcement took me by complete surprise but I was pretty happy.

Not only would we be able to workout together but he may also start to understand the satisfaction I received by exercising. I clearly remember his first week. It was a matter of just getting to know how to use the various machines and such. He had very little soreness but I did not expect him to be sore. He has a pretty physical lifestyle. What did shock him was his stamina when it came to cardio. He slowly had to work his way up but he did it and reaped the benefits quickly.

I cannot tell you how fun it has been to workout as a couple. It’s great to have someone to chat with while working out, we motivate each other and offer support to each other when one of us is just ready to say skip it for today. I often feel we both have a sense of obligation to each other and that keeps us accountable to sticking with our planned workouts.

As for the physical benefits, he is still as strong as ever, but is not as tired as he used to be after a full day. Exercise has given him the extra energy he was lacking along with a much better sleep pattern.

Now if only I could convince him that working out in the morning hours is really a great way to start the day. Hmmmm, I think this may take some work on my part.

Do you prefer to workout solo or with someone?




How I Did On My July Goals…

At the beginning of July I posted a list of goals I was hoping to accomplish before today. There were seven goals total and I accomplished or attempted four of them. Am I disappointed? No! I am a list maker and a person that is pretty set in her ways. I could have accomplished everything on the list if I really wanted to.

We could have made time for a date night which was goal #4 and had a wonderful time doing what I have in my mind that we are going to do. Although, I did not make time for this to happen. You see, it would have to be on a week night because where we need to go to do this involves a place that has hundreds of children on the weekends. And I’ll be honest, after spending all week with children, even though I love them, I don’t care to be around that many on my weekends. So ultimately, this did not happen because it would have interfered with our week night routine. I can assure you all, it will happen eventually, I just need to find a night that works best for both of us.

I also failed at goal #7 to try a new restaurant. We are creatures of habit here and if we go out we usually go to the same three restaurants. I know, as boring as it sounds, it is what it is and we know we will get good food so we stick with it.

And the last goal I failed to achieve was goal #2 to try two new recipes. You know it’s summertime and cooking is the last thing I want to be doing typically after a long day outside with the kids. So I cook what’s easy, fast and I know by memory. And cooking on the weekends is even faster than on the weekdays because we are never home in the summer on the weekends.

All in all, I feel I did really well. The goals I made that I failed to achieve were goals that really did not need to be done in the first place. Ok, maybe we do need a date night, but I promise you, I am not neglecting my husband. After 20 plus years of marriage it’s a miracle we even remember how to date, so we are good with a date or two a year.