Weekend Snapshots: A Bear Sighting…..Come On, Seriously????

This weekend started out very strangely to put it mildly. Friday I received a call from a friend that I should keep a look out because there was a reported bear sighting on the corner our house is located on. Now, even though I am an avid hiker and have always assumed I would come across a bear on a trail somewhere, I never thought living in an urban community I would have to deal with such a possibility. Not 30 minutes after hanging up from this phone call, local news stations started showing up and knocking on doors asking for interviews.


I did not grant them any interview because first of all, I was busy with three kids, and second, I did not see any bear so I had nothing to say in regards to this sighting. However, this did not stop them from hanging around for hours searching and taping for upcoming news broadcasts throughout the day. It was quite an amusing Friday on our block;)


Saturday then arrived and we were on the road bright and early headed for Milwaukee, WI for a visit to my two favorite stores. I had received an email about REI having a garage sale event for members only. And then also knew that nearby they had recently opened a Trader’s Joe’s which I will never pass up an opportunity to make a visit. First was REI, and upon arriving we were shocked to see how long the line was.


This was our first time to a garage sale event so we were not sure what exactly to expect. Despite this announcement upon opening the doors, “that there will be NO RUNNING and NO FIGHTING because if two people fight neither person will be allowed to purchase said item,” neither of these two rules were followed. People ran and fought and honestly it reminded me of black Friday shoppers. These outdoor enthusiasts were fearless and on a mission for a deal. (I would not put it past any of them to have bear spray in their pockets to ward off others in their pursuit of a great item at a great price…HAHA) My husband and I were also hoping for a lucky find, but clearly not quite as desperate as some of these individuals. Don’t get me wrong, we did end up with our fair share of good buys since our hands were full while standing in the LONGGGGG checkout line.


Although not all our items were garage sale deals we did fairly well. He found some boots, a pair of hiking pants, water bottle, and two new freeze dried meals for us to test. I needed rubber ends to put on my trekking poles for hiking rocks/mountains, a water bottle cleaning kit, and finally I found a replacement for my backpack that I needed to return after our Michigan hiking trip. I struggle with backpacks since many have wide bulky shoulder straps that I don’t care for. This time I am trying a Gregory pack which I bought a bit larger than my old pack since I seem to be carrying most of our supplies at the moment until my husband’s back is fully recovered. It very comfortable and hopefully will meet our needs well. I should find out in a week or so how it carries on the trail.


Our next stop was a new Trader’s Joe’s. Milwaukee has two locations now, and let me tell you, this one is so much nicer in regards to the parking situation. Both stores a great but this is by far the location I will be back to. IMG_2740

We stocked up on all our favorites and are fully prepared for a winter of fabulous meals thanks to some of our favorite Trader Joe’s additions.

After this we headed home. We had spent enough money and were satisfied that the trip was worth the long drive. Idealy, it would have been in our best interest to keep driving until we passed by a new store right off the highway that we have never been to before. Grafton,WI has a Meijer now….which is pretty cool since Green Bay is also due to get one of these retailers soon. So of course we exited and had to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised although, it does remind me very much of a Walmart in some ways. I am not a fan of Walmart, or maybe I should say not any Green Bay Walmarts at least. However, this Meijer was not bad, prices seems good and it was nicely arranged and not overly packed with items. I think Green Bay will benefit when it makes it’s arrival here in the near future.


With a bit more money spent here, it was really time to head home. No more stops and no more money to spend. We arrived home with a full trunk and tired from a full day of shopping.

Sunday was our “get it done day.” My husband and son worked outside storing the boat for winter, doing leaves(again), and other winter prep chores. I spent time indoors baking pumpkin muffins/bread, laundry and cleaning.


Later in the afternoon my husband got away for some hunting, I made a trip to the gym for a workout, and our son did something with a friend. It was a great way for all of us to end our weekend.

What brand of backpack do you prefer?

Have you ever seen a bear hiking or in an urban environment?



Finally Friday…

Why do some weeks seem so much longer than others? I am so thankful it is finally Friday. Even with having Monday off this week, it just dragged on and on.

This week was a little strange at times. Tuesday and Wednesday I would have thought we were in the middle of October. The temps here were so cool, I even considered making chili one night for dinner. Which is a BIG no no in summer. I just wanted to cry because it made me realize snow could fall as soon as a few weeks from now. Goodness, let’s move on, shall we, that is just too darn depressing!

On the brighter side, I had the nicest visit with two mother’s from our son’s group of friends earlier this week when they stopped me on the way to my mail box to ask how our son was feeling. I was happy to report that Monday was his first day back at work, light duty, but better than nothing. I was also very happy to hear and share with them that the whole group of friends that have decided to take up long boarding have now invested in helmets and other safety gear. Even though our son had a helmet prior to his accident (but forgot it at home that one night) none of them really thought it was necessary until the night they were all informed of his crash. He has a great group of friends that all visited many times over the last two weeks. I would hate to have to hear that any of them had to experience what our son did to realize something so simple can be so important. As for our son, he is ready and waiting patiently to long board again and will be sticking to flat ground for the rest of the summer. This I am thankful for. Although, I don’t believe this will be happening in the near future for him quite yet. Life is still moving in pretty slow motion for him as of now.

My husband and I have started throwing around in our heads some hikes we are hoping to do this coming fall and can’t wait to get back to geocaching. We are waiting for tick season to come to an end and the leaves to start falling. Hiking in the fall is our favorite time of year. Although, we always struggle because hunting season is also in the fall. In reality you would think its possible to do both, hike and hunt, but I will not allow him to shoot anything in my presence. So that is just not possible. As always, we will split our weekends up carefully and he will get to hunt and together we will hike. We have three hikes that we are really hoping to achieve this fall but right now we need concentrate on packing for our vacation destination that is coming up fast.

As for the weekend, I am very happy to report that we will be kayaking for the first time in a few weeks. Even though our son is beached, that does not mean mom and dad still can’t have fun.

You all have a great weekend!




Another Few Miles Geocaching on the Ahnapee State Trail

The last three Sunday’s we have made our way to a different part of the Ahnapee State Trail to geocache. Today we accomplished 3.27 miles with partly sunny skies.


The terrain on this trail is crushed rock and flat all the way. It always amazes me how peaceful I feel when walking a trail away from the city.


With all the leaves fallen from most of the trees now, it is quite easy to find things that we would normally not notice.


Along the way we heard many, many hunters shooting in the distance, saw a gentlemen fishing the river from a kayak (brrrrr, way to cold for me), two hunters with their dog, and one big buck, which obviously I did not have my camera out at the time or I would have had a picture for you all to see.


It was a productive day with us finding eleven goecaches and getting in a nice walk together.


After this we came home and ultimately finished our first puzzle.


This was suppose to last till Spring or at least most of Winter. I guess we both got a little addicted to the hobby and had it together in about 4 days. No worries though, I bought another one yesterday.

Hope you all had a great weekend.